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Warts Treatment

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Warts Treatment Annoying skin protrusions that appear on the surface of the skin suddenly, and give an annoying sight, and sometimes cause embarrassment to the affected person, we will show you through our article all the information you need to know about warts, and what are the ways to prevent them? What are the methods of treating it? When do we visit the doctor to start treatment? Are warts contagious? What is the origin of viral or bacterial warts? What are the most important causes of warts? Types of warts? And a lot of questions you are looking for about this skin disease. We present it to you in our medical article.

What are warts caused by

Warts are a skin mutation that occurs as a result of infection on the skin with a virus called the human papillomavirus, which appears on the skin in the form of protrusions of different shapes and colors. Direct, in some cases the warts disappear on their own and lasts for a period ranging between six months to 2 years, and sometimes they do not disappear and require medical intervention for treatment. Skin.

The most common places for warts to appear:

  • the neck.
  • The hand around the nails, between the fingers, or on the palm of the hand.
  • The feet between the toes, or the sole of the foot.
  • the face.
  • Under the armpit.
  • In the genital areas.
  • It can also appear all over the body, especially hot and humid places of the body.
Warts Treatment
Warts Treatment

Warts Treatment

Should I see a doctor when warts appear?

There are natural cases that do not require a visit to a doctor if you are not bothered by the appearance of warts, and if they are normal and their appearance is familiar, but there are cases that require medical advice and examination, so you must visit a dermatologist or a surgeon, these cases are:

  • In the event of a significant increase in the size of the warts.
  • If blood or pus comes out of the warts.
  • If someone has warts, his immunity is very weak.
  • If the genital areas have warts, and the anal area in children and adults.
  • If the area around the wart is inflamed and painful.
  • In the event of a change in the color of the warts.
  • If these warts are painful.
  • In the event it multiplies dramatically.
  • In case you are a beauty person, and these warts affect your appearance.

Warts Types

Warts are classified according to their shapes and according to their color:

  1. Filiform warts.
  2. Pedunculated warts.
  3. Genital warts are of two types (filiform and monkey).
  4. Flat warts.

First – genital warts

These warts are characterized by their growth in the form of a thin thread containing many warts with small and intertwining heads, and their color tends to be bright red, and sometimes they are dark red, and their growth is rapid in some cases, so you should visit a doctor if you notice the presence of genital warts, and it may cause warts Genital itching annoying and gives a feeling of discomfort and pain in some cases during the marital relationship.

Second – flat warts that affect the face, beard and other places

These warts are characterized by a single appearance and are soft and small in size, similar to the head of a flat pin, and multicolored, including light brown and light red, and may be fleshy in color, characterized by their large number in one place, their number ranges between 30-100 wart in the same area, this type appears in children in The facial area is more than other areas, and men have beards where razors are frequently used, and women also suffer from them in the lower parts of the body, such as the legs.

Third – filiform warts and metamorphic warts that affect the neck

Filiform warts are long and raised, and metamorphic warts are rough and cauliflower in shape, and have many shapes.

It has a flesh color and may be dry and painful in some cases, as it appears on the areas of the fingers, around the nails, the soles of the foot, and others.

Fourth – rough warts that affect the foot

These warts are rough to the touch and many in number, and cause a feeling of pain in some cases, and they may be fully protruding to the outside, and they may be internal, and the feeling of pain increases when walking if it is on the bottom of the foot or in the soles of the foot.

Warts Treatment
Warts Treatment

Warts Treatment Methods

The methods of treating warts differ according to their location and type, and we will mention the most important methods of treating them:

Chemical treatments: in which the treating physician uses chemicals to kill the warts, and then the doctor removes the warts after the death of his cells. Of the chemicals commonly used in the treatment of warts: (cantharidin, bleomycin, salicylic acid), also from there Types that contain plant ingredients to get rid of genital warts, including (trichloroacetic acid – podophyllin) for genital and anal warts.

Use of topical ointments: There are several types that the doctor can recommend after examining warts and knowing their type, an ointment called (Imiquimod), another type called (Benzoyl Peroxide), and (Sinecatechins) ointment is applied topically to the warts according to the doctor’s instructions, and each type of these Ointments are used to treat common types of warts, including genital and anal warts.

Adhesive medical tape: There is no study confirming the success of using tape in getting rid of warts, and it can be used as follows, damage the wart area with tape for an approximate period equal to a week, and then put the affected area with water and the dead warts are eliminated using nail scissors or a rough bath stone After that, the area is dried and ventilated well for about a full day, and then the tape is applied again until the warts disappear, an important note. The tools used in the process of getting rid of dead warts must be disposed of and not used on healthy areas to avoid transmitting infection to them.

Electrotherapy: where the specialist physician cauterizes the wart area by exposing the warts to an electric shock until the warts die, and then he works to remove them.

Freezing: This method is based on freezing the warts using a mixture of two chemicals (dimethyl ether + and propane). This mixture is available in the form of a spray. It does not usually eliminate warts permanently.

Laser treatments: Lasers are applied to the warts to kill the virus cells, and then the doctor gets rid of them.

Immunotherapy: It depends on strengthening the person’s immunity to make the body resist and fight the virus.
Chemical peeling: It is done by using special chemicals at specific concentrations that exfoliate the area affected by warts and eliminate them.

Surgery: In the event that the previous treatment methods did not succeed, the doctor numbs the wart area, and a surgical scalpel is used to remove the warts, and the surgery results in the appearance of scars at the site of the wound.

Natural medical treatments: These treatments depend on the use of certain fruits that are grinded and applied to the site of the warts in the form of bandages until the removal there are many of these recipes, including (garlic treatment, pineapple juice – lemon juice – green tea oil – apple cider vinegar – white milk that comes out of the fruits Wild fig), and we will discuss them in detail in a new sub-article.
Medicine also advises a lot of foods rich in (Indole3 carbinol) found in leafy vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, turnip and lettuce, which strengthens the body’s immunity in fighting the viruses that cause warts. In addition to taking nutritional supplements, B compounds, for their ability to fight genital warts.

What are the side effects of removing warts?

  • Some warts may turn into skin cancers and tampering with them doubles their risks, so you must choose a good and appropriate doctor to determine the type of warts.
  • Some scars may appear after conventional or cosmetic removal of warts.
  • There is a possibility of re-formation of warts in the same area, and doctors recommend treating it in this case again directly.
Warts Treatment
Warts Treatment

How Warts infection happen?

  • Contact with warts in an infected area with another person or with the same person, as the virus is transmitted between people by direct contact.
  • Using special cleaning tools between an infected person and another healthy person such as (towels, razors, razors).
  • The virus is also transmitted from one area to another on the body through a razor blade or nail clipper, so doctors advise not to cut the nails around the virus with the same scissors used for the rest of the nails, as well as not to shave the hair in an area of ​​the body infected with the virus with the same razor blade for another healthy area.
  • The virus is transmitted across shower surfaces, so do not use the bathroom that someone with warts has used before making sure it has been properly sterilized.
  • The virus is transmitted in the gym, especially when using public swimming pools.

Who are the people exposed to infection with the wart virus?

Medical experiments and tests conducted on people infected with the wart virus confirmed that everyone is susceptible to infection with warts without exception, but there are people who are more susceptible to infection than others, such as:

  • Children and people who are growing, who do not have immunity to the papilloma virus (which causes warts).
  • Those with immunodeficiency (AIDS).
  • People who walk without wearing shoes in unclean public places.

How to prevent Warts infection?

  • Take care of personal hygiene and clean hands when touching warts with hands.
  • In the event of a foot wart, the feet must be kept ventilated, by replacing the socks periodically to ensure that the affected area is dry.
  • Dedicating a special razor blade to the affected area to avoid transmitting the infection from one area to another.
  • Not to use the things of a person with warts such as (bath towels – underwear – shoes – razors – electric shaving machines – nail scissors – etc. …).
  • Not using sharps on our own to get rid of warts.
  • Keep the wart-affected area dry, because the wart virus spreads quickly in damp areas.
  • Do not use a nail trimmer to get rid of uninfected nails, which you used to remove nails with warts.
  • Avoid touching the warts to avoid spreading the infection to other areas.
  • Not to eat the nails, any attempt to cut them using the teeth, because it causes irritation of the skin surrounding the nails and is prone to infection with warts.

Warts Treatment – FAQ

Is it possible for the virus that causes warts to turn into a skin cancer?

Yes, warts can turn into skin cancer in very rare cases, such as severe immunodeficiency.

Can warts recur after treatment?

Yes, it is possible for the warts to re-emerge because medicine has not yet discovered an effective treatment that eliminates this virus permanently, but it is possible to avoid infection with them again if you adhere to the aforementioned steps about preventing the transmission of infection with warts.

Is treating warts and resorting to a doctor better? Or leaving it to go away by itself is better?

It may disappear without medical intervention, but it needs a long period of time that may take a year or 2 years, but there are warts that cause embarrassment in their sight to the person, so he can resort to the doctor and get rid of them in a short time

Is it possible to know whether the lump is a warts or another skin disease by direct examination?

A specialist doctor can determine the type of skin lump appearing on the skin if it is warts by direct examination, and in some cases to make sure of the type of these bumps if they are warts or another skin disease, a sample is taken and analyzed in the laboratory to make sure of their type.

What is the sport that a person with warts can exercise?

All kinds of sports while keeping the area affected by warts dry, and in the event of foot warts you should not walk barefoot, and wear comfortable medical shoes.

Warts removal cost

The cost of removing warts varies according to several factors, including: the size, their number, the method in which I will remove the warts (regular medical treatment – laser – with electricity … etc …).

It also varies by country or city.

You can inquire more about ways to get rid of warts, and their cost in Turkey, through the link with the Turk Aesthetic Center, or visit YouTube for more information.