Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Treatment turkey

Vitiligo Treatment which is one of the skin problems caused by melanin secretion disorder.
In this article, Turk Aesthetic will discuss everything related to the problem.

What is Vitiligo?

  • It is a skin problem that affects the skin color, it appears as white spots on the skin surface.
  • It may affect all areas that contain melanin such as the eye or the cavity inside the mouth even hair color can turn to white.
  • One of the reasons for Vitiligo is melanin, a substance excreted by pigment cells in the epidermis that describes the skin color based on the secretion amount.
  • The larger the amount of melanin, the darker the skin tone is.
  • Melanin is also critical in protecting the skin from UV radiation that harms the skin.
  • It is not a serious disease, but greatly affects a person’s psychological state when it appears on the face.


  • Vitiligo occurs when the cells responsible for the secretion of melanin die, and there is no clear explanation as to why the cells, specifically called melanocytes, die.
  • Theories that explain this disease are:
  • A disorder in the immune system, which considers melanocyte as a foreign body and destroys it, causing vitiligo as a result.
  • Disorder in the nervous system leads to the destruction of melanin cells.
  • Vitiligo affects both sexes in equal percentages and people with white and black skin are also have the same risk.
  • As for the factors contributing to its occurrence are:
  • Genetic factors contribute to cause vitiligo with a high probability.
  • patients with immune diseases such as thyroid immune disease.


  • It is classified into two types:
  1. Vitiligo is more widespread and occurs so that it appears on both hands or legs starting from the limbs to spread over large areas and throughout the body.
  2. Localized (local) occurs in a small and specific part of the body such as eyelids, scalp, part of the hair and often happens to children then goes away and fades without medical intervention.
  • Doctors may classify it according to the patches’ size.
  • Like universal, which spreads all over the body.
  • The generalized is distributed to a lesser degree than the universal and is not limited to one place.
  • localized spreads as small spots in one or two areas and does not spread to another.

Vitiligo diagnosis

To diagnose the disease, the doctor asks to know the medical history of the patient, the medications used, if the disease is spread in the family and their degree of kinship, then he will do a close examination of infected areas and finally a blood test to evaluate the thyroid gland.

Vitiligo treatment

Most treatment options are based on restoring the skin’s natural color or uniformity by removing the rest of the natural color according to the type and spread of vitiligo.

As for treatment options we mention:

  1. Lotions and skin dye

    Lotions and skin dye are a safe option for treatment, but it is flawed by the high cost, effort, and great training to use in order to make the skin look natural.

  2. Medications

    Ideal if vitiligo spread area is small and simple the used medicines are:
    Cortisone cream, which should be used over a period of six months and is an effective treatment, especially when using supportive drugs to speed up the results.
    Anti-immune creams that reduce the immune response and stop their spread by recovering melanin

  3. Laser treatment

    Effective for treating simple cases and in case of not having laser sessions the treatment results disappears.
    The treatment with ultraviolet radiation, which includes options Psoralen, Bova technique, Nabova technique.

  4. Surgical treatment:

    This includes skin grafting or vermicular vaccines implantation and pigment cell implantation.

The cost of vitiligo treatment in Turkey

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