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Vaser liposuction turkey

Vaser liposuction process Its goal is to make the patient comfortable and satisfied with the strength of his body after the operation, when the patient suffers from an increased obesity, this negatively affects his psyche.

Most of the cases that resort to liposuction in Turkey have been subjected to all solutions of harsh diet, sports food diets and ultimately did not reach a satisfactory result, we seek from this process to remove fat deposited in the waist and abdomen so that the patient gets a graceful body and strength and in order to restore confidence Himself from the first and new.

Why do some people resort to vaser liposuction and do not prefer lasers?

The laser liposuction technique was used previously, but after the advent of the vaser technology, the majority of people preferred to perform the process with this technology because its results are guaranteed and the best of that is that we can lose about 15 liters in one session we do, which means there is a difference, when the liposuction is done by laser, we In one session, we cannot suction more than 6 liters only.

Here below some quick information about the process:

Procedure duration2-4 Hours
staying at hospitalone night after process
Procedure aimBody Contouring
Continuity of resultsLifetime considering healthy life style
Convalescence1 week
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD for body area
Quick Info.

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FAQ – Vaser Liposuction

Is it really helpful for liposuction or cosmetic use by doctors?

Most patients who liposuction think they will lose about 50 liters per session.
When the patient performs a vaser liposuction process, it is intended to sculpt the body and give the body a beautiful shape and texture when excess fat and fat is removed in areas it collects in the abdomen, arms, buttocks, back, and neck.

Can we get rid of cellulite, skin flabs and extra weight by liposuction?

We also mentioned that liposuction using the vaser technology is one of the latest technologies, but it is not the solution to all these problems. The Pfizer technology is suitable for some cases only, to you in some cases that we cannot use the Phaser technology.

How can we treat sagging skin?

The best solution for sagging skin and exercise and diet helps us to have a slim body.
Operation is not the only solution for us to get rid of obesity and obesity.

What should we do before doing the vaser liposuction?

Before we enter into the details of the operation, the specialist doctor performs a medical examination of the patient, and here the patient is examined clinically and asked about his health condition, and whether he suffers from chronic diseases that prevent him from performing the operation, then the doctor examines the areas from which liposuction will be done.
Cellulite, sagging skin and wrinkled skin layers that give the appearance of orange peel, thighs and buttocks, we cannot do this technique in some cases because it may lead to very adverse and negative results.

Who are the best candidates for liposuction?

First, the person who wants to perform liposuction must not have health problems and be in good health, and the nature of his skin should be flexible to help us get good results and a beautiful appearance after the liposuction.
It can be done by suffering from enlarged fat tissue in the breast area.

What are the tests that should be done before the vaser liposuction process?

We do not need many medical tests before liposuction. We only need blood clotting and complete blood picture analysis.

Is there a possibility to return the body fat again?

When performing vaser liposuction, the fat cells that are the cause of the accumulation of fat are withdrawn, here we should not worry because the possibility of the return of fats that were in the body is almost impossible and this is the most common question for patients before the operation.

How long time the process takes?

It is normal for the process to differ from person to person and also according to the areas from which the fat will be withdrawn.
The liposuction process takes about four to five hours.

Is there any pain the patient will experience after performing a vaser liposuction?

Compared to the laser liposuction process, the vaser is less painful and the patient can tolerate these pains.

When can we see the final result?

We need time after the liposuction process until we see the final results from three to four months for the shape and body to improve.

How do we tighten the skin after the vaser liposuction process?

When the subcutaneous fat layer is thin, this is best for stretching the skin. The Phaser tube can tighten the skin after liposuction, as the heat produced by ultrasound helps to shrink the collagen that is present in the skin, helping to tighten and treat the area.

Vaser Advantage

  • We can use ultrasound to melt body fat unlike laser rays that may cause some damage to the body.
  • Pump about 15 liters of fat by vaser session.
  • The blood is not bleeding significantly.
  • Does not cause damage to nerve fibers.
  • Lower pain rate after the operation

After Vaser liposuction

  • After performing the liposuction process in Turkey, the patient should wear a compressive ligament on the areas where the liposuction has been performed for a period ranging from four to six weeks, after which the doctor should be consulted to determine an appointment to remove the stitches.
  • We should do a 30-minute massage every day on the areas where you took the fat and continue this massage for several weeks.
  • Practice some sports lightly, but when a week passes after the operation, of course, we can gradually return to practicing previous sports activities.
  • We can practice sports lightly after a week of the procedure and the full return to it gradually.
  • We can remove the stitches one week after the procedure.
  • Turkey is one of the most desirable places to perform liposuction and cosmetic operations due to the high experience and the acceptable cost of the operation compared to other countries.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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