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Vaginoplasty or vaginal plastic surgery in hair transplant and cosmetic surgery specialist Turk Aesthetic centre in Turkey Istanbul.

  • Vaginal plastic surgery is usually done for women who have given birth and have a problem with the shape or structure of the vagina.
  • This operation can be performed to both women who have had children a long time ago and women who newly gave birth.
  • Sometimes this type of operations is performed with the hymen presence too. But in this case, it must be done at an early age.
  • Women can undergo vaginal plastic surgery at any age. The procedure reasons are purely aesthetic.

the following schedule show quick information about Vaginoplasty:

The time to complete the operation1 Hours
Stay in the hospital after the operationOne night, must stay in the hospital after the operation
Return to daily activity1 day after process
Sexual intercourseAfter One month
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

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Vaginoplasty surgery reasons

There are two main reasons women undergo vaginal plastic surgery:

01- Therapeutic medical reason to treat urinary incontinence problems or vaginal tightening, or in necessary cases such as changing the shape of the vagina after birth or as a result of multiple births.

Some cases may cause problems during the intimate relationship and pleasure decreasing as a result of expansion and shape changing.

In other cases, it results in annoying sounds due to the vaginal loose muscles and aging.

02- Cosmetic purpose to improve only the shape of the vagina.

Vaginoplasty near me

Turkey has become one of the most important countries for undergoing vaginal and male genital surgery, and many other cosmetic operations, such as liposuction, tummy tuck and hair transplant, for several reasons:

  • Appropriate and acceptable cost.
  • High medical efficiency.
  • Highly experienced doctors.
  • The suitable location for most Arab and the international countries.
  • The results are impressive and encouraging.

Vaginal plastic surgery techniques

Most patients who intend to have vaginal plastic surgery do not prefer to spend a long time in the surgery and they also prefer a short and fast recovery period.

So they can return to their work as soon as possible.

Other procedures are often performed with Vaginoplasty, such as bladder tightening, and Labiaplasty.

All of this is done using special tools and sutures for this cosmetic procedure.

The two main techniques of Vaginoplasty

Two main techniques are used:

1- Vaginal tightening

  • Vaginal muscles may get loose as a result of age and delivery.
  • This problem affects many things like:
  • Leaving a negative impact on the shape and intimate relationship.
  • Some women have psychological problems due to the change in vagina shape, its expansion and laxity.
  • The sexual pleasure decreases for both sexes due to vaginal expansion in the outer part and the saggy muscles in the inside.
  • This surgery is to narrow the vagina opening surgically and correct the internal shape of the vaginal muscles.

The surgery purpose

  • The purpose of this surgery is to narrow the vaginal canal and to make the vagina shape more beautiful.
  • It results in increased sexual pleasure for both sides after narrowing the vagina opening.
  • After the surgery, urinary incontinence problem that disturbs while sneezing or coughing stops.

Vaginoplasty main steps

  • The operation is performed under general or local anaesthesia it depends on the doctor decision and the patient’s desire.
  • The procedure takes an average of 2 hours according to the patient case and what details need to be done.
  • Side effects or complications are rare and it does not exceed 15% of total procedures.
  • This procedure can be performed with other cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, etc.

The recovery period

  • The patient can return to normal life within a few days (3 – 6) days.
  • The recovery period changes according to the patient’s case
  • The patient who underwent Vaginoplasty can return to the normal intimate relationship after 30 days of the operation, taking into account the given instructions.

2 – Vagina correction

  • It aims to correct the small, the outer and the inner labia shape, (the lips that surround the vagina) and the pubic area.
  • Most women want to reduce the size of the labia, which is why they want to undergo vaginoplasty. Although it does not affect the intimate relationship, it affects the shape, self-confidence and feeling more comfortable while wearing underwear.

Why should a woman undergo vagina correction?

Women who have abnormal labia size are candidates for this operation because it sometimes causes a delay in orgasm and other things.

What is the purpose of this technique?

Vagina correction aims to get an acceptable, beautiful, rejuvenated vagina shape.

Getting back to the perfect sexual life.

How is this technique done?

The surgeon performs the procedure by taking some skin from certain parts of the body and restores the labia in case it was smaller than normal or if it was separated.

In the case of large labia the extra parts of it are removed.

Sometimes fat accumulates in the legs and pubic area, leading to a change in the vagina shape. In this case, liposuction is performed.

Recovery period

This technique is done under local anaesthesia and is very simple, the recovery period is short where the patient can return to her daily life activity during only 3 days.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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