Vaginal Stenosis

Vaginal Stenosis turkey

Vaginal stenosis and fixing genital defects. Plastic surgery and vaginal muscle relaxation

It means vaginal blades (the process of repairing defects in the pelvic floor) or (Labiaplasty). Vaginal plastic surgery is divided into several sections, for example:

  • Increase the size of the blades, in some cases you need to enlarge and inject them with fatty tissue to enlarge the size.
  • Increase the size of the blades, in some cases you need to enlarge and inject them with fatty tissue to enlarge the size.
  • Some are larger than normal and embarrassing for women, reducing vaginal blades.
  • Minimize the major and minor vaginal blades.
  • Withdrawal and liposuction from the pubic area, some women suffer from excess fat in the pubic area.
  • Fix the clitoris and bring it out.

How does a woman increase sexual pleasure and does narrowing the vagina increase sexual pleasure?

Most women after childbirth and childbirth experience a relaxation in the vaginal muscles, which decreases the feeling of discomfort during sex, so the woman feels not satisfied and satisfied, and this feeling often comes from both men and women, and the reason for this is that the vagina expands to increase the pleasure in sexual intercourse and to restore the woman’s confidence again

The goal of this process is to stretch the tissue that supports the muscles and increases their strength.

Anesthesia used for Procedure

The doctor can anesthetize the woman in two ways

General anesthetic used in surgical operations G.A.

The doctor performs local anesthesia as desired by patient L, A. Sometimes the patient wants local anesthesia.

Vaginal Stenosis process FAQ

How long time the process takes?

The process time takes from 40 minutes to an hour or a half, depending on the process and the patient’s condition.
the patient expected to remain in the hospital after the operation for most cases is one day and the patient can go out

Is there a review and follow-up of the patient after the operation, and does the patient need to stay for the review?

Often the patient needs to stay two weeks after the operation in order to review and follow up, and here the specialist doctor has informed the patient of all the details before taking any medical procedure.
Stitches and pole after the operation takes 7 to 22 days after the procedure.

When can the patient practice previous activities?

Usually wounds take time to fully heal, and approximately take time from 80 days to 3 months from the date of the operation, but the woman can move and practice normal activities, if the patient needs time of three months.

What about sexual intercourse after process?

the woman cannot have sexual intercourse immediately after the process of narrowing the vagina, because she needs time from 28 days to 6 weeks from the date of the procedure.

Is there a possibility of a pregnancy after a vaginal stenosis?

When a woman narrows the vagina and engages in sexual intercourse, she is supposed to be careful to avoid a pregnancy. In some cases, pregnancy may occur, and it is normal after several months that there will be a birth and the vagina will expand more than before. To avoid any side effects and not to affect the results of the operation.

Pelvic floor relaxation – Prolapse

The pelvic floor contains several muscles that push and raise the bladder, uterus, intestine and vagina when this region loses its characteristic and strength, here this condition is called the descending.

  • What are the reasons that lead to pelvic muscles sagging?
  • It is often women who are old who suffer from sagging vaginal muscles.
  • Frequent pregnancy and frequent births.
  • Also, menopause symptoms, and this is one of the most important reasons for estrogen decline, as this weakens the tissues.

Common types

There are many types of them and it is possible to have more than one case at the same time.

Finally, every woman’s advice: When you visit the doctor, please do not be embarrassed or embarrassed of any questions and problems facing you. The doctor is the one who can find you the appropriate solutions and treatment to solve these problems. Most women feel a great embarrassment from going into these conversations, we now tell you no Any embarrassment, it is the doctor who always guides you on the right solutions for you.

The cost of a vaginal stenosis and cosmetic procedure in Turkey is suitable for many people and the medical team is distinguished by its high expertise and great results.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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