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Warts Treatment in Turkey


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Warts Treatment in Turkey is one of the most important aspects of beauty and perfection is to have smooth, clear skin and free from defects, so you must pay attention to any change in the color, shape and texture of the skin, as this is one of the indicators of the emergence of a problem in the skin, and of course, warts are one of the most important problems that occur A change in the complexion and the skin as a whole.

Although most warts do not cause pain, they must be removed and disposed of and not left to cause diseases and unwanted complications.

So, in this article, we will talk about warts, what they are and ways to remove them, and all these details will be identified in the paragraphs of this article.

Warts treatment in Turkey

They are growths in the skin where they grow on the surface of the skin, the color and texture of which is different from the color and texture of normal skin.

It is also an infectious condition caused by a virus called human papilloma virus (HPV).

HPV infection is transmitted by and through direct contact, so most of the places we notice the presence of warts in the area of ​​the hands and fingers and near the nails as well, and of course this does not prevent that warts can affect any area of ​​the body. There are more than 60 types of this virus and only some of them cause disease.

Warts Treatment
Warts Treatment

Warts Types

With regard to the place where these growths grow and their texture, warts are classified into several types, namely:

  1. Hand and foot warts: They are of the common types that grow in different sizes, and also range in size from about the size of a small poppy seed to the size of a pea. Where these appendages are rough and rough, and their color tends to be dark or lighter than the color of the skin, and we often notice the appearance of some small blood vessels clotted on them, whose shape looks like black spots.
  2. Genital warts: They appear in the pubic area and we see them as pink and reddened. Usually they are in clusters of three or four or small warts and it is difficult to see them and spread quickly. As for its treatment, it is carried out by a specialized doctor who evaluates her condition and can treat it.
  3. Flat warts: With regard to these warts, they do not grow much in size, they are often raised above the surface of the skin, and also grow in clusters. As for the texture, it is soft compared to the other types where it is pink, yellowish, or the color of the skin. And of course, this type of wart affects the face.
  4. Warts under and around the nails: This type is small in the beginning and then increases in size in addition to that it spreads quickly and forms clusters. As for its danger, it spreads under the nail to form a suitable place for the growth of fungi, and this causes damage that is difficult to repair. Unlike other types with which home warts removal methods work, this type of wart must be treated by a specialist doctor.

Most of these types are painless, but some cause slight pain and irritation that causes itching.

Warts Diagnosis

Of course, cases that are on the skin, which are similar to warts that are caused by the HPV virus, and therefore the person must go to the specialist doctor to obtain the optimal diagnosis of this condition. The doctor will do one or more of these methods:

  1. The doctor conducts a direct examination and notes the characteristics of the case.
  2. Get rid of the upper layer of this protrusion and pay attention to the presence of clotted capillaries (black dots).
  3. Removing part of the protrusion and sending it to the lab so that the necessary analyzes are performed to prove HPV infection.

Warts treatment in Turkey (the Methods)

Of course, most cases of warts disappear without the need for treatment or operation, but rather need some time, as it may take a year or two for these warts to disappear permanently, and despite being painless, but the fear of their spread or development and appearance that makes a person embarrassing are reasons why Patients go to treatment, no matter how simple home methods or in clinics and centers that have very modern technologies

After seeing the case and making sure of it, the doctor will suggest one of the solutions according to the location of the injury and the type of injury, and according to what the person prefers.

Among the most important methods used are:

01- Ways to remove warts at home

There are many people who use home methods to remove warts, such as products that contain salicylic acid. This acid has many exfoliating properties that are used in medicine, including removing warts.

These products are found in a number of types of medicines, where there are concentrated liquids, fat or gel ointments, and medical stickers. Also, there are these formulas with different concentrations of acid, so it is necessary before using any product to consult a doctor in order to know the most effective and appropriate concentration for the case. .

In the beginning, the area is soaked in warm water for a period of 10-15 minutes, which will make the wart tender in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, and then the dead layer of the skin is removed with anything rough, and in the event of feeling any pain it is preferable to stop immediately and then it is done. Use the product on the area, according to the doctor’s instructions and the instructions and instructions attached to the product. This leads to the removal of the wart within weeks. It is advised to stop using salicylic acid if you feel pain, irritation or swelling.

The use of adhesive tape at first glance is not a convincing solution, but in fact, it seems to be one of the solutions that we can adopt effectively in removing warts.

Where a small piece of adhesive tape is placed on the wart for a period ranging between 3-6 days and left. After the time has elapsed, the tape is removed and the dead layer of skin is scraped off with a rough object. And exposure to air for 12 hours, and doing the ball again until the wart is completely removed, and this process usually takes several weeks.

Of course, there are a number of other home recipes such as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

These liquids contain acidic substances that help remove, break up and erode warts.

Where a study conducted by a foundation from India confirmed in its research that citric acid is effective in lemon juice and is roughly equivalent to trenitoin paints, and has little side effects, so people prefer these methods to get rid of warts on the face and sensitive areas.

02- Removing warts in clinics

In many cases, a doctor should be consulted, especially when there are warts around or under the nail.

And we will talk about a group of ways to remove warts in medical centers and at the specialist doctor:

  1. Immunotherapy: This treatment depends on stimulating the patient’s immune system to attack the warts and kill the virus. This is done by injecting some antibodies that stimulate the immune system to manufacture antibodies that fight infection, which are injected directly into the wart. In this way, redness and swelling are accompanied by an uncomfortable feeling.
  2. Electric removal: This method is done with a local anesthetic for the affected area. Where it generates and sends electric currents between the warts to cut off the bloodstream that reaches them, then the wart is removed easily by the doctor.
  3. Cryotherapy: In this method, the doctor uses liquid nitrogen, which he anoints or injects on the warts, in order to freeze and remove the warts easily, and this method is more effective if it is applied concomitantly with the use of salicylic acid.
  4. Laser wart removal: Of course, it is known that laser has been used as a technology in many fields of medicine, especially cosmetic treatment and in skin problems such as tightening wrinkles, removing traces and scars of wounds, getting rid of freckles and other treatments, and removing warts with a laser we can adopt it as a technique and method where the doctor uses a source Radioactive in order to cauterize the blood vessels feeding the wart and lead to its fall and removal, and the only drawback in this method is that it may leave a trace.
  5. Cantharidin: It is a chemical that causes irritation and in turn leads to the growth of a pimple or ulcer under the wart, and this means that the immune system works in this area. After several hours of coating the warts with the substance, the doctor will be able to remove the wart and treat the area, but it should be noted that this method may be painful.
Warts Treatment
Warts Treatment

Ways to prevent warts infection

It is known that the viruses that cause warts can live outside the human body, and this means that it can be infected by using the personal things of an infected person, but exposure to the virus does not mean that the person will be infected with certainty, but often the infection will come with a wound or an incision in the skin.

So, we will offer some tips that will keep you away from warts:

  1. It is important not to touch the infected person’s warts and not to use their personal belongings.
  2. Cover the cuts and scrapes on the hands
  3. Wash hands frequently
  4. Not to bite the nails and to wear shoes on the feet when in public baths and swimming pools.
  5. When infected with warts, you should not scratch, scratch, or even shave the area affected by warts, because this will contribute to the rapid spread of warts, and quickly go to the doctor to diagnose the condition and choose the appropriate treatment method.

The doctor will ask you some questions during the consultation session, which are:

When did you get warts?
Have you had warts before?
Do warts bother you and their presence on your skin?
Do you feel uncomfortable because of the annoying appearance of warts?
Have you used a method of removing warts?
How long have you used the method? And how was the result?

How to avoid wart infection? (Warts Treatment in Turkey)

If a person has warts, he must always be careful not to transmit this viral infection to another area of ​​the body or to other people around him.

So a few precautions should be taken such as:

Wash hands thoroughly after touching warts.
Change socks daily if the person already has warts on the feet.
Cover the wart with gauze or a piece of cloth when swimming.
Take care not to cut the warts when shaving.
Do not share towels, underwear, socks and shoes.
Not biting nails or sucking fingers with warts.
Do not walk barefoot in public places.
Be careful not to scratch the warts.

Cost of Warts Treatment in Turkey

Warts treatment in Turkey is an inexpensive medical treatment, and this allows many people to do this procedure.

Warts removal prices range from approximately 100 to 150 dollars in Turkey and various Arab cities.

But several factors play in determining the cost and price of treatment, which are as follows:

  1. The doctor’s competence, experience, skill, and the extent of his ability to use various methods and techniques and laser technology in removing warts.
  2. Knowing the clinic or medical center in which we will take treatment and medical services, and knowing its reputation, fame, and capabilities in terms of the existing technologies and the medical staff that includes it.
  3. The cost of medical tourism, if any. The prices include the cost of accommodation, transportation and other expenses.
  4. Laser wart removal is often not included under medical insurance because it is considered a cosmetic procedure.

Finally, to get the cost of Warts Treatment in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for more information.