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Waist Sculpting Surgery


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Waist sculpting surgery Many women and men are eager to get a harmonious body, especially women seeking to get a slim slim waist.

Most of us suffer from conditions that may cause the body to be incomplete, and there will be no graceful sculpted body without perfect waist sculpting. Recently, men have increased their interest in obtaining athletic body and prominent muscles, and for this matter there is no longer a desire to have a graceful sculpted waist limited to Women, but extended to reach men who are looking for the perfect athletic bodies.

But how is it possible to reach a perfect waist without exercising on a daily basis and following difficult diets, as we may do everything and not get what we want.

With the development of science and technology, many cosmetic treatment methods have appeared to solve this problem and the procedures differed between simple and surgical operations, so we will in our next article learn about Waist sculpting surgery in detail by getting to know more about this process.

first of all here below some quick information about body sculpting:

AnesthesiaFull body
Procedure durationaround 2-4 hours
Staying at hospital after Operation1 Night
ResultsStart to appear after a month
Return to daily activitiesAfter a week
Procedure effectivenessPermanent (Conditional on dieting)
Turk Aesthetic procedure’s cost2000 USD per body area

Waist sculpting surgery

It is a cosmetic procedure and not for medical purposes, as it aims to obtain a beautiful and slim waist, eliminate fat in the abdomen and flanks area, and restore beauty and body consistency.

In most cases, women are the ones who ask for this operation in a large way, in order to obtain the ideal body, such as models and celebrities, and a desire to buy and wear clothes of very small sizes. prominent in the abdominal area.

Candidates for the procedure

The operation below the waist is not a treatment for obesity, and it is not suitable for those who suffer from excessive weight gain, but it is a process that is performed for those who want to obtain a harmonious body, a slim waist and prominent abdominal muscles.

Also, it is an ideal process for those who have localized fat in these areas, and not for fat stored in the entire body, or who have a high BMI.

Therefore, candidates must be in good health and free from chronic diseases such as heart disease, high pressure, narrowed arteries, or some hepatitis viruses.

Also, this process is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

Before Waist sculpting surgery

  1. Choosing the right doctor and talking to him about the details of the technique used, and the results to be obtained.
  2. Do some tests before doing any procedure, especially when using mesotherapy or vaser
  3. The necessity of abstaining from smoking before the operation for a sufficient period and during the treatment and convalescence period.
  4. In the case of an unstable weight, it is preferable to follow a diet in order to stabilize your weight before engaging in belly sculpting.
  5. Feeling completely reassured and self-confident about doing any body sculpting procedure, because the best for the person will come through sculpting the waist, and certainly there are many and many questions that revolve in your head about the process. Therefore, the person should inquire about all the information with the doctor, and these inquiries include:
  • What is the best technique for a person
  • treatment cost.
  • The number of sessions a person needs and what is the time between sessions.
  • The type of device used in the sessions.
  • Operation options in the use of anesthesia.
  • The results that will be obtained after the operation and when they appear.
  • When can you return to normal life?
  • Instructions to be followed before the operation.
  • Expected side effects after the operation.
  • Symptoms that you should consult a doctor as soon as they appear.
  • Knowing the possibility of fat returning to the areas that were sculpted and the continuation of the results of sculpting the waist permanently.

Techniques and methods

Non-surgical methods

There are many techniques that are used to sculpt the waist, and they are simple and non-surgical techniques, as they are done by devices and with many sessions, in order to obtain the desired results, and these techniques use laser beams.

So we will present the most famous techniques that are used in sculpting the waist:

01- Sound waves

Waist sculpting with sound waves This is one of the oldest methods that used to break down fat and sculpt the waist, as it relies on special devices that emit high-frequency sound waves that break down fat in areas deep under the skin.

This operation done locally, meaning from above the surface of the skin, and does not need a semi- or local anesthetic to perform it, and it takes place over several sessions, in which the doctor passes the device on the area and the waist to break up the fat.

This method considered one of the least expensive techniques, but it needs a number of many sessions to get the desired results.

02- Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy for waist sculpting is one of the techniques that widely used recently because of its ease of implementation and lower costs compared to other techniques, as it relies on injecting some materials that break up fat in the waist area, and also works to completely hide cellulite and this gives a consistent appearance to the waist.

Where a local anesthetic cream placed on the part that we want to inject with mesotherapy a few minutes before the injection, in order to reduce pain.

In this technique, the doctor uses very thin needles that are dedicated to the use of injections in the waist area, where the materials we use break down fat cells and show the muscles and curves in the body, in a beautiful and attractive way.

And some doctors do not advise people to use mesotherapy because it is not approved by the World Food and Drug Organization.

03- Cooling

Waist sculpting by cooling The cooling technique has appeared in the world of cosmetics and has proven its success in a short time in order to eliminate localized fat, as this technique is based on cooling the fat cells and that is a certain percussion in which the cells die and are absent.

In this technique, the doctor uses a device to suction the skin of the area that must sculpted and then cools it at a temperature of up to 8 degrees below zero,

in order to break down the fat cells. The body sculpting by cooling takes place over several sessions, not less than three sessions, and the interval between each session and another is a month or a month and a half. As for the initial results, they often begin to appear after the first session. One of the most important advantages of freezing waist sculpting is that it is a very safe technique and does not require anesthesia and also does not affect non-fat cells, but it is not suitable for those who have stretch marks on the skin.

04- Laser

Laser waist sculpting. We must differentiate between the technique that used for devices on the surface of the skin from the outside, or the so-called cold laser, and the technique that uses a surgical incision to insert the laser device under the surface of the skin.

The first does not need anesthesia and takes place in several sessions, while the second is what The process of sculpting the abdomen using a four-dimensional laser is called “vaser”, and we will learn about each technique separately.

05- Cold laser for waist sculpting

Cold laser sculpting done by a device dedicated to shooting laser beams on the outer surface of the skin, and the doctor uses this device to break up localized fat without resorting to making surgical incisions or medical stitches, so it preferred by many who want to get a harmonious sculpted waist.

There are many laser devices that used in waist sculpting, the most important of which are: Cool Lipo device, Soft Lipo device and Smart Lipo device

Where these devices work in the same way, but they differ in the frequency of the laser beam, which affects the small number of sessions, and this in turn affects the appearance of results quickly.

Usually, the waist is sculpted with cold laser during several sessions, and the doctor determines their number, according to the amount of fat that must be broken down and the results that he aims to obtain. As for anesthesia, in these sessions, the drug is never used, and it causes only slight pain that can be tolerated.

06- Vaser device for sculpting the waist

This device consider as a breakthrough that begun to occur in the field of waist sculpting nowadays, and one of its most important features is that the rate of complications and their occurrence after it perform are few, as in most cases, general anesthesia is not use, but the doctor satisfy with the partial anesthesia.

Waist sculpting performed by a four-dimensional laser and by making several small surgical incisions using a medical scalpel, the diameter of each opening is half a centimeter, in order to insert a precise device that emits laser beams, where the rays dissolve fat and convert it to a liquid state, To facilitate suction through a thin tube.

One of the most important features of the vaser is that its results are continuity and the need for only one session in order to obtain the desired results.

07- Onda waist sculpting machine

This device considered one of the best famous devices in waist sculpting, as it works through the cold wave technology that aims to dissolve fat in different areas of the body, including the waist, and also works in tightening the skin, so it is one of the best treatments suitable for cellulite problems.

It is the most suitable device for removing fat and cellulite and tightening wrinkles, and its advantages are that its results are permanent and continuous, as the waves directed to the fat cells only, so the use of this device does not have any side effects on the skin surrounding the fat, and one of its most important benefits is stimulating the metabolism processes in the body and activating The production of collagen that keeps the skin tight and beautiful.

Where the body is subject to approximately 4-6 sessions, and this is according to the condition of the body, the sessions should separated from each other by 10 days.

Where the patient has to follow a balanced and appropriate diet in order to do some exercise in order to improve the results, but we cannot adopt this technique for high weight loss because it helps in sculpting the body shape for those who suffer from accumulated fat and in an average manner, so that the person’s weight does not exceed more than 90 kilograms.

Surgical methods

It is a surgical procedure aim to getting rid of the accumulated fat in and around the waist, and then tightening the underlying tissues after removing the fat.

The tissue tightening step after fat removal is an essential step that prevents sagging of the skin around the waist area, so it is preferable to perform this surgery after losing a lot of weight, because it gives the body a consistent and tight appearance.

Where the doctor removes the fat that accumulated in the areas surrounding the waist from all sides, and through a simple surgical procedure, where the process of getting rid of fat includes many of the waist area and getting rid of the accumulated fat around the waist area, the lower back area and the buttocks, in the event that the buttocks have a flabby and unsightly appearance consistent.

Through the plastic surgery, fat removed, and the cellulite affected area treated by tightening the skin so that the body shape appears in a consistent and regular manner.


To start carrying out this procedure, the doctor puts local anesthesia on the patient, then makes minor cuts ranging from 2 mm to 4 mm in a few places.

Then the doctor inserts a sharp tube containing a number of heads that remove the deposited fat, and by inserting the tube into the layer under the skin, the fat deposited in the waist area removed.

Traditional ways

Using the towel: the method one of the easy Japanese rituals to reduce a person’s waistline, as it depends on changing the position of body and is in the position of a towel wrapped on the back for five minutes on a daily basis.

This method created by Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukutsudzi, who claimed that this method can reduce back pain, strengthen the basic vertebrae in the back and help in sculpting the waist.

Natural waist sculpting at home: There are many tricks and ways that a person can do to make his waist look like Hollywood celebrities and become attractive.

A person must eat an adequate amount of vegetables and fruits that get rid of excess fat, especially fat in the waist area

Such as eating watermelon and pineapple because they remove fat and reduce the fat content in this area as quickly as possible.


Also, care must taken when eating in cases of extreme sadness or joy, so that the person does not unintentionally eat a lot of fat, and this results in a significant increase in weight.

Also, stay away from carbonated water, because one cup of it a day increases the fat in the chest area significantly, because a large amount of sugar increases weight.

Waist sculpting method in sport: Sport is one of the most important and most effective ways to sculpt the body and the waist, and there are a number of exercises that help in sculpting the waist, the most important of which are:

  1. The squat exercise considered one of the most important exercises to eliminate waist fat in an easy and faster way, and this exercise controls fat and eliminates it permanently with regularity and daily continuation until feeling better.
  2. The front lunge exercise, which greatly reduces thigh and knee fat, and is highly effective in tightening sagging and tightening the waist.
  3. The smooth study movement exercise as it has the ability to tighten the waist and simply get rid of fat in this area.
  4. The forearm movement exercise, where we lie on the abdomen with the support on each of the forearms of the hands, as the exercise tightens the muscles of the body in general.
  5. Push-ups have a great role in getting rid of fat, as it tightens the muscles of the entire body, especially the waist, chest and hands.

Waist sculpting surgery advanges

  • All methods use non-surgical methods, except for the four-dimensional laser sculpting of the waist “vaser”, which made by making small incisions in the skin.
  • As most methods only require the use of some anesthetic cream, except with the vaser technique, it may require either a partial or a general anesthesia.
  • And the places that sculpted can not back to accumulate fat again.
  • As for the recovery period, it is short and it is possible to practice a normal life immediately after it, except for the vaser in which the person needs several days to recover completely.
  • And that all techniques used for body sculpting are very safe and do not cause complications except in rare cases.
  • As for the results, they are wonderful and fast, as the waist circumference decreases and the abdominal muscles begin to appear.

Waist sculpting surgery defects

Where waist sculpting techniques are very safe techniques, especially the sound wave technology and the laser waist sculpting technique, they do not cause side effects after sessions or complications.

But there are some minor side effects that may result after using any of the techniques of abdomen and waist sculpting, for example:

  1. Pain, bruising and some swelling occur, and these symptoms are normal and can eliminated by some painkillers and drugs that the doctor prescribes.
  2. Laser sculpting of the abdomen may lead to some burns on the skin if the treating physician does not have sufficient experience in using the laser.
  3. As for mesotherapy, it can lead to some complications, such as a person’s sensitivity to one of the substances used for injection.
  4. Infection in the injection areas
  5. Liver damage occurs in rare cases.

Waist Sculpting Surgery cost

As for the prices, they are according to the technology used. The traditional laser technology and ultrasound are the least expensive, followed by the mesotherapy technique, while the vaser is the most expensive in the field of waist sculpting.

As for the cost of cold laser and sound waves per session, the cost of a cold laser session is between 30 to 200 US dollars.

While an ultrasound session is between 50 and 100 USD.

As for the mesotherapy technique the costs range from 600 US dollars to 5000 US dollars, depending on the material used and the country in which the operation performed.

While the vaser for sculpting the waist ranges between $3,000 and $20,000.

Finally, to obtain the cost of the Waist sculpting surgery from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for additional information.