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Lip reduction for men in Turkey


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Lip reduction for men in Turkey We are always surprised when we hear that a man wants to do a plastic surgery, why not, as a man also like a woman likes to possess the full elements of beauty and one of the most important signs of beauty is to have small lips while today there are dozens of means that can give a lot Some people have small full lips from normal lips, the most famous of which is the injection of filler to the lips, which has become a popular trend in our time and a sign of beauty for most people, but the small lips that are closer to natural are what everyone seeks, both men and women, to obtain, but in this article we will Talking and deepening the reduction of the lips in men.

Lip reduction for men in Turkey

The most important and basic goal of the operation is to reduce the lips, so that the lips become consistent with the rest of the facial features and the lips are consistent in size with each other, as the operation is often performed through the use of local anesthetic and the freedom to choose the total anesthetic for the person if he is not comfortable with The idea of ​​performing the operation while awake (local anesthesia).

Where the doctor, after anesthesia, makes a small surgical incision in the inner wall of the lip or lips, and through the incision, he removes the excess tissue and fat cells in the specific area that caused the inflation, in cases where the inflation is severe, the person may need to tighten the skin and remove the excess after Reducing the lips so that the lips do not become flabby.

As for the duration of the operation, it ranges between a quarter of an hour and a maximum of an hour, and this depends on the size of the lips and the time that the doctor will need to remove the fat and also the person’s need to tighten the skin or not, after which the doctor closes the wound with surgical stitches and the operation ends.

The process of lip reduction for men may be performed alone or among several other cosmetic operations, the most famous of which is the rhinoplasty procedure, where the doctor achieves a near-perfect consistency between the size of the nose, lips and the rest of the face in the joint operation or through a full facelift.


How to reduce lips for men in Turkey

The lips are in the lower third of the face and occupy a major part of our expressions and impressions and are considered an important source of attractiveness and beauty.

Normal and perfect lips Expert opinion includes the tips of the lips on the sides in a straight line with the pupils of the eyes and slightly wider than the distance of the nose.

When we look at the face from the side, the lips will be slightly detached and there will be a noticeable and dividing line between them. Naturally, the lower lip will be visible and slightly protruding from the upper lip, and between them there will be a distinct proportion in size. In general, we will find consistency between the protrusion of the lips and their presence in the face with the nose and chin, Defining them for the final shape of the lips in the face.

As the lips are made up of a group of tissues and fat cells that gather in that area that gives the lips shape and size, as increasing the size increases the amount of fat cells that gather in them in order to reach a certain degree in which the size of the lips becomes acceptable, and in most cases it may exceed the stage of admissions.

Some people create lips that are big and bigger than it is supposed to, as the beauty and consistency required is when a process like lip reduction for men appears, in order to help people get rid of the problem of large lips, where the process is based on the idea of ​​getting rid of tissues and excess fat cells to tighten the skin to reach the size Desired natural.

Few people have large lips and want to undergo a surgical procedure in order to get rid of the size of the large lips. Many of the opinions of some people have many techniques and means of non-surgical lip reduction that provide assistance in making a small change in the actual size of the lips and have a positive and significant impact on the condition The person is psychological in addition to his lack of confidence in himself and his feeling of frustration.

Candidates for the procedure

The process of lip reduction for men is suitable for:

  1. Those who were born with birth defects that made their lips too large.
  2. Those who want to change their lips because they feel distress and lack of self-confidence, which causes them discomfort and distress.
  3. Because the problem of lip enlargement is hereditary and transmitted from parents to children, and people who have large lips may be at risk of other diseases such as infections and enlarged glands, so they need to reduce them.
  4. Those who suffer from deformity, problems and enlargement of the lips due to a specific accident.
  5. Those who have enlarged lips due to a previous disease and the lips do not return to their previous condition even after treatment.
  6. It is not necessary for people to have problems until they perform a lip reduction, for some of them have a medical problem, and the operation is necessary with those whose lips will be enlarged, affecting the functions of speech, swallowing and even breathing.
  7. Those who underwent lip augmentation and the result was not good, or who got a wrong result that is greater than their expectations.
  8. It is important that the person nominated for the lip reduction surgery is healthy and does not have any infection, inflammation, skin disease, or has any blood disease so that the operation is allowed for him.
  9. It is important for the person to be a non-smoker or stop smoking for the operation.

Laser for lip reduction

First, the cosmetic doctor diagnoses the size of the lips and identifies the causes of inflation and large size, as there are many reasons that will lead to an increase in their size such as disorders, genetics, infection, mouth ulcers and organic diseases, ending with oral cancer, and in most cases the size of the lips is large due to congenital and is Need to do a cosmetic medical procedure.

Where the process of lip reduction is performed by laser and under local anesthesia, where the doctor determines the prominent tissues that must be removed so that the lips appear symmetrical, and then the doctor makes a small incision in a longitudinal or transverse section in the inner part of the lips in the mouth, and then removes and removes the tissues and fat The excess, then the surgical incision will be sutured with fine cosmetic threads, which will fall off automatically within seven to fifteen days after the operation.

Previously, the doctor used to make the surgical incision through a medical scalpel, and this made the side effects of the cosmetic intervention unsatisfactory, such as increasing the area of ​​the surgical incision section, noticing the appearance of some permanent scars after healing, and the increased incidence of bacterial infections and infections. Therefore, the main role in using the laser was shown to make the surgical incision instead of the scalpel, and one of the most important features of this incision is the small area of ​​its section, and therefore the percentage of scars appearing at the site of the wound is small, and the incidence of infections and swellings and the percentage of capillaries around the wound site is reduced, and that the advantage of the laser It is a unique technique which is to dissolve the excess fat.

All these advantages have made the use of laser an important and essential thing in the procedure of lip reduction in men.

Before the procedure

Before taking any procedure, a number of doctors must be consulted in order to ensure that the person is completely free of any organic disease and that he does not carry any infection or medical problem, and when any disease appears, expedite its treatment and disposal and then pay attention to the absence of any problem of lip enlargement if it is persistent Or hidden, while those who were born with these lips or have inherited them from parents should go to the plastic surgeon.

There is no problem in slowing down when choosing the doctor who will perform the operation, searching for more than one doctor, consulting them in the best way, and communicating with people who have undergone this operation at the doctor. It is important to only go to an experienced and trusted doctor so that there is no new problem instead of the original problem.

The process is very easy and not complicated, so there is no need to feel fear or anxiety, as lip reduction for men is a procedure that many doctors perform with the utmost ease as they give us great results and with a percentage of problems, risks and complications that are few in the usual and natural cases, so it is important That the person is one of the suitable candidates for the operation, and then an appointment will be scheduled with the doctor to perform it.

It is important to stop smoking even if the person is a smoker, he must be prepared for the operation and continue with the instructions and instructions after the operation and during the recovery period, so it is better to quit smoking completely, and eat useful and healthy food to help the body recover and recover quickly and stop taking medications That causes blood flow several days before the operation.

After Lip reduction for men in Turkey

After the lip reduction procedure for men, there may initially be a little pain, swelling and redness of the lips, and noticing the appearance of some bruises at the site of the operation, and this is treated by giving a few pain relievers at least in the first days.

Often, the doctor stitches the wound using automatically dissolved stitches, so the person does not need to return to the doctor for removal.

In order to reduce and reduce swelling and bruising, a person can use ice packs during the days, and this will help in recovery

When you feel that there is a problem or the swelling worsens, it is important to return to the doctor to find out what happened to the person.

A slight change in the size of the lips may be noticed after the operation, but it will be swollen and the person will not be able to notice the change until about two weeks later.

As for the final results of the operation, they will begin to appear after two or three months, and these results will be permanent and will remain with the person until the rest of his life.

It is important to take care of the wound care and clean it so that the lips do not get infected or inflamed.

Also, it is necessary to avoid solid foods that require chewing and vigorous movement of the mouth in the first days after the operation, and to resort to soft foods and drinks, and to always be careful to drink water constantly.

In addition to avoiding acidic foods and drinks, because they cause terrible pain, especially when there is a wound, and to make sure that the wound is clean, especially after eating, so as not to cause a problem.

For sleep, the head should always be raised above the rest of the body.

A person can return to work and his life for a period ranging from three to four days with no violent effort and exercise after several weeks.

Advantages of lip reduction for men in Turkey

There are many reasons that push people to undergo lip reduction surgery, and most of them are not cosmetic reasons, as some of them have a medical and corrective goal for an incorrect situation. The following are the most important advantages of lip reduction in men:

  1. Achieving consistency and proportionality in the lips in terms of appearance and appearance. Most people suffer from the combination of one lips from the other, which makes the shape of the lips in general unnatural and unbeautiful.
  2. The process of lip reduction helps in the treatment of undesirable inflation and enlargement, especially after lip augmentation operations, which lead to undesirable and desirable results or to excessively full and unattractive lips.
  3. Improving the functions of the mouth and lips.
  4. Sometimes this process is in order to treat one of the diseases or infections that may occur and cause unwanted inflation.
  5. Restore self-confidence in terms of enjoying an attractive and natural appearance and lips proportional to the face.

Side effects

In general, the risks of this operation are minimal and limited because the procedure is easy for its advantages, as it is greater than the proportion of those risks, while the greatest risk facing a person is infection or wound infection during or after the operation, and this may develop rapidly unless attention is paid to it from the beginning.

As for the complications that may occur, they are normal after the operation, like any other operation, such as swelling, redness and bleeding sometimes, and you notice the appearance of bruises, and these are common things and do not have any harm and disappear in a few days and even weeks, and most importantly, they do not develop later and in a striking way.

A few problems may occur due to the doctor’s lack of experience and the inability to perform the operation in the correct way, and this will cause the lips to become smaller than necessary or to reduce the lip more than one lip significantly.

Sometimes the reduction of one side of the lip is more than the other, and often the reduction does not occur significantly and this will cause the need to do the operation again.

The cost of lip reduction for men in Turkey

Of course, the cost of Lip reduction for men in Turkey will be different, depending on the place in which the operation is performed, the doctor who will perform the operation, the country in which the operation will be performed, and the size of the cosmetic and minimization that the person needs, even if the surgery is for a simple cosmetic purpose only or for a necessary medical purpose.

Often the cost of this process is from 2000 US dollars to 3000 and 4000 dollars in some other countries.

Finally, to get more details about the process of lip reduction for men in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for information.