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Latest Skin Whitening Techniques


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Latest Skin Whitening Techniques have become lightening and unifying the color of the body and skin more women nowadays. Especially with regard to occasions and holidays, where she likes to appear every girl with bright and clear skin.

There are six shades of skin color, each of which differs in its need for lightening and according to the tanning factors and skin formulations.

In this article, we will take in detail about Latest Skin Whitening Techniques.

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Darkening and pigmentation skin Causes

  • Pimples such as acne may cause dark spots when they leave their marks on the skin
  • A hormonal imbalance, such as a hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, as progesterone increases the production of melanin
  • Pigmentation due to exposure to sunlight
  • Excess production of melanin
  • Anemia may cause pale skin
  • Internal diseases such as ischemia or respiratory problems may cause bluish skin
  • Dry skin mainly contributes to weak skin resistance and darkening
  • Permanent lack of hydration to the skin
  • Using poor quality moisturizing products or cosmetics
  • An unhealthy diet and inactivity of the enzymes responsible for skin lightening
  • Deficiency or visitation of some vitamins and minerals

What to do to protect the skin from hyperpigmentation:

  • Moisturizing the skin constantly and drinking sufficient amounts of water because the exposure of the skin to dehydration causes the appearance of dark spots in places of dehydration.
  • Do not go out in the sun without putting on a sunscreen.
  • The best sunscreens are the broad-spectrum types with a UV protection factor of more than 50 percent and water-resistant to give the best protection. It should be renewed on the skin every two hours.
  • It is also preferable to go out at times when the sun’s rays are not Harmful before ten in the morning and after four in the evening.
  • Regular sleep helps to release glutathione and thus helps lighten the skin naturally.
  • You should not go out in direct sunlight after laser and chemical peel sessions in the first days to avoid an adverse result
  • You can follow a weekly routine of applying a mask for the skin from natural materials, such as a turmeric mask or masks containing lemon.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet, especially foods that contain antioxidants and a high water content, and stay away from fast food saturated with fat.

Skin whitening procedures Types

  • Whitening the skin of the body in general, as some medicines and injections are prescribed, in addition to types of vitamins, moisturizing and lightening creams. It is recommended to follow a specific diet aimed at activating the enzymes responsible for opening the skin
  • Lightening of some places that acquire a dark color, such as the knee, elbow and joints, which are exposed to constant friction, in addition to the areas under the armpits and bikini.
  • For this purpose, the doctor uses peeling and lightening creams. If the skin does not respond to this treatment, he conducts light peeling sessions made of natural fruit acids.
  • There is also a topical mesotherapy technique, and there is laser peeling, which is based on peeling certain layers of the body, in addition to crystal peeling in conjunction with bleaching peeling.

Sessions and results

Women usually want to resort to lightening techniques that give faster results,

but it should be noted that every peeling or lightening process requires great patience and several sessions to obtain a light and uniform skin color.

The reason for the multiplicity of sessions of peeling and whitening is explained by the fact that the dark cells are accumulated layers that need at least 28 days and sometimes several months, to be replaced with new cells, and this depends on the type of skin, whether it is thin or thick, and we note that the skin of the face is the most vulnerable For dryness, unlike body skin, which is usually more oily.

Latest skin whitening techniques

01- APR Glutathione

Pay attention first to body accepting this substance or not, and not to use these needles arbitrarily

and without the prescription of an honorable doctor, as it is harmful to give it intravenously in unstudied doses.

Glutathione is naturally present in the body in a certain proportion and is produced by the liver. It is scientifically an effective antioxidant that restores the freshness of the skin and skin, especially with age.

Therefore, when used externally and added to the body, it must be through well-planned and studied programs, as the correct use of this substance through many From international centers, its effect on lightening and whitening skin color was noted

This technique is costly and the result is temporary.

it can consider a substance that resists skin aging in the first place, in the second degree it used for lightening.

Other benefits of glutathione

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • joint diseases
  • Atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Diabetes

02- Laser skin whitening

Laser technology considered one of the most desirable techniques for most people due to its effective ability to solve skin problems in addition to its few side effects.

The skin is bleached using a laser by shedding short-term or pulsed rays on the areas to be lightened.

The strength of the rays is chosen according to the case, either to penetrate the layers of the skin to remove the damaged layers

and reach the healthy and white lower layers, or to use the laser on the superficial layers only to remove spots.

Skin whitening sessions conducted in specialized clinics under the supervision of a dermatologist, where the number of sessions varies according to the case,

and the session can last from half an hour to an hour and a quarter, through which the skin is gradually lightened, after local anesthesia and covering the eyes to protect them from laser rays.

After the laser skin whitening procedure, the skin may become itchy and red, and here creams and ointments are prescribed by the specialist doctor to reduce them.

It is also recommended not to be exposed to the sun after the session and not to use cosmetics on the skin for a period of time.

What is the cost of laser skin whitening?

The cost of the laser skin whitening procedure ranges from 500 to 1500 US dollars.

This discrepancy is due to several factors, the most important of which is the size of the area to be lightened, the patient’s condition,

the degree of his skin color, the degree of fame of the doctor based on the procedure, the modernity of the devices used, and certainly the price increases with the increase in the number of sessions.

03- Skin whitening with mesotherapy

The skin is whitened using the mesotherapy technique through injections containing substances that reduce the melanin that causes dark color to the skin in addition to some vitamins and amino acids,

so this technique is very popular by women because it removes wrinkles in addition to being a solution to many skin problems thanks to vitamins Which contributes to obtaining a fresh and healthy white skin.

Mesotherapy requires more than one session for results to appear, ranging from 5 to 15 sessions.

The number of sessions varies according to the condition of the person receiving treatment, and how much it does not need any anesthesia, as it is injected with a very thin needle, but an anesthetic cream may be used on the desired area. inject it.

After whitening the skin using the Mesotherapy technique, a slight burning sensation may be felt for 24 hours, in addition to some redness in the injection area, which disappears in a maximum period of 48 hours.

The Mesotherapy technique also needs two or three sessions for the results to appear gradually.

04- Skin whitening with chemical peeling

It is the best method in the event of acne, dark spots and dead skin, in addition to whitening, and according to the condition of the skin, the type of peeling is chosen, either it is deep or superficial.

The skin is bleached by indicating the damaged and dead skin layers using chemicals whose strength varies according to the treated condition to reach the flawless skin layers.

After undergoing chemical peeling, you should not be exposed to the sun and not use cosmetics that damage the new layers of the skin.

This method depends largely on the competence of the specialist doctor, because any mistake in the selection of materials and the degree of their strength may cause damage to the skin, so the appropriate doctor must be chosen.

05- Blue Peel

This mask is very new and effective as a Latest Skin Whitening Techniques and for the first time we show you it.

It is a new technology that involves applying a blue medicine to the skin and covering the skin with one or two layers, up to 6 layers, according to the skin’s need for those layers, and here the need is to the degree that you want to lighten your skin or get rid of dark spots and melasma, which are not superficial.

This mask, which is placed on the face for 30 minutes, exfoliates the skin and removes the various problems that stole the light color from the skin.

This mask contains vitamins and powerful substances that are effective in fighting skin impurities and revealing its true color.

06- Crystal Peel Technique

Crystal peeling is one of the cosmetic procedures used to renew skin cells by removing the outer layers. Crystal peeling comes in two types:

Ordinary Crystal Peel Dermabrasion:

Usually a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist performs this deep type of peeling, where the outer layer of the skin is peeled off using a special tool that allows a new, fresh layer of skin to grow instead of the one that has been peeled.

Usually a local or complete anesthetic is used with this type of peeling, which is a bit painful.

Regular Crystal Peel Benefits:

  • Improve the appearance of acne scars
  • Treating scars resulting from an injury or accident
  • tattoo removal
  • Improve the appearance of signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation
  • This type of peeling is not effective in cases of burn scars, moles or birthmarks


It is not necessary that a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist perform this type of peeling, but it may be performed by a certified specialist.

Crystal peeling includes the use of microscopic particles on the skin that help exfoliate dead skin cells. This type of crystal peeling does not need anesthetic, as this procedure is painless.

Benefits of microcrystalline peeling:

This type of peeling is usually used to restore the freshness of the skin and improve its appearance.

It does not include a complete peeling of the skin, but just a very light peeling with a pink color that covers the skin for a short period.

This type is suitable for all skin types.

07- Melanin skin whitening technique

Recently, there has been a lot of questions about skin whitening with melanin as a treatment for changing the color of the skin to a dark color.

Melanin is the pigment that gives the skin and hair their dark color.

This substance is secreted from the cells of the surface layer of the epidermis called melanocytes, specialized in the secretion of certain amounts of melanin, leading to the acquisition of the skin to a certain color.

What causes the difference in skin color from one person to another is the difference in the activity of these cells The degree of its secretion of melanin, not the difference in its number from one person to another, is constant in terms of number for all humans.

What is meant by the process of whitening the skin with melanin is to inhibit the production of melanin in cases of disturbance of its secretion, and thus the skin does not acquire a darker color than its natural color, or the distribution of this pigment is disturbed in what is known as hyperpigmentation and the appearance of dark spots in separate areas of the skin.

This technology relies on two main axes:

  • Inhibition of melanin secretion
  • Whitening and treatment of pigmentation spots

Stars before and after skin whitening:

Many Hollywood stars have resorted to the Latest Skin Whitening Techniques, such as Priyanka Chopra and Rani Mukherjee, specifically to lighten the skin with laser, and the great difference in the appearance of their skin before and after the Latest Skin Whitening Techniques was noticed, and this is what many Arab stars and stars followed, such as the artist Ahlam and the artist Asala and Donia Batma, as the artist Yasmine underwent Sabry, the wife of the famous businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, for the process of skin whitening through skin and skin whitening needles, whether intravenous or subcutaneous local injections, and she performed many peeling operations to remove the effects of grains and pimples.

Is it possible to whiten the skin naturally?

There are many mixtures and masks that are recommended by most of those who suffer from dark skin color or many pigmentations, such as turmeric mask with yogurt and rose water, as turmeric contains curcumin that inhibits the secretion of melanin.

The coffee mask with rose oil, in addition to whitening the skin, works to tighten the skin and fight wrinkles.

Green tea and chamomile can be used as a daily moisturizer for the skin, as green tea reduces the concentration of melanin in the skin.

It is good to make a weekly scrub for the skin through lemon and sugar. It is a natural scrub for the skin that restores its freshness, vitality and radiance.

Finally, to obtain the cost of the Latest Skin Whitening Techniques from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for information.