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Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey


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Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey Everyone, both men and women, seeks a uniform skin color, especially in the armpit area, which everyone suffers from darkening and darkening in this area, especially when wearing summer clothes in particular, and the spread of laser technology, which has recently become a therapeutic and cosmetic solution and It is an ideal treatment, and it has spread a lot in centers, clinics and beauty salons in Turkey, and because it is an easy and safe treatment, it helps the skin to get rid of problems without pain, and certainly because we all strive to always be in the most beautiful appearance and with a uniform and white skin free of pigmentation, we have dedicated this article To talk about lightening and whitening the armpits using laser technology.

Can we whiten the armpits by laser?

Of course, most of us know that the uses of lasers are not limited to the cosmetic world and to scars, birthmarks and acne treatment only, but have become a treatment and a solution to everything related to beauty and the body in general.

Nowadays, laser technology has become a solution to most of the body and skin problems, and has even become a radical solution for armpit whitening as well. Will the laser succeed in whitening and lightening the armpit?

In our article, we will discuss everything related to laser armpit whitening in our center in Turkey.

Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey

There are several reasons for darkening of the armpits, the most important of which are:

Excessive use of synthetic deodorants, especially deodorants that contain aluminum in their composition.
Using hair removal methods such as using a razor and hair removal creams.
Not moisturizing the area.
Some individuals have excessive sweating and this causes the armpits to darken.
Skin diseases such as eczema.
Not removing the accumulated dead skin by known methods such as sanding and exfoliating the skin.
One of the most important factors that cause increased pigmentation throughout the body is smoking.
Bacterial infections and chronic diseases cause increased pigmentation, such as: diabetes, obesity, adrenal fibrosis and melasma.
Take hormonal contraceptive pills.

Who are most prone to darkening and darkening of the armpits

Of course, there are causes for darkening of the armpits, and there are people who are more likely than others to suffer from darkening and darkening of the armpits, so they need to whiten the armpits with laser.

The most vulnerable to infection:

  1. Genetic factor: where the family has a history of darkening of the armpit.
  2. Skin color: As for skin color, the darker it is, the greater the possibility of darkening the armpit color, as dark-skinned people are more likely than white-skinned people.
  3. Diabetics.
  4. Patients with hormonal imbalance.

Factors affect on treatment

As for the result of laser armpit whitening, it varies from person to person, and there are also some factors that affect the result of the laser, such as:

  1. Skin color The more the skin color differs from the darker color of the armpit, the better the result. The laser can distinguish and distinguish between the two colors.
  2. Color intensity. As for the color, the more intense the result, the better, despite the need for more sessions.
  3. The cause of dark skin color: There may be difficulty in getting rid of genetic darkening, so there are cases that need to treat the underlying cause in conjunction with laser armpit whitening to obtain the best results, such as: hormonal imbalance and getting rid of obesity

Before Laser Underarm Whitening session

Precautions that you should pay attention to before undergoing to Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey treatment, such as:

  1. Refrain from using topical bleaching agents.
  2. Laser underarm whitening should not be used in conjunction with sanding or chemical peeling.
  3. Refrain from using antiperspirants a week before the session.
  4. Do hair removal before the session in the manner that you must follow according to the orders of the therapist.
  5. Refrain from using creams that contain cortisone.

Ways to get rid of blackness under the armpit in Turkey

The most important ways to lighten the armpit in clinics:

  1. Chemical peeling: using some special acids to remove the outer layer of the skin.
  2. Dermabrasion: using special tools to exfoliate the skin and remove the darker layer of the skin.
  3. Laser therapy.

There are different types of lasers, but they all treat armpit darkening in the same ways.

We can whiten the armpit with a laser where the laser beam penetrates the outer skin layer to reach the deeper layers of the skin and the laser beam is absorbed by the dark melanin where the laser energy inside the dark skin cells is converted into heat energy and this energy destroys the dark cells.

As well as stimulates the renewal of the skin in order to produce collagen.

Laser types

01- Carbon laser

Carbon laser is a new laser technology that is widely used in medical treatments approved in clinics to treat armpit darkening problems, and it is effective and safe for the skin.

It is a lightweight laser that stimulates collagen production in the skin to treat skin problems and defects while working to rejuvenate the skin and help remove dead cells to be young. Carbon laser also helps to reduce wrinkles and fight signs of aging.

Its most important advantages are the removal of dead skin layers, large pores and black heads.

We can use a carbon laser for sensitive skin, and after the session, the person can continue his usual day.

The carbon laser reduces the size of the sebaceous glands.

Carbon laser procedure

In the beginning, the carbon laser in the peeling session injects a lot of carbon paste, which is spread in a light layer on the outer area

We focus the laser twice by covering the entire area with paste, and because the laser is the first time the laser spreads carbon on the skin and disrupts the pores.

The doctor uses the laser to remove the carbon and remove it from the area, then the coal is loaded with all the dead cells that will accumulate and darken the area, and then the germs or dust that hangs from the skin are removed and the skin is cleaned well.

Filters for carbon laser use

  1. Those with enlarged pores.
  2. Who have chronic sinusitis.
  3. Those with oily skin.
  4. Carbon laser is used for pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
  5. Those who have pimples on the skin and the effects that result from them.
  6. People who suffer from certain skin spots and suffer from melasma

As for the result of carbon laser sessions:

Carbon laser results are shown immediately after the first session and continue to attend three sessions, as in some cases six to seven sessions are required at separate intervals and as directed by the specialist.

The result of carbon laser peeling occurs immediately after the session, due to the redness in the area, and this is not alarming, but it is normal, and the redness continues after 4 hours without using a cream or pain reliever. There is a slight tingling sensation when the laser beam is directed at a specific area of ​​the skin.

As for the side effects, there is no effect of using the carbon laser to lighten the armpit; It represents a superficial skin treatment, and it is also called carbon peeling because of its external effect.

02- Smart Laser Device (Lithium Laser) THULİUM LAZER

It is one of the latest devices that help whiten the armpits quickly, but the armpits are not whitened from the first use, as the results of whitening the armpits do not appear in one day, but the results of the treatment need to appear within a week.

This device uses pigment cells to treat the darkening of the spots slightly. This device does not consider the treatment as a surgical procedure, but the treatment can be carried out in a short time and exposure to minor swellings for a few days.

As for the effects of whitening the armpits quickly with the THULİUM LAZER device

  1. It reduces underarm wrinkles and corrects sagging skin.
  2. The use of laser armpit whitening works to renew the armpit cells, as it also quickly whitens the armpits.

The advantages of the THULİUM LAZER device over other devices

The smart laser device is superior to other devices in how to whiten the armpit and treat spots with much less side effects and its speed in whitening the armpits, as it needs fewer sessions in order to obtain effective and satisfactory results.

As for recommendations after thulium laser sessions

  1. After whitening the armpits, small brown scales are formed, and the doctor recommends not touching them and peeling the crust or rubbing the area for a week or ten days until it disappears automatically so that new skin can appear.
  2. The patient should be reassured about the concerns, especially that the patient has general concerns about pain, especially with regard to local anesthesia, but the topical cream is used for anesthesia and this does not cause any unbearable pain when laser sessions, where the effects are a rash that lasts from one hour to two hours after which it will start. The rash with peeling and other effects will start to disappear at the end of the first week after the session and then the results of whitening the armpits will appear quickly.
  3. The doctor recommends the use of serums to accelerate the whitening of the armpits and regeneration of the skin after applying the treatment with Thulium laser, as it is quickly absorbed into the lower layer of the skin and the formation of new tissues is stimulated, so it is recommended to avoid any whitening mixtures under the armpit and this will not give effective results as is the case when treating darkening of the armpits Medical treatment in the approved centers and under the supervision of experts specialized in the treatment of whitening the armpits.

03- Q-switch laser

This laser is used to treat pigmentation in general, and to treat:

Skin rejuvenation.
Whitening of the armpits.
The Q Switch laser has achieved great success in lightening skin pigmentation, due to:

  1. The high ability to penetrate the skin to deeper layers of the skin.
  2. It does not need a long time to be exposed to the skin, and it does not cause damage to the skin.

Other Q-switched laser types that can be used such as:

  1. Alexandrite laser.
  2. Ruby laser.


It is a non-surgical laser and is used to treat many skin problems, such as:

  1. Pigmentation treatment.
  2. Birthmarks.
  3. The tattoo.
  4. Work to renew the skin and increase its youth.

The difference between the pico laser, especially the picoSure, the picosure and the picosecond, from the Q-switch laser is that the time spent during the treatment session is less than it.

This makes it more effective and has fewer side effects, and also avoids skin damage.

Natural ways to whiten the armpits
Many use natural recipes such as:

  1. Tomato juice
  2. Aloe Vera Gel
  3. Coconut oil and almond oil
  4. Option
  5. Potatoes
  6. Turmeric and Lemon

Many recipes that seek to whiten the underarms, and some of them make the situation worse because you must consult a doctor before using any recipes for bleaching under the armpits, as some of them cause skin irritation and sensitivity, but they do not give the results of whitening the armpits as desired, so it is necessary to resort to medicinal and medical methods that allow medical peeling of the armpits This is what we adopt in our centers in Turkey that treat lasers and reduce the thickness of the skin accompanying the darkening of the armpits, and this leads to the lightening of the armpits.

What is the best way to bleach the armpit permanently?

Many people go to search for underarm whitening masks and use turmeric underarm bleaching creams and underarm whitening creams from the pharmacy so that the results are permanent and continuous. But these creams do not give therapeutic results, but rather they are preventive, but laser sessions are the best, which give permanent results in quickly whitening the armpits.

Treated dark spots are permanent results, so preventive measures must be taken from harmful rays and the sun and the use of deodorants significantly so that there is no return of dark spots that affect the results of underarm whitening.

With regard to armpit whitening with a thulium laser, cosmetic doctors recommend that the laser be used during the winter or fall season for more protection from the sun’s rays.

Tips to avoid darkening of the armpits

Tips that limit the increase in darkening and darkening of the armpits are:

Obesity is one of the most important causes of increased pigmentation, so losing weight is a solution to prevent the formation of dark underarms.
Stay away and reduce smoking, or try to quit completely.
Refrain from using antiperspirants.
Replacing synthetic deodorants with natural methods.
The trend towards deodorants without aluminum and silicon.
Doing a botox treatment for excessive sweating.
Treating hormonal imbalances, if any.
Exfoliate the dead skin regularly.
Work to moisten the place.
It is preferable to wear loose cotton clothes.
Resorting to hair removal methods that prevent blackening other than shaving, such as laser hair removal and the use of wax.
Work on treating pigmentation as soon as they appear, and natural treatments help in the beginning.

Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey (session)

The therapist follows certain steps within the session:

  1. Clean the place well.
  2. Wait until the place is completely dry.
  3. Cover the eye with protective glasses, so as not to be affected by the laser.
  4. A preference for using a local anesthetic, although all those who underwent laser armpit whitening described the laser session as painless.
  5. Carbon laser treatment uses a mask of carbon particles; In order to get rid of residual deodorants and fats and get better results.

Time for one session

One session takes time depending on the type of laser used, but usually takes about 20 to 35 minutes, and the time may increase if a local anesthetic or carbon mask is used

As for the number of sessions, it varies from case to case in the number of sessions you need and also according to the type of laser used in it.

Usually, laser armpit whitening takes about 3 to 6 sessions on average.

As for the result, it varies according to each case and to several factors. Despite the results of Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey that have proven effective, there is no 100% result, the result ranges between 85% to 98%.

The result also depends on the continuity of attendance at the sessions.

And also to treat the underlying causes that can be treated in conjunction with laser treatment.

After Laser Underarm Whitening session

The following must be followed:

  1. Do not use antiperspirants after the session about 48 hours.
  2. Reducing sweating by not sitting in hot weather.
  3. It is necessary to use a sunscreen with a protection rate of more than 30 SPF when going out in the sun with open clothes.
  4. Wear loose cotton clothes.

Side effects

Of course, laser treatment is one of the safest treatment methods, but there are some minor side effects, which disappear quickly, such as:

  1. The occurrence of irritation, redness or swelling of the skin, depending on the nature of the skin.
  2. The occurrence of skin itching.
  3. The occurrence of dermatitis accompanied by a burning sensation.
  4. Skin infection: So the doctor prescribes an antibiotic to prevent it.
  5. Not feeling comfortable.

Laser Underarm Whitening defects

The appearance of laser defects depends on several factors, such as:

  1. The nature of the skin

People who have very sensitive skin, and laser treatment has severe side effects, dry skin, and this leads to leaving a small scar.

  1. Wizard skill

The result of Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey depends on the skill and experience of the therapist in determining the time and focus of the pulse. If the therapist is not an expert and capable, this may cause a large scar, or lighten the place too much and appear as a white spot.

  1. The color of the area to be lightened

It is important that the color difference between the skin and the place to be lightened is clear.

In some cases, the laser affects the natural color of the skin, so that it is lighter or darker than normal.

Cost of Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey

The cost depends on several factors, such as:

  • Wizard skill.
  • The fame of the place.
  • laser type.
  • color intensity.
  • number of sessions
  • Device type

Therefore, the cost of carbon Laser Underarm Whitening in Turkey ranges from 150 to 300 dollars per session, while in the Egypt from 75 to 150 dollars per session.

Lightening the armpit with Q -switch lace

In Egypt, it ranges from $250 to $450 per session, and in Turkey, $400 to $700 per session.

Finally, to obtain the cost of laser armpit whitening in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for more information.