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Laser Scar Removal in Turkey


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Laser Scar Removal in Turkey many people suffer from the effects of annoying wounds that leave a bad effect on the skin, and some may leave permanent scars that cause loss of self-confidence and embarrassment in appearing good in front of others and the wounds are visible, so most of us are looking for different treatment methods to get rid of these effects . Have you heard about laser wound removal?

Or do you think that the laser can erase these wounds and remove their mark? We will talk about this in our article

Laser Scar Removal in Turkey

It is a cosmetic procedure that helps reduce the appearance of scars and wounds on the skin and makes it more consistent with the appearance of the skin around it. It is based on choosing between photodynamic techniques or skin peeling techniques that stimulate the formation of a new layer of healthy healthy cells that can cover the damaged layer of the epidermis.

And laser treatments in general improve the appearance of the skin by getting rid of scars or wounds, unifying skin color and working to get rid of the effects of aging, and they show tremendous results in removing the effects of old burns. Despite this, you will not be able to completely rid you of these effects, especially If the effects of the burn are large and deep, and the operation has many advantages if it does not require a long recovery period, and the cost of laser scar removal is low compared to other cosmetic surgery techniques used to treat the effects of wounds and burns.

Is it possible to remove the scars of wounds with a laser?

Performing laser treatment reduces scars and wounds on the skin, and in return it does not remove or treat them completely.

Because laser treatment does not completely remove these effects, it works to reduce their visibility, by stimulating new and healthy skin cells to grow again in the area.

In addition, the laser treatment helps reduce the itching that accompanies the effects of wounds, and also uses the laser to prevent the appearance of scars after a surgery.

It is also mentioned that it is possible to use laser treatment to reduce the problem of scars that result from wounds, pills, operations, etc., and we can consider the use of laser safe on the face.

As for the results of laser treatment to get rid of scars, it is mainly based on the skills of the specialist. It is important to refer to a specialist and not an amateur.

The laser beams penetrate the outer skin layer in order to stimulate new and healthy skin cells and work on their growth, and the laser treatment also works to get rid of and remove the old and damaged skin layer, leaving room for the new layer to grow.

So we can say that laser treatment works to create a new scar over the old one, but it is less visible.

Where the body works to produce new skin cells in response to any injury that occurs to it, and there are cases that may cause these scars to appear, and it is important to note that scars do not constitute a health problem at all, but are accompanied by itching or pain sometimes, and some people feel Ashamed and embarrassed.

Where the doctor, depending on the type of scars, chooses the type of laser that will be used in the treatment, and of course this includes the length of the light waves and its effect on the skin.

Knowing that some types of lasers are not suitable for certain types of skin colors, they may be based on stimulating the production of skin cells with colors different from the natural skin color.

Session results

We cannot expect the scars to disappear completely once we resort to one laser treatment session.

Although laser treatment has become a boom in the world of cosmetics in general and beautifying the skin in particular, it is not a magic solution. Especially if the person suffers from damage in the deep layers of the skin, where the treatment process begins by exposing the skin to a new injury so that it can self-recover.

The laser is used to stimulate and renew skin cells in the area of ​​​​the wound or burn and remove part of the damaged layers of the skin and to stimulate the formation of a new healthy layer, in addition to a lot of improvement in the appearance of the wound where the skin appears more uniform and smooth, its color is uniform and the results are different expectations according to the laser techniques used

Techniques of Laser Scar Removal in Turkey

There are several types of techniques that use laser as a treatment for the effects of wounds in Turkey, and the most important of these techniques are:


And this technique is used to exfoliate damaged skin cells in a superficial way with a type of laser known as erbium and is used to treat superficial wounds, or by using a carbon dioxide laser to treat deeper wounds.

This method is not valid for treatment in cases of deep affected skin layers.


This technique offers solutions to deep wounds and burns that have damaged large parts of the skin.

This technique requires a long recovery period compared to others because it exfoliates the skin more deeply, removes cell pigmentation, stimulates collagen production, and provides a beautiful appearance for the skin.


This method performs phototherapy using laser and infrared rays, which allows an increase in collagen production in the skin and the regeneration of cells, and this allows the replacement of infected cells with healthy ones without exposure to the process of full peeling of the skin

Pre-session instructions

With regard to laser treatment, it is necessary to prepare in order to undergo the removal of the effects of the wounds, so it is recommended to follow important steps before performing the treatment, which include the following:

  1. Not to take some types of medications that may increase the problem of bleeding, such as aspirin.
  2. Inform the doctor if the person is taking any blood-thinning medications.
  3. Make sure to avoid products that contain glycolic acid and retinoids for a period of two to four weeks before the laser treatment.
  4. It is important that a person stays away from sunlight and ultraviolet rays for some time.
  5. Avoid using products that work on chemical peeling of the skin, collagen injections, or even waxing.
  6. Refrain from smoking for a period of approximately two weeks after the laser treatment.
  7. It is important for the person to be aware that the results need time to start appearing, and at this time the treatment sometimes extends for several months.
  8. Postponing the session when the skin suffers from burns as a result of exposure to severe sunlight or when the person is trying to obtain a bronze skin color.

Laser scar removal session

Laser scar removal is a simple process, and the results appear quickly, that is, within a period of one to two weeks after the operation.

This process does not require spending a period of recuperation or recovery in the hospital and does not even require anesthesia. Rather, a topical moisturizing and anesthetic cream can be used before the session, which takes an average of about 20 minutes, according to the length of the scar or wound.

As for the instructions after the session, they are summarized as follows:

Refrain from using skin care products that contain vitamin A and retinoic acid, as they increase the sensitivity of the skin to phototherapy.

Attention to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, steam sessions and cooking heat after the laser session

And the laser wound removal session is generally safe, but it may be accompanied by some side effects, like any other procedure, and these effects are different according to the type of laser used, the severity of the scar, skin type and the number of sessions used, including:

Irritation, swelling, redness and pain at the scar site. In most cases, the pain caused by the laser disappears after two hours, and the doctor prescribes painkillers if necessary. For redness, it takes ten days for it to calm down. Although most of these effects are temporary, in some rare cases they may be a reason to remove the effects of wounds with laser, and there are some The main risks are: infection, hyperpigmentation and light bleeding. There may be a feeling of discomfort. The skin is peeling off. Also, it is possible that the treatment of the scar with the laser may be ineffective and worsen the appearance of the scar. In general, if the presence of pus or severe swelling and fever is observed after the laser treatment, immediately consult a doctor and make sure to choose a reliable medical center and a skilled, reputable expert doctor, and that To ensure satisfactory and effective results.

The cost of Laser Scar Removal in Turkey

As for the cost of treatment, it varies greatly in the removal of the effects of laser wounds, depending on the situation and the depth of the effect of the wound in the different layers of the skin.

And this cosmetic operation is in the first place, and this in turn leads to the person being able to cover its cost through his medical insurance, unless it constitutes a functional necessity. We can determine the cost of the laser wound treatment process through a number of factors, the most important of which are:

  1. Looking at the size of the scars left by the wound or burn.
  2. How many of these scars are there and where they are noticed.
  3. As for the number of laser treatment sessions required to remove the scars.

It is necessary for a person to know that he sometimes needs more than just one session in order to get rid of the effects of wounds, and accordingly, it takes an average of three to four sessions in order to achieve the required results, and the doctor determines the cost of each session alone, according to the individual’s condition. In general, the appearance of scars or traces of wounds tends to improve a lot after the first treatment session, which is estimated at a cost between 200 US dollars in the case of burns and small minor wounds, and an increase of up to 3,400 US dollars in the case of large wounds and when going to famous and well-known centers and hospitals with a common reputation Such as hospitals specialized in dermatology and laser therapy, and hospitals in major universities.

There are specialized cosmetic centers and clinics that add the cost of a medical consultation session to the first treatment session, because it takes a long time to develop a treatment plan with the doctor to describe and evaluate the person’s condition in general.

Finally, to obtain the cost of laser scar removal in Turkey, Turk Aesthetic Center, you can follow the link or visit YouTube for other information.