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Laser freckle removal or liver spots are considered by some as a sign of beauty, while others are bothered by their appearance. Can it be treated? Does it have long-term risks?

Freckles usually appear on the skin as flat, round, symmetrical patches, usually light brown, but sometimes red or blond.

Freckles begin to appear on the skin from birth or shortly after, especially after exposure to direct sunlight. The cause of the appearance of freckles is due to the genetic factor inherited between generations, in addition to the role of ultraviolet rays of the sun, which leads to stimulating the production of a greater amount of melanin pigment, which is produced by melanocytes, the pigment responsible for the color of hair and skin. .

Freckles often appear on the face, and may appear in separate places such as the neck, arms, chest, and back.

Blonde and red people are more susceptible to the appearance of freckles on their skin, as freckles appear clearly in people with white skin and red hair, and their color becomes darker when exposed to the sun, while it becomes lighter in the winter period.

Causes of freckles

Freckles appear due to the accumulation of melanin pigment in the skin, and this occurs for reasons including:

Excessive exposure to the sun, as the body produces more melanin when exposed to the sun as a means of protection from ultraviolet rays.
Freckles may appear as a result of a certain simple or serious condition, or as a result of a complication of a particular medication.
Genetic factors (pheomelanin).
The body produces two types of melanin based on the MC1R gene, which are:

Eumelanin: This type does not cause freckles, and is usually produced in people with dark skin and black hair.
Pheomelanin: This type causes the appearance of freckles, and is usually produced in people with fair skin and blonde or red hair.

Freckle types

Among the types of freckles that people with white skin suffer from are:

Simple freckles: their size is small, and their color is light.
Freckles caused by sunburn: their size is relatively larger than the first type, and the color is darker, and it may appear in women more than men, especially pregnant women.
Freckles often disappear with age and melanocytes lose their properties.

It is possible to use citric acid to remove and treat freckles, but this acid is not used for all people and is used in very special cases.

Some naturally prepared materials and preparations can also be used in the treatment of freckles, such as a mixture of turmeric and lemon, yogurt and oatmeal, castor oil and vitamin E, honey with sugar or salt.

The use of a laser treatment for the skin to remove freckles and their effects is the most effective way, as a simple process can get rid of freckles that are on the face with ease and without any pain, through laser operations based on specialists in this matter, so there is no need to worry about the issue Laser freckle removal.

Most people think that freckles come in one type, shape and color only, but the truth is that there are two types of freckles that differ in many characteristics and features. These two types are:

It is the most common type among people, and it is known for its appearance and characteristics, and it is called ephelides. Evils often appear due to the presence of a genetic factor that leads to an increase in the production of melanin pigment in the body, which leads to the appearance of these spots in different places on the skin, and these spots have irregular edges, and have a color ranging from red to light brown. Evils appear on different areas of the skin, most often on the hands, neck, and chest. Evils also become lighter with age.

Solar pigmentation
It is the least common type among people, and it also includes many other skin pigmentations, such as sun spots that appear in the elderly, and this type is called solar lentigines). Solar pigmentation is in the form of regular shaped spots, their color ranges from light yellow to dark brown, and usually appear in a darker color than the color of the first type spots, especially in the summer period, where the color of these spots begins to fade gradually with the advent of the winter period. But its color becomes stronger with age.

Qualified for laser freckle removal

Laser freckle removal may be a quick and final solution for some who are bothered by freckles, laser treatment suits multiple skin types and colors, and laser freckle treatment depends on the use of light that targets the dark places that contain the largest amount of melanin.

Laser freckle removal is one of the very easy procedures with guaranteed results. Therefore, anyone who has freckles and is upset with them should hurry to such procedures in order to get rid of them despite the goodness that freckles bring to the face.

Laser freckle removal steps

The laser is the ideal solution to remove freckles from all areas of the body, where it is done by undergoing a number of laser sessions according to the area and type of freckles in the body, where the doctor or beautician prepares the skin with some suitable masks and creams, and then directs the laser beams to the places where the freckles are located. Where the treatment is carried out with laser technology using a highly focused light to treat damaged areas of the skin, which contributes to the treatment of freckles, and they disappear over time.

Each session usually takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Laser treatment uses pulses of intense, focused light to target the areas covered with freckles on the skin.

There are different types of lasers to treat skin problems, specifically in the treatment of freckles.

By using a laser on freckles, it will reduce more than 50% of the freckles on the skin.

The most important side effects of laser freckle removal. It only needs about 3 sessions to see results. And this depends on the size of the areas being worked on and on the ability of the laser to work on pigmentation until the freckles are basically removed.

The laser technology is effective and completely painless as you can get rid of freckles in a short time without leaving any scars.

The laser also helps in the gloss and elasticity of the skin due to the process of stimulating the production of collagen in the skin.

Freckle removal operations and the number of their sessions vary according to the size of the freckles in the face or its area, as well as differ from one person to another regarding the color of the freckles. On the basis of all this, the doctor or beautician sets an appointment with the person and determines the number of sessions he needs.

Note that the patient needs a maximum of 3 to 6 sessions, and it is also worth noting that the more sessions the number of sessions increases, the higher the amount that the person will pay.

There is also a device for removing freckles called the amazing freckle removal device, which not only removes freckles, but also removes melasma and many harmful things on the skin to get the skin that every girl or boy may want interested in their personal hygiene and enjoying a wonderful, fresh and vibrant skin.

These devices are often available in large clinics due to the fact that they are very expensive and expensive. Also, these devices require special care, i.e. expert care, not a hobbyist, so it is recommended to go to a specialized place to get rid of freckles and not buy the device and do the matter at home.

Instructions before and after laser freckle removal
For preparations before laser freckle removal, the skin must be free of oils and creams as a prerequisite, in addition to not exposing the skin to direct sunlight before the removal procedure for a period of no less than 10 days.

After the sessions, staying away from water will be the most important condition, in addition to avoiding applying any kind of creams or oils that are not recommended by the doctor or beautician.

Side effects

Laser freckle removal may cause some side effects, the most common of which are:

  • Skin rash.
  • Swelling.
  • Extreme redness.
  • Peeling skin.
  • Having an infection (mostly a viral infection).
  • Change in skin color.
  • Lightening the freckles too much or the freckles becoming darker than they were before the laser.
  • If you are prone to infection with herpes, your doctor will prescribe an antiviral treatment for you before the laser session, as the laser may help the emergence of herpes, the doctor may also prescribe some creams for you before or after the session, or ask you to refrain from using some creams and topical products before or after the session .

Pros and Cons

Although there is no long-term damage to the skin when laser freckles are removed, the laser procedure can cause bruising in the area.

The site of the photoemission, which is usually more painful than the procedure itself, however, when bruising occurs, it usually only lasts for 3 to 10 days, depending on the number of areas of the body worked on and the reaction of the skin to the procedure.

Other side effects that may occur include redness and swelling, which are the skin’s normal reactions to the heat emitted by the laser beam.

Laser surgery to remove freckles is permanent, but this does not mean that freckles cannot reappear. In fact, there is a great deal of aftercare to be taken to avoid freckles from appearing again. It is believed that a genetic predisposition is the real cause of freckles, so the patient must understand that exposure to the sun is the most common cause of this predisposition. Frequent exposure to the sun without using sunscreen inevitably leads to the reappearance of freckles, which essentially makes the surgery a waste of time.

Common Questions

Are there other medical treatments alternative to laser?

Yes, there are several medical methods for removing freckles:

Laser freckle removal
Which we talked about at the beginning, as it is the safe form of melasma and freckle treatments, and the risk of this treatment is low. This is done by subjecting the person to a number of sessions in which the area of ​​injury is highlighted. In some cases, this method of treatment may result in side effects such as: redness of the skin, swelling of the place, scaling, and change in skin color.

liquid nitrogen
It is a safe method of removing freckles and takes place in a short time and without anesthesia. And the treatment in it is by freezing liquid nitrogen on the affected part of the skin and destroying the melanin pigment, and it also has side effects: bleeding, ulcers, and the appearance of scars in a few cases.

chemical peeling
Some may resort to this method when removing freckles, and this is done through the use of a solution placed on the place of the spots and exfoliating them. This leads to the appearance of a new skin layer, and if a person uses this treatment, he must avoid sunlight until he recovers completely, and its side effects are: swelling, skin irritation, scaling, and redness.

☆ Are there ways to reduce the appearance of freckles?

The genetic factor for the appearance of freckles cannot be changed, but its appearance can be reduced by following some necessary measures and precautions to protect from the sun’s rays, and this comes because those who suffer from it are more likely than others to develop skin cancer.

Here are the ways to prevent:

Regular use of a daily sunscreen with a protection level of at least 30%.

Wear wide-brimmed hats.

Avoid exposure to the sun at peak times.

Wearing clothing that protects the neck, shoulders, back and chest from injury.

☆ Is there a cream that removes freckles permanently?

There is no doubt that the process of removing freckles is a difficult process for some, although it is not really difficult, but there are many who are afraid to perform it.

Therefore, they resort to using creams and external medicines that can be obtained after consulting any specialized doctor and use them to get rid of freckles permanently, and the most important of these creams are:

Fade Out Cream
It is a famous cream for removing freckles and is almost the most famous of them.

Perfect Oil Peel Lilycomplex Cream
It is one of the creams that many have praised and said that its results are guaranteed to remove stains.

Neostrata Biotic Skin Whitening Cream
Which is famous for its use to remove freckles from the skin permanently.

Despite the fact that these creams are famous and used by many, it is not recommended to use them before consulting a specialist, and it is also important to know that the maximum limit for their use is three months.

☆ Could freckles be a sign of health problems in the body?

Freckles are like a mole on the skin, as these spots are usually harmless, and do not indicate any health problems as long as none of the following is available in them, otherwise you must go to the doctor to examine them and make sure that they are placed in the following cases:

The shape is irregular.
Non-uniform colour, such as one spot containing several colours.
Size, shape, and color are not fixed but change every period.

The cost of laser freckle removal

The price of laser freckle removal varies according to several things, the first of which is the fame of the doctor who will do the matter and the extent of his experience in his field, secondly, the place where the removal process will take place, and finally the economic conditions of the country from the high and low prices, but we will mention the average price.

There is no fixed price as mentioned above for these sessions, they range from $40 to $100.

Also, the price of laser freckle removal depends on the number of sessions that a person needs to get rid of freckles permanently. We note that whatever the condition of the freckles, the sessions do not exceed six, and it is mentioned that they are not less than three.

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