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Facial vein Treatment The face area is considered the most important area in the human body, because the face is the first ambassador through which we get to know the person opposite us, so we must pay close attention to it, and we, in our role as a site concerned with beauty, will discuss today a common skin problem between men and women, which is The problem of facial veins, we can sometimes ignore the problem of varicose veins and the emergence of veins in the area of ​​​​the legs or thighs and can be covered with clothes, but what if these veins are in the area of ​​​​the face (facial veins)???? Many women resort to concealing this problem by resorting to cosmetic creams that hide flaws but do not treat them, while men do not apply cosmetic creams that conceal flaws, but accept the problem as it is. A final solution to this problem, and we will learn through our article about the latest techniques used in treating facial veins… After talking to a group of doctors who specialize in the field of cosmetics and asking them about the problem of facial veins, we will inform you about it in our article and we will answer all the questions you need to know about the problem of veins The face and ways to get rid of it…

What is facial veins problem?

The problem of facial veins can be included among the skin diseases that appear clearly on the skin, and affect both men and women, which is a clear appearance of the veins in the face area and may be green or blue, and appear in the forehead, nose and area around the eyes, more than It appears in other areas of the face.

Facial veins reasons

There is a clear difference between the veins of the face and the veins of the legs, although the two are problems that affect the veins, but the reasons that lead to the appearance of facial veins differ from the reasons that lead to the appearance of varicose veins or leg veins, and the doctors we spoke to told us that the problem of facial veins is a simple problem and can be Get rid of them permanently, but it is necessary to search for the real cause that led to their appearance and treat it, and then treat the veins, the causes of facial veins:

Skin diseases: Some skin diseases may be a cause for the appearance of facial veins, and among these diseases are some cases of eczema that affect the skin and lead to an increase in the size and number of small blood vessels, and the infection of the skin with some infections also causes the appearance of facial veins, and in cases of applying great pressure on the skin. The skin in the facial area also causes the appearance of facial veins.

Aging: With age, the skin loses flexibility and vitality, and the vitality of the veins and blood vessels in the body weakens, so we find that the elderly are more vulnerable to the problem of facial veins among the young age groups.

Environmental pollution and smoking: In areas where air emissions that are harmful to health abound, such as cities teeming with cars, smoke from them, factory smoke, and the lack of trees that help reduce pollution and purify the air, health problems in general and skin in particular, people exposed to these polluting factors are more susceptible to infection than others. The facial area is in direct contact with these factors, so it is more susceptible to facial veins than other areas of the body.
Smoking cannot be limited to its harmful effects on the health of the body in general and on the skin in particular, as it is one of the most important reasons for the emergence of signs of aging because it causes skin and respiratory problems that cause a lack of oxygen in the blood and thus impede the movement of blood and problems in the blood vessels and others, and smokers in many cases They need a longer treatment period than a non-smoker needs.

The reverse flow of blood caused by a venous defect, which leads to the laceration of the blood vessels, which in turn causes the facial veins to appear clearly in the face. Violently, especially the area around the eye.

Stress, anxiety and bad mental state: The psychological tensions that we are experiencing these days are considered the core of the health problems that affect our bodies, as a result of the high pressure caused by stress, anxiety and nervous conditions, which results in great pressure on the veins and blood vessels that lead to their rupture and damage and the appearance of facial veins clearly. .

Genetic factor: The problem of facial veins is one of the diseases in which the genetic factor is considered to be influential.

Genes or (hormonal disorder): Women are most vulnerable to the appearance of facial veins, due to the large number of natural and pathological hormonal changes that occur to them during different age stages, as women go through many of these changes compared to men.

Facial vein Treatment Candidates

Anyone who suffers from the problem of the appearance of facial veins can resort to a plastic surgeon to treat it, where the doctor examines the veins and asks questions to the patient in order to be able to determine the main cause of the problem and then decide on the treatment, and the patient must be in good health and does not have any diseases related to pressure The blood, the heart and the arteries, and a pregnant or breastfeeding woman cannot treat facial veins during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of the fluctuations in her pressure and the hormonal changes she goes through during these periods, because, as we mentioned earlier, hormonal changes cause facial veins.

The difference between facial veins and the spider web.

Spider veins or the spider web in the face is the appearance of tiny blood capillaries and its color is either red or pink in several places of the face such as the cheeks, chin and nose. Each type is separate, as mentioned above.

Facial vein Treatment options

01- Laser treatment of facial veins:

Laser technology has proven its excellent effectiveness in treating facial veins, and it is considered the best among other treatment methods. Some cases require more than one session, depending on the causative factors and the patient’s health condition. There is no need for a hospital, and sessions can be conducted in a cosmetic clinic. The patient does not need a recovery period and can continue the work hours or a whole day after the session.

02- Radiofrequency treatment of facial veins:

The doctor performs local anesthesia for the area, and then inserts a fine tube under the skin, and then radio waves are directed, which give heat energy to the blood vessels, and this energy works to damage these veins, and then they disappear.

This technique does not result in any side effects, and the patient needs a recovery period of 2-3 days only, after which he returns to work normally.

03- Injection:

A special substance is injected into these veins. This substance causes hardening of the capillary blood vessels and veins, and the blood clots in them, and their size becomes smaller and then disappears and disappears without leaving any trace in the skin. The injection technique is characterized by its effective success in treating varicose veins in the legs, but it is not recommended in Treating facial veins to avoid complications that may result in the facial area.

FAQ – Facial vein Treatment

Is treatment of facial veins painful?
There is no pain in cases of injections, lasers and anesthesia, but in radio waves, local anesthesia is performed.

Who is the qualified person to treat facial veins?
Only a well-experienced plastic surgeon is qualified to perform this treatment.

How many sessions do I need to get rid of facial veins?
The number of sessions varies according to the case for each person, between one and three sessions

Does treatment of facial veins require hospitalization?
It is necessary to stay, and this treatment can be carried out in the clinic, and it is possible to resume work after the treatment after one or two days and normally.

Facial vein Treatment Cost

As we mentioned earlier, we have three ways for Facial vein Treatment , laser, radio waves and injections, so the cost of facial veins varies according to the type of technique used and the number of sessions, in addition to the cosmetic center and the doctor’s experience and fame in this field:

The cost of treating facial veins with laser The price of one session ranges between 100-150 dollars.

Treatment of facial veins with radio waves in general: the cost does not differ from the laser, and it starts at $ 100 in countries, and increases from that in other countries to $ 800.

Injections in the treatment of facial veins: the prices of one session range between 50-100 dollars, and the patient may need a maximum of one or three sessions determined by the doctor according to the patient’s need.

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