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Septoplasty Treatment of nose deflection there are many causes of deflection of the nose and the problems that result from deflection and methods of treatment, the following Turk Aesthetic will mention what matters to the reader on this topic in the following lines.

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Nose deflection reasons

  • The septum is a delicate bone separator that separates the nose from the bottom up and from the outside to the inside.
  • The separator is topped with cartilage that begins from the beginning of the nasal protrusion to the back of the skull, and these cartilages are covered with mucous membranes.
  • The function of the septum is to stabilize the nose and give it a prominent and straight shape.
  • If straightness tends something simple, the effect on breathing and smelling functions.
  • But if the deflection is very severe, the problem of deflection of the nose appeared and the effect was functional and aesthetic, and this necessitated a process to correct and correct the deflection.
  • It should be noted that the deflection is usually either by bone, cartilage, or both.
  • Sometimes a child is born with a congenitally deflected nose, while others deflect during birth due to the elasticity of the cartilage and the bone.
  • Also, the nose may deflect due to wrong habits during childhood and growth, such as sleeping on the face continuously, despite the elasticity of the cartilage.
  • Accidents are an important cause of nasal deflection, both in childhood and in the elderly.

Problems caused by nose deflection

  1. Breathing is one of the biggest problems facing deviant nose owners. When the cartilage tends to block the air passing through it, the focus remains on the opposite end, which leads to dryness and poor functioning.
  2. As a result, the affected person breathes from the mouth, which is a wrong behavior because the nose does the job of filtering air from viruses and microbes.
  3. The nose also heats the air entering the human cavity, and this is not what the mouth does functionally. Therefore, inhalation from the mouth affects the entry of cold air into the lungs through the throat to negatively affect the respiratory system in the long run.
  4. These suffer from sore throat and dry mouth, especially during sleep and during the winter, as well as snoring and may be candidates for the risk of suffocation during sleep.
  5. As for the problems that may occur over time are tumors of the nose and glands, inflammation of the mucous membranes, sinuses and headaches.
  6. Finally, we mention the aesthetic problem that requires the cosmetic process, especially in the event of the severity of the degree of deflection.

Septoplasty Options

01- Filler

  • A non-surgical procedure that is desirable by many to not want to be exposed to the risks of anesthesia.
  • Filler is a complex of collagen and acids, in addition to fatty substances that give it a firmer, more permanent texture.
  • The filler does not carry any risks, and the process takes only about ten minutes, during which the doctor injects that substance into the empty end of the nose that causes the deflection to appear, thus the ends become equal in size.
  • There is no need for recovery, no anesthesia, or even to stay in the hospital. As for the cost, it is one of the most cost-effective ways.

02- Lasers

  • Despite the attraction of the title, it is difficult to rely on the laser alone to treat the deflection, but the laser does an auxiliary and supportive work of the surgery so that the doctor creates cracks with laser beams instead of using the medical scalpel, thus reducing the rate of bleeding to a high degree.
  • In addition, the laser stimulates collagen production and helps heal wounds, resulting in a speedy recovery.
  • Finally, the laser helps treat sinuses and reduce the rate of inflammation and swelling in the fatty tissue.

03- Surgery

  • Surgery relies on cracking the inside of the nose, cutting parts, and reconnecting them.
  • Medical errors such as perforation of the septum may occur, which requires new surgical procedure in addition to the risk of bleeding.
  • The anesthesia is complete and the process takes about two hours. The cost is the most valuable treatment solution.

If you have any query about Septoplasty You can contact Turk Aesthetic atment for deflection of the nose via the link.