The Harelip

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The Harelip


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The harelip is a deformity that affects the fetus from the beginning of pregnancy, so that there is not enough tissue in the area of the mouth or lips, or this tissue does not heal properly.

We will talk about Harelip details in these lines.

Harelip meaning

  • It is a separation that occurs between the two sides of the upper lip or a vacuum formed within the skin tissue that often extends beyond the base of the nose to the bones of the upper jaw.
  • This may occur in the ceiling of the mouth and does not affect the lips at all.
  • This is the fourth most common birth defect among infants.
  • The rate of deformation of the lips is doubled with the birth of the female gender.
  • The deformation of the roof of the throat is more common with the male gender.
  • As for the most prevalent countries of this deformation, Asia and South America are more common for having 9 percent of births.


  • The harelip is an idiopathic congenital anomaly that is often unpredictable.
  • As a result of the interaction of environmental factors with genetic factors, researchers believe.
  • The possibility of obtaining it increases with the presence of hereditary members of the same family.
  • It can occur if a pregnant woman takes certain medications such as antiepileptic and convulsions, anti-acne medications, anti-immune diseases and arthritis, anti-psoriasis, and anticancer drugs.
  • As a result of exposure to viruses or chemicals during pregnancy.
  • As for the diagnosis of the disease, it is very simple and a clear deformity is detected by the sonar systems during the fetus’s pregnancy.

Problems caused by harelip

  • Difficulty eating food so that liquids pass through the sunroof to the nose and cause many complications. This problem can be overcome by using feeding bottles designed specifically for this condition.
  • Using artificial nipples that the mother places during breastfeeding.
  • Ear problems and hearing loss as a result of fluid accumulation in the middle ear leading to time for deafness.
  • The problem can be overcome by installing a fluid drainage tube and avoiding its accumulation, with children’s hearing tests checked every six months.
  • Speech problems that may disappear with the plastic surgery procedure.
  • Dental problems as a result of losing one part of the throat that leads to deformation in the shape of the teeth, the problem can be overcome by wearing a dental orthodontic.

Harelip plastic surgery

  • In fact, one process is not enough, but rather a series of operations that extend over several years, and the recovery period that follows is very important to obtain the desired results.
  • The chain of operations begins from the third month of the child’s life and continues until the age of eighteen or more, according to the condition of the incision.
  • It may be necessary to wait for the sixth month for the growth of the jawbones to complete in order not to hinder the success of the operation.
  • The child also requires some grafts to complete the gum line and support and fix the upper jaw.
  • So, it is a series of operations and recommendations that should be followed carefully to avoid exposure to complications of operation failure or bleeding or stroke.

Operations types

  1. Embellishment of the harelip.
  2. Embellishment of the harelip and the cracks of the soft throat roof.
  3. Harelip and hard throat roof cracks.
  4. Beautify the roof of the throat, upper jawbones and gums.

Harelip Surgery cost

  • The cost varies according to the type of operation, health insurance could cover the cost in most countries.
  • It ranges from 5 to 10 thousand dollars.
  • As for the deformation associated with a crack in the throat, the cost may reach $ 20,000.

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