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Texas Injections

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Texas Injections


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Texas injections are the first in the public demand globally and because of this medicine is working hard to find solutions to hide facial defects as much as possible to take up space in this regard.

This technique is simply aimed at exposing the lower jaw and highlighting the chin for more coordination in the face when there are problems with the atrophy of the shell and the pointed chin.

In this article, Turk Aesthetic Center discusses Texas cosmetic technology as one of the world’s newest cosmetic technology trends.

As a beginning, here below some quick information about Texas Injections process:

AnesthesiaLocal / No need
Process duration30 minutes
Process aimJaw Aesthetic
Continuity of results18 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost300 USD per 1CC (need around 3-5 injections) depending on each case

Texas Injections (Double Chin Video)

Texas Injections benefits

The name of this technology is attributed to the American people in Texas because their features are characterized by a beautiful wide chin consistent with the shape of the face and its side lines.

The technology simply causes an over-the-jaw display to hide the pointed chin defect.

Session Steps

  • Determine the injection sites that vary according to the shape of the face.
  • Local anesthesia is by cream and waits for it to take effect for about 20 minutes.
  • Injections are a last step, but if a person wishes to have Nefertiti injections, you should start with Botox or Nefertiti, first to tighten the sagging and then Texas to fill the tight skin and make the required shape.

Texas VS Nefertiti

  • Some believe that both techniques share in substance and differ in name only because of the multiplicity of commonalities between the two techniques.
  • But actually, the effect of each technique is different.
  • In Nefertiti technology, the doctor aims to tighten the jaw and neck to hide the wrinkles and sagging skin caused by the effects of aging and aging through Botox injections.
  • The Texas technology aims to fill the lean areas of the lower jaw and chin to expose the jaw and make it larger by injecting the filler.
  • As a result, the doctor can apply both different techniques to one person if necessary, i.e. if he wishes to hide the wrinkles and sagging of the skin at the neck and show an extra width of the lower jaw when needed.


While the older age group uses Nefertiti technology, it is different in Texas, where all ages from adolescence are used to the elderly without any barriers.


The technique does not depend on surgery but only injections, so there is no need to stay in the hospital or health center after the operation and can be performed in a cosmetic clinic.

Texas Injections Features

  1. Its results are effective and fast.
  2. There is no risk of being a non-surgical operation.
  3. It does not conflict with other processes, but is complementary to other processes.
  4. There are no significant abnormalities after the operation.
  5. Their results are not as permanent as other cosmetic procedures, but their results last for a relatively longer period.

Side effects

  • The possibility of exposure to allergies or inflammation according to the person’s body.
  • The color of the injection site has been changed to blue.
  • Bruises or swelling temporarily.

The poor selection of the doctor or lack of experience may result in the death of the skin cells as rare cases, so be careful and careful in choosing the doctor and the medical center according to the following criteria:

  • Avoid unknown or low-level clinics.
  • Selecting the best type and not resorting to cheap fillings may be evident when the cost of the operation varies from one center to another and is noticeable and illogical.
  • Resort to a licensed doctor with long experience and sales in the field of beauty.

Texas injections cost in Turkey

  • The cost of the operation varies like other cosmetic procedures according to the following criteria:
  • The name of the medical center and the level of quality of service and reputation in it.
  • Doctor experience play an important role in the cost change.
  • The necessary sessions or the number of doses required.
  • Type and quality of the fillers.
  • Based on the criteria mentioned, the average cost is 300 to 500 U.S. dollars in Turkey.
  • The cost in the UAE rises to $1,500 and in some European countries it drops to $700 in the UK.

Finally, to request a cost from Turk Aesthetic, please contact our staff via the link.