Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening


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Teeth whitening in less than 45 minutes. It  is the most desired procedure of all cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Everybody; men and women are seeking to have a bright smile with bright white teeth, but it is not easy getting back the natural color of the teeth after it changed color and became yellow.

Traditional methods and brushing teeth using toothbrush and toothpaste preserve and protect your teeth, but it cannot remove yellow stains of the teeth surface.

Teeth Whitening – Process Quick Info.

AnesthesiaNo Need
Process Duration1 Hours
Return to daily activityImmediate
Things to considerAvoid drinks such as tea, cola, and anything that contains dyes
Process effectiveness & durabilitymore than 2 Years considering teeth care
Turk Aesthetic Cost100 USD
Process Quick Info.

Teeth Whitening video

Teeth Bleaching Methods

You may feel that your teeth have changed color a lot and are hopeless to be white again.

There are many methods and yellow teeth whitening ways, which can be applied at home but the results are weak and abnormal or do not last more than one day, it includes:

  • Using salt and plaque removal.
  • With carbon.
  • Teeth whitening with Turmeric powder.

While cosmetic dentistry methods at the dentist clinic make amazing results thanks to the yellow colored teeth new whitening techniques.

As for the black spotted and heavily colored teeth cases dentists use a simple filing and polishing, or laser bleaching to deal with such cases and improve your smile look and appearance.

Teeth Whitening Before and After

teeth whitening
teeth whitening

Why Teeth Color Changes?

There are several factors and routinely habits that affect teeth whiteness and its discoloration or yellowing, the most important ones are:

  • Aging.
  • Smoking cigarettes or hookah.
  • the various coloring materials found in the things we drink constantly (tea, coffee, and cola).
  • In case of a trauma to the teeth or having a part of a tooth broken.
  • Old Veneers or colored fillings.
  • Antibiotics such as tetracycline, which is used during pregnancy or using too much fluoride.

FAQ – Teeth Bleaching

Who can have teeth whitening done?

Most people can have their teeth whitened.
There are certain conditions confirmed by the doctor before starting the procedure to make sure that teeth bleaching will work or not whereas the dentist examines the entire mouth; teeth and gums.

Is it safe process?

Yes, of course, researches show that teeth whitening is under the supervision of your dentist, it is very safe and effective. It does not affect the teeth or gums health in any way.

Is the desired result can be achieved?

Often the desired result is extremely achieved, but sometimes there are some cases that may require Veneer or Lumineer lenses (Hollywood smile).

Teeth Bleaching Aftercare instructions

After Teeth Whitening procedure for two weeks period, it is important to avoid having drinks that contain colored materials because the bleaching and whitening procedure continues during this period.

Besides, there are some things you should consider:

  • The used materials quality and the contents of the bleaching materials.
  • Doctor’s professionalism and his experience.
  • The procedure time and the usage.
  • Reduce coloring materials (coffee, tea, and smoking).