Vaser LIPO 4D in Turkey

Vaser LIPO 4D in Turkey
Vaser LIPO 4D in Turkey

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Vaser LIPO 4D in Turkey


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Vaser LIPO 4D in Turkey is one of the modern techniques used to correct the shape of the body after liposuction and the emergence of sagging and defects in it

All the necessary details will be mentioned in the following lines.

Vaser LIPO 4D in Turkey – Video

Vaser lipo 4d sculpt

One of the brand names in cosmetic medicine that shares the content and purpose of body sculpting and correction processes

This is the way in which fat and skin contractions are eliminated after weight loss throughout the body or in specific areas where fat usually accumulates like buttocks and thighs.

The Vaser LIPO 4D   beautifies the shape of the muscles and the tissue that forms it to make the body look more beautiful and graceful.

Can everyone do the Vaser?

Yes, the Vaser LIPO 4D  procedure is a security measure and can be performed for all groups except those suffering from a chronic disease such as heart disease or cancer.

In any case, you should inform the doctor about the state of health before making any decision to apply the Vaser LIPO 4D

Process steps

  • After informing the doctor of all the health details such as complaining about any disease or taking any particular medication
  • The treatment plan is determined by specifying where the liposuction will be performed.
  • Then the whole body is drugged.
  • The duration of the procedure varies according to the amount of fat accumulated and where the liposuction will be carried out.
  • The duration varies accordingly from two to five hours
  • Surgery interferes with the procedure through a fine incision of not more than 1 centimeter as shown in the video
  • Liposuction is then used as a Vaser LIPO 4D  to dissolve grease
  • After the operation is completed and finished, the patient must stay in the hospital one night and reduce movement within the first period as much as possible.
  • The patient is informed of all important instructions to be followed during the recovery period in addition to some medications and anti-inflammatory
  • The recovery period is only two weeks and the results begin to appear during the third week after the operation.

Vaser LIPO 4D in Turkey – Turk Aesthetic

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