Vaginoplasty in Turkey

Vaginoplasty in Turkey all the details of this topic we will talk about in the following lines

What is vaginal plastic surgery?

  • One of the most important cosmetic procedures for the reproductive system, which aims to improve the external appearance as a result of relaxation over time, age and repeated births
  • The procedure aim is not only cosmetic, but also to improve function like: to increase sexual pleasure.
  • Beauty can be performed at any age, whether young or old age without any problems

Vaginoplasty in Turkey – Video

Vaginoplasty steps

  • The cosmetic sedation can be performed with full or partial anesthesia depending on each case on a case
  • Part of the blades will be cut in case of drooping or annexation in case of expansion
  • The operation is performed in an estimated time of 90 minutes on average, less or more, depending on each case.
  • The operation is simple and can be accomplished among other operations such as suction and buttock lift or can be done individually
  • If the patient builds up grease between the thighs for suction as part of the vaginal restoration and beautification process, it also affects the shape of the vagina.
  • No complications or any significant risks, which are common security.
  • The recovery period is a week.
  • Sexual intercourse after 4 weeks.
  • After the successful completion of the operation, the vaginal blades appear smaller to increase the patient’s self-confidence more
  • Functionally the problem of incontinence can be eliminated either during sneezing or in case of need to urinate after the bladder is full
  • In addition to delayed sexual tremors and increased pleasure time

The cost Vaginoplasty in Turkey

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