Vaginal Stenosis Surgery in Turkey

Vaginal stenosis surgery in Turkey The process of narrowing the vagina is one of the most important operations that a woman needs to renew her sexual life and get rid of the expansion of the vagina, especially after childbirth.

Where the female undergoes a significant anatomical change from the male due to hormonal influences, pregnancy and childbirth

and natural aging processes.

Usually, anatomical changes that occur in a woman’s body are more effectively corrected by plastic surgery for sensitive areas.

Where the size of a woman’s vagina can be changed by narrowing the vagina or the so-called process of narrowing the vagina.

The narrowing of the vagina is often done as a reconstructive procedure to rebuild the pelvic floor in women who suffer from excessive stretching

For vaginal tissues and muscles.

Where the process of narrowing the vagina should be to strengthen the muscles in that area and reduce vaginal laxity.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk more about the process of narrowing the vagina in order to introduce it and its benefits.

Vaginal stenosis surgery in Turkey – video

Vaginal stenosis surgery in Turkey

It is a simple operation to tighten the vaginal area, which needs one day to be performed in the hospital. And the vaginal tightening operation is performed by obstetricians who have extensive experience in this field and are specialists in this plastic surgery, and they are familiar with the anatomy of the vaginal area. And the techniques used in stitching and hiding wounds, because the vaginal area is a very sensitive area, and problems occur when performing the process of narrowing the vagina and completing it by a surgeon who does not have sufficient experience and ability to tighten the vagina perfectly when doing this procedure by a doctor who does not Performing such surgeries frequently.

Vaginal stenosis surgery advantages

Most women after childbirth complain and suffer from sagging vaginal muscles as a result of tissue stretching and muscle separation, and this in turn causes a decrease in vaginal sexual function.

This is the main goal of this operation in order to return the vagina to its natural shape and sexual function in an optimal way.

The narrowing of the vagina combines separate muscles and removes excess mucous skin from the back of the vagina.

The outer skin is also removed for the beauty of the appearance.

We can also perform vaginoplasty under local anaesthesia, as many women choose to do it under general anaesthesia.

With regard to the importance of this operation, it is one of the very important operations in the lives of women, especially after the stage of childbirth. This process has witnessed a boom in recent years.

It is a type of operation for women who have conditions such as: age, childbirth, maternity, figure, etc.

Where the operation is performed by an experienced and capable plastic surgeon or an obstetrician and a specialist who has experience in performing such operations, and the goal is to be able to reduce the expansion of the vagina by tightening the muscles, thus narrowing the vagina to achieve more sexual pleasure between women and men.

Vaginoplasty or narrowing of the vagina is performed, which aims to improve muscle tone and strength and control sagging of the vaginal muscles.

Basically, narrowing the vagina helps to achieve more friction during sex, and this leads to increased pleasure on both sides.

Where the plastic surgeon locates the excess skin and removes it from inside the vagina, and under the skin, the tissues and the vaginal canal are narrowed, and then the skin is sutured cosmetically.

This in turn helps in enhancing sexual satisfaction. As for the risks of narrowing the vagina, there are no risks, as the woman can fully recover from the wound within a week.

In general, vaginal narrowing is a reconstructive procedure performed by gynecologists due to their good experience and competence in the anatomy of the vaginal area.

Therefore, the doctor must have the necessary experience to ensure the success of the operation and the application of standards of care that should be followed with caution.

Candidates for vaginal tightening surgery

Many women are concerned about their intimate sensitive areas, many of whom find that their vaginal muscles have lost their potency as part of the natural aging process or as a result of natural and frequent deliveries.

This problem is accompanied by the emergence of some symptoms due to muscle weakness, such as feelings of discomfort, loss of sensitivity, and a decrease in sexual satisfaction in both men and women.

There are several reasons for the occurrence of vaginal stretching, including the following:

  1. Natural aging.
  2. Women’s desire to beautify the vagina, because of the changes that occur to it after repeated natural births, as the vagina does not return to its previous state, but rather bad changes occur.
  3. Pregnancy after birth, and this causes a stretching, because the muscles often stretch to allow the fetus to come out.
  4. In some cases of childbirth, it can make the muscles very relaxed so they do not return to their original state.
  5. Women who are not satisfied with the shape of their genitals.
  6. The expansion of the vagina, and this leads to the woman or her partner not enjoying the sexual relationship.
  7. Seeking to relieve pain or discomfort during the marital relationship.
  8. Urinary incontinence and inability to control urine.
  9. Desire to beautify and narrow the vagina due to abnormalities in the vagina or genital area.

Although there are many women who are ashamed to talk about any problems they have in the vaginal areas, they can be sure that the vaginal tightening process is an easy and effective solution to the problem of vaginal stretching.

Vaginal stenosis surgery steps

Most of the mothers who have many deliveries suffer from the appearance of abnormalities in the vagina, especially after repeated births, so they resort to doctors in order to solve this problem, and some of them coexist with the situation and accept its shape with the presence of abnormalities in the vagina.

So how is the narrowing of the vagina after childbirth? The doctor performs vaginal plastic surgery by relying on removing the scar tissue that is due to the incision (episiotomy) he makes during natural childbirth.

The scar tissue is caused by poor healing, and this leads to pain during intercourse and in turn leads to abstinence from intercourse. So it was necessary to narrow the vagina after birth in order not to reach the problem of sagging and scarring in the vagina.

Scar tissue is the main factor and cause of the occurrence and formation of deformities in the vagina, and this leads to causing problems such as the woman feeling embarrassed by her husband, and the occurrence of low self-esteem, and this in turn will cause the avoidance of intercourse. Elimination of postpartum deformities, which is necessary in supporting the mothers’ psyche and enhancing women’s confidence in themselves and their bodies.

Therefore, the vagina is narrowed in many ways. In addition to plastic surgery, which is based on the removal of scar tissue, the doctor can perform a vaginal tightening operation in the same session, as performing two surgeries together helps in obtaining excellent results from an aesthetic and psychological point of view.

The procedures for using vaginal tightening objects contribute to increasing the self-confidence and the quality of sexual life that awaits the woman after the vaginal tightening operation.

The things that help in narrowing the vagina are varied and numerous, including surgical and non-surgical, in addition to narrowing the vaginal entrance with laser, which helps in tightening the vagina, especially if it is done with the reduction of the inner labia, in addition to obtaining the natural shape that increases sexual pleasure and psychological comfort.

Vaginoplasty Techniques

1- Laser cosmetology

It is one of the cosmetic techniques that uses local anesthesia, as this technique does not take more than 15 minutes, as it relies on the use of a laser device in the process of vaginal beautification that some women resort to to treat changes that appear in the shape of the vagina as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, so X-rays are used Thermal laser in the process of vaginal narrowing by heating and heating the internal vaginal tissues, which in turn stimulates the collagen and elastin in it, and this works to tighten it and return it to its natural shape.

Where studies have proven that the use of laser in beautifying and narrowing the vagina leads to positive results in the treatment of urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness.

Benefits that result from the use of laser in vaginal beautification, the most important of which are:

  1. Work to increase the stimulation of the vagina in the production of collagen and elastin.
  2. Work to increase the blood flow to the vagina.
  3. It increases the natural hydration of the vagina and treats dryness.
  4. Treatment of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

2- Surgical plastic surgery

It occurs through surgical intervention, and the sagging of the vagina and the loose parts of it are cut and shortened, and then some medical stitches are sewed on them that will dissolve on their own.

Vaginoplasty Laser vs Surgery

Laser vaginal tightening is not cheap as treatment costs can exceed US$1,000 per cycle.

And that the cost of surgically narrowing the vagina may be less or more, as it can be done in one session with

Advanced tools and medical means available and available.

It is now common practice to narrow the vagina surgically without any harm, as it is done under general anesthesia and without feeling any pain at all.

The laser treatment aims to narrow the walls of the vagina, whose mission is to enhance sexual pleasure, restore tissue tightness, and work to increase

Blood flow, increased lubrication, and strengthening of the supporting ligaments surrounding the bladder and urine to prevent symptoms of stress and incontinence.

Of course, this process is not painful and will only make the woman feel a little pressure, and this procedure ends in less than 10 minutes.

Usually, the treatment takes place in three sessions, with a period of four to six weeks between each session.

Sagging labia treatment

The treatment of sagging of the outer labia is done by performing the process of reducing the outer and inner labia, where sagging and drooping skin is cut and returned to its place and its natural shape. Cosmetic women.

After performing the process of vaginal narrowing, the treatment of sagging external labia will be performed under local anesthesia, where the stitches begin to dissolve and disappear automatically. As for the recovery period, its duration is within 40 days, and it is recommended not to have intercourse for a period of 40 days.

Vaginal tightening medication

Many women ask about medication for vaginal narrowing or alternatives to medication, and this is because of their interest in this sensitive area of ​​the body.

Of course, there is no medicine to narrow the vagina in pharmacies, and this type of treatment requires surgical intervention or through techniques and using advanced devices and techniques in order to make improvements in the vaginal area.

Therefore, women are giving more privacy to the appearance of sensitive areas and the vagina, as well as taking care of the face and the rest of the body, and if there is some damage or problems, women should not hesitate to go for medical help and correct the situation in the best and best possible way.

Benefits of vaginal stenosis surgery in Turkey

Among the important benefits of this procedure are:

  1. It helps in increasing general comfort and sexual satisfaction.
  2. It narrows the vaginal muscles, where women feel sensitivity and friction during intercourse, and this helps in improving the sexual experience between men and women.
  3. In general, women will feel more comfortable, especially emotional comfort.
  4. Many women feel great comfort, especially after the operation, where the woman will feel a little embarrassment in the vaginal area and feel great comfort during intimacy.
  5. Whereas, through early consultation with the gynecologist, women will be advised to refrain from smoking before the operation and during the recovery and recovery period that comes after it.
  6. The surgeon’s suggestion to stop taking some medications that may slow down the healing process.

Vaginoplasty risks

Of course, the risks that may result from vaginal plastic surgery are:

  1. Serious complications occur during the next delivery, especially after stenosis operations, such as bleeding or rupture of the vagina. Therefore, doctors recommend a cesarean delivery after performing vaginal plastic surgery or doing it when you do not want to have children again.
  2. Often fear of nerve damage, which may affect the sense of the region and in turn affect orgasm and sexual desire.
  3. The occurrence of infection in the wound.
  4. Pain and swelling in the vagina and the area around it.
  5. The occurrence of bleeding.
  6. An allergic reaction to the drug (in the case of general anesthesia).
  7. The occurrence of blood clots in the legs.

Post-operative instructions

  1. When a severe contracture occurs due to this surgical procedure, it will be necessary to seek to evaluate and correct the situation in a timely manner in order to give an appropriate result for the depth of the newly modified vaginal area.
  2. Of course, this process is necessary in order to enable the woman to have sexual intercourse and perform the menstruation function.
  3. Often we may see nerve damage during the perineal and pelvic tissue dissection, and this may lead to some feeling of pain.
  4. In some cases, the woman may only suffer from a little feeling of swelling, pain and bruising after the operation, but
  5. These symptoms gradually begin to decrease during the week or two that come after the operation.
  6. The ability to walk comfortably the day after surgery and the ability to resume sexual activity within 4-6 weeks.
  7. It is important to take the doctor’s advice before returning to normal daily activities.

The success rate of vaginal stenosis surgery in Turkey

The plastic surgery and application of the vagina has met with great success, especially after the development of medical means, equipment and modern techniques that have contributed to reducing complications and risks

associated with this operation, as many women are seeking to do this operation.

The rate and success rate has become very high, without any complications and risks, with the return to the usual activities after the operation, and many women have felt after the procedure of narrowing the vagina of sex with better pleasure and without feeling any pain.

Vaginal stenosis surgery cost in Turkey

As for the prices of vaginal narrowing operations, they are about the details of the procedures that each case needs, and the cost of operations and how to narrow the vagina varies according to the types of procedures used and the type of needs for the vaginal area.

The cost of the operation is approximately $2000.

If you need any information about Vaginal stenosis surgery in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for information.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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