Tummy Tuck In Turkey

Tummy tuck in Turkey is a surgical procedure aimed at removing sagging and excess skin from the tummy  and removing irritating fats. Who among us does not dream that his stomach is flat without impurities and imperfections? As the world developed today, there is a solution to for tummy’s problems.

here below some quick information about Tummy Tuck process:

Procedure duration2-4 Hours
staying at hospitalone night after process
Procedure aimAbdominal refinement
Continuity of resultsLifetime considering healthy life style
Convalescence1 week
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Tummy Tuck Video

Procedure candidate

Tummy Tuck

As with every medical procedure, there are suitable or inappropriate candidates for each operation. The tummy tuck in Turkey determines who they are likely to perform and they are:

  • Those with good and stable weight.
  • In a good health and does not suffer from any chronic diseases such as heart disease, stress and diabetes.
  • Who gets upset and embarrassed from his tummy sagging.

Tummy Tuck process steps

  1. 30 days before the procedure

    The person must completely stop smoking, hookah, alcohol and blood thinners.

  2. A week before tummy tuck

    Carrying out some necessary medical tests before the tummy tuck to ensure the health of the person who will perform the tummy tuck if appropriate or not.

  3. Day of tummy tuck

    The person must come a short time before the procedure and not delay until the date given to him by the hospital in order to ensure that there is no delay on the person and to ensure that the medical staff is not disrupted from their work.

  4. During a tummy tuck

    After entering the operating room, the anesthesiologist attends and the patient is given general anesthesia, to ensure the patient’s comfort.
    The plastic surgeon attends and begins the procedure:
    A horizontal incision is made from the pubic area to the navel, of course the shape and length of the incision changes according to the condition of each person.
    Excess and flabby skin and are removed, and then the doctor remodels the muscles to get a flat belly with a successful and guaranteed complaint.
    The doctor pulls the skin from the top to the bottom and tightens it, after which the excess skin is removed and the skin is cut off with cosmetic electrodes or by using a cosmetic medical pad for these procedures.

  5. After a few days

    The person must keep cleaning the wound in the tummy . The doctor also gives a special corset after the operation for the person to wear it continuously until the expiry of the time set by the doctor, because the corset presses on the bruises and reduces the tumor, as it ensures a faster recovery.

The doctor also gives the person some advices after the tummy tuck to make sure there are no side effects, including:

  • Prescribe medications such as analgesics and anti-inflammatory.
  • How can a person keep the wound clean so that infections do not occur.

Tummy Tuck results

In the first week of a tummy tuck, you will not be able to see the result of a tummy tuck due to bruising and swelling, and you will not be able to stand.

After the first week, and the person will be able to stand up and carry out his usual activities, he will see the results of the tummy tuck clearly, and he will be able to distinguish the difference between before and after.

The person will see a tummy tucked and weighed down.

Tummy tuck Guide

Whoever thinks about having a tummy tuck in Turkey should make sure of several important things to ensure that he gets the desired result without any complications:

  • Ensure that the doctor has more than 15 years of experience.
  • The reputation of the medical center and their credibility.
  • Searching for the name of the hospital where the tummy tuck will be performed and see the evaluation of the hospital in Turkey.

Cost of tummy tuck in Turkey

We cannot determine a specific cost for a tummy tuck in Turkey, because the conditions of people are different from each other, and it can also differ due to several things:

  • The quality of services provided by the center.
  • The doctor’s name and skill in his field.
  • Hospital evaluation in Turkey.
  • You can get the cost by contacting our team at Turk Aesthetic.

Note: The consultation with the doctor is free of charge, and you can also get the last price by phone by sending pictures of the tummy  to our team via our phone number or via email.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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