The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery

The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery
The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery

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The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery


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The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery for example doctor, center, aesthetic hospital in Turkey and selection standards. Before deciding to undergo a procedure, the patient searches for available options, starting from the best hospital or medical center to the doctor who will operate.

However, with multiple options, the patient may feel confused and may abandon the idea of undergoing the procedure completely, if it is a cosmetic procedure (something that can be postponed).

Turk Aesthetic center in Turkey – Istanbul mentions the standards that must be considered before choosing a doctor or a hospital to help the patient make the proper decision.

The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery

Here below the standards for choosing the best cosmetic doctor in Turkey:

Unfortunately, there are no Arabic websites that are useful in evaluating successful doctors. Therefore, before deciding whether to perform a cosmetic or hair transplant procedure, the patient remains confused in choosing a successful and reliable doctor to avoid negative results after the operation, and also to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The doctors have explained some of the successful doctor standards based on their high qualifications and good experience, in addition to some opinions of patients who had previous experiences in both hair transplantation and cosmetic surgeries and these standards are:

  • The doctor’s years of experience: for example, the learning course in hair transplantation field, is longer compared to other specialties of cosmetology, the doctor must have 15 years’ experience to earn the title of expert.
  • The doctor’s commitment and dedication.
  • Keeping up on the latest medical scientific research by attending lectures and educational conferences.
  • Specialization: The patient should keep away from a doctor who performs several cosmetic surgeries in several fields while he should select a specialist doctor in one field.
  • A doctor’s previous operations results, for example, (before and after) operation pictures, or short patient’s reviews videos. For example, in hair transplantation field, the patient should observe hairlines in patients with previous operations and check the images of the donor area behind the head (if it has been emptied from the follicles excessively).
  • The doctor’s follow-up to those details is a reflection of his good organized work, otherwise, the patients will have a negative idea about ​​the doctor The negligence of details is an indicator of the short medical history, and lack of previous experience or work accuracy.


  • References: It is good to have celebrity patients who have already dealt with the same doctor.
  • like other medical fields, hair transplantation is a combination of science and practice, the cosmetic doctor who is specialized in hair transplant must have the knowledge, art, patience, and accuracy, they are all very important features because hair transplantation procedure takes a lot of time and it may exceed 8 hours in some cases.
  • The doctor’s membership in the International institution of Surgery and the number of conferences attended in addition to his medical publications.
  • The doctor’s name on the Internet and videos of his operations on youtube, in addition to his website, which reflects a part of his good reputation.
  • Check whether the doctor is performing the operation himself or whether he delegates a trained doctor.
  • Prices: The doctor does not lower his prices, or raise them arbitrarily without any reason.
  • The number of operations and patients per month: The patient should ask the doctor to answer the number of operations performed per month and the number of his patients and follow up visits “the number must be relatively high.”
  • The doctor’s efficiency, which appears in his work, in the field of hair transplantation the procedure goes through three stages: the first step is the follicular extraction, the second step is to open the pores and the third step is the transplantation, inefficiency in extraction means extracting a large number of follicular from the donor area to fill the recipient area, and if the doctor was inefficient in opening the channels It means that the depth, angle, and direction of the transplantation are not correctly decided what causes in the bad unwanted result. So the efficiency factor is very important.
  • The patient should feel comfortable before, during, and after the operation.

Standards to Choose Best Clinic

By selecting the best doctor for the operation based on the standards mentioned earlier, we have completed 75% of the task of research, the rest is the simplest part, which is to find the appropriate hospital or medical center, by choosing the doctor we have automatically chosen the medical center that the doctor works in, but we will mention some standards for finding the right medical center that a patient can start looking for if he first want to start with the medical center.

Also, the operation success depends on the good medical center or hospital that must be selected according to the following standards:

  • The hospital establishment date, and the expert doctor that works in the hospital.
  • The center status based on the number of successful operations completed.
  • People’s reviews, ratings, and the quality of the services they provide.
  • The used medical equipment.
  • The hospital accreditation certificate issued by well known international organizations, in the field of medicine there is (the Joint Commission International for health care quality) in addition to the ISO certificate from the
  • International Organization for Standards.
  • Hospital accreditation certificate by the official government entity within the same country, such as the Ministry of Health. Accreditation certificates, both international and local, meaning that the hospital is committed to a patient’s high-quality care and that it has successfully passed through the stages of the approved evaluation.
  • The patient should ask about accountability, legal liability, and the medical error cases made by the center’s doctors, which is common, but in different proportions, the higher the level of medical error, the worse the center reputation

Additional services provided by a hospital or medical center, most of the reputable centers are committed to providing integrated packages for medical tourism, including medical tests and medicines for the post-operational stage, in addition to transportation from and to the airport and hotel accommodation. Preferably the hospital is equipped with staff to translate from and to the local language.

The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery (How to Select)

After mentioning the best doctor standards, medical center, aesthetic hospital, the reader will wonder how I will get that information?

We can simply get 70% of the information in the following ways:

  • Generally, the Internet and the doctor or the hospital website.
  • Brochures and articles about a doctor or hospital.
  • Medical websites or specialized medical directory, some sites that mention patients’ ratings and their experience.
  • Online social clubs offer recommendations of previous patients, their experience in the same hospital, online support groups and advertising.
  • The patient can consult a local doctor to nominate a center or doctor outside the country.

Recommendations of relatives, neighbors, friends or acquaintances or anyone who has had the same experience previously.

Turk Aesthetic (the Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery)

  • When you mention the best center or the best doctor in Turkey, many patients remember Turk Aesthetic Center in Istanbul, which combines the mentioned standards in one place for several reasons, including:
  • Special doctors with high efficiency in various specialties.
  • Advanced medical equipment and sterilized equipment.
  • The quality of service in every detail.
  • The prices are carefully considered.
  • The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery is Turk Aesthetic specializes in hair loss problems with various techniques, facial lifting, body aesthetic, genital cosmetic surgeries.
  • Our center provides translation, transportation from and to the airport service, and accommodation during the indicated period.

You can contact our specialist team throughout the week and working hours that extend to midnight.