Snub Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Snub Rhinoplasty in Turkey, rhinoplasty in the year 2021 AD, occupied a large space in the field of cosmetics and was very popular and successful, and there is a great demand for it by people, men and women. Its name varies from country to country, so that if you are a snub-nosed, people will quickly recognize you and say, are you from China or Africa? But don’t worry, you can get rid of the snub nose and get a beautiful nose that implants in us a sense of comfort and attractiveness, start now looking for a solution to the problem of the snub nose with the Turk Aesthetic team in Turkey…..

What is a snub rhinoplasty? Its advantages? Its downsides… Eligible people for a snub rhinoplasty….alternatives to a snub rhinoplasty….the cost of a snub rhinoplasty in Turkey…. We will talk in detail about everything related to the snub rhinoplasty in Turkey 2021..

The beginning of the snub nose: It is a term given to the shape of the nose when it is wide from the front and low from the front. The owners of the snub nose are characterized by a thickness in the skin of the nose, that is, a lot of fat, and the size of the nostrils has grown in size .. so you see it occupying a larger area of ​​​​the face..

What is a snub rhinoplasty?

It is a process carried out by plastic surgeons to reduce the size of the snub nose and raise it from the front to obtain a smoother and less bulky nose.

Snub Rhinoplasty Steps

After you have made the decision to perform a snub rhinoplasty and visit a specialist, the doctor will determine the type of procedure needed for the condition of your nose. If it is surgical, here are the steps to complete the plastic surgery:

First, the type of anesthesia will be determined. In the case of surgery, the anesthesia will be general and not local.
Sterilization of the entire face using a special and effective sterilizer to prevent any infection of the patient.
The doctor begins by making a small incision in the area between the nostrils with a manual scalpel or a laser. The laser is preferred because it speeds up the wound healing process and stimulates the skin to secrete collagen that is useful for skin freshness.
The skin is pulled up so that the doctor can make an appropriate adjustment to the cartilage and the bony nasal septum. If the existing cartilage is not suitable, it is removed, and an artificial substitute for it can be reconstructed on the nose and of a suitable size to give the desired shape.
After implanting the appropriate cartilage, the doctor pulls the skin forward to cover the new cartilage and sews the skin with cosmetic stitches that do not leave scars.
Eligible Persons for Snub Rhinoplasty:

Young men and girls who have a wide nose.
Young people over the age of eighteen, have completed their growth, and the shape of the nose has remained wide and annoying.
Men and women who have a nose whose right opening differs from the left in a clear and disturbing way.

Tips before the procedure

There are several tips that you should follow if you want to perform a snub rhinoplasty in Turkey:

Tell your doctor what kind of medication you are taking.
Tell your doctor about your diseases if you suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure and other diseases that you are currently suffering from, or have suffered from before, so that the doctor can take all necessary preventive measures before entering the operation.
Stop smoking before the operation for a period specified by the doctor to avoid the occurrence of poor oxygen or any pathological infection when you perform the Snub Rhinoplasty.
You must perform the tests that your doctor will set for you at the consultation session.
The doctor asks you to take some photographs of the nose from different sides of the face (from the right, left, from the bottom to show the nostrils, and from the front), in order to discuss the shape that you will get after the operation, and to compare these photos with the condition of your nose before and after the operation.
You have to prepare for the operation and be psychologically comfortable and in good health, and not suffer from any disease of the respiratory tract in particular, and the body in general, this disease may affect the success of the operation and the absence of complications.
Abstaining from eating for a period ranging between 10-14 hours before the operation.
It is okay to have a leisure trip in beautiful areas of nature in Turkey to breathe clean air, and to get psychological and physical comfort before the operation.

Tips after the procedure

It is necessary to adhere to the doctor’s instructions after performing a snub rhinoplasty in Turkey to get the best results, from these instructions:

You must stay in the hospital for a period ranging from one to two or three days to ensure the stability of your health condition after the operation, due to the skill and experience of the doctor, and the medical care provided by the cosmetic center in which the operation is performed.
Not exercising tiring immediately after the operation, and committing to physical rest for at least two weeks at home.
Do not sit in a place where there is a lot of movement, especially children, to avoid sudden blows, which are very harmful to the nose.
Stay away from smoking for a period ranging from two to three weeks.
Avoid showering immediately after the operation and stay without it for about two days, and in necessary cases, wash the head with extreme caution and avoid water spilling on the face so that the cast does not crumble.
Avoid wearing clothes with tight collars to avoid touching the nose.
Sleep in a position where the head is raised on two pillows, and avoid sleeping without a pillow.
Stay away from the atmosphere of laughter and sadness to avoid facial expressions that affect the muscles of the nose and thus affect the shape of the nose, and the success of the operation.
Stick to the scheduled times for taking the medicines prescribed by your doctor.
In the event of any collision, swelling, bleeding or fragmentation of the cast and its displacement from its place, the doctor must be informed of that.
Follow a diet that contains a high amount of fiber and fluids in order to avoid constipation, which in turn causes facial expressions that negatively affect the process.

Snub rhinoplasty Advantages

The advantages of snub rhinoplasty are many, some of which are aesthetic, including medical:

The aesthetic is:

  • Feeling of self-confidence, and getting rid of the embarrassment caused by a snub nose.
  • Get a beautiful and smooth appearance of the face.
  • Symmetrical nose opening, smaller in size.
  • The nose is raised and more attractive.

Medical Pros:

Getting enough air for the breathing process.
Comfortable breathing through equal nostrils.
Get rid of snoring.
Getting rid of nasal deviation and annoying sinuses that negatively affect the breathing process.
Getting rid of the problem of drooling from the mouth in case you suffer from obstruction and difficulty breathing through the nose.

Snub rhinoplasty Defects

In the event that you ignore the doctor’s advice and instructions after the operation, and if you chose the wrong doctor, you are in an embarrassing situation, and you will expose yourself to many problems that will harm your health and affect the failure of the snub rhinoplasty, among these problems:

A bacterial infection due to a lack of attention to hygiene during the operation, due to the wrong choice of the medical center and the doctor not licensed by the Ministry of Health, or a viral infection in the event of contact with people suffering from infectious diseases.
There are cases of numbness in the skin after surgery caused by damage to the nerves in this area and it goes away after a month after surgery, and if the doctor is not skilled, permanent damage can occur.
A kind of numbness occurs in the area of ​​the tip of the nose, which leads to you not feeling the secretions of the nose, and the feeling in it quickly returns after a period of time ranging from one to two months.
Significant pain and pressure on the first day of surgery in case the painkillers prescribed by the doctor are not adhered to.
Swelling and puffiness in the face and around the eyes caused by the surgery and will disappear quickly.
Headache and discomfort due to the pressure caused by placing the splint in the nostrils, and this pressure goes away on the second day when the cast is removed by the doctor.
Smoking, you must stay away from smoking for a period determined by your doctor to avoid infection, allergy or harm due to smoking.

Best centers for a snub rhinoplasty in Turkey

The more correct your choice of the doctor and the center where you will perform the snub rhinoplasty, the more wonderful and successful your results will be, so do not hesitate to ask for a free consultation, from the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey, a center with standard and international specifications in terms of punctuality, successful medical staff, and hospitals With a good reputation, comprehensive medical care, reception and accommodation in the hotel, at special prices…Due to Turkey’s distinction in the fields of tourism and medical aesthetics and its occupation of a distinguished position among the countries of the world in the field of plastic surgery, today it has become the kiss of celebrities on various labels, representatives, media, journalists and others to obtain successful plastic surgery. The Turk Aesthetic Center had a share in hosting some of these people whose names we refuse to mention in response to their desire and they have obtained satisfactory and wonderful results. We advise you to go to the Turk Aesthetic Center to obtain a lot of free services before you come to Turkey. All you have to do is contact us now to book your appointment with the right doctor from Through Turk Aesthetic Center, your successful destination in Turkey..

Snub Rhinoplasty Options Without Surgery

Snub rhinoplasty using fillers: The nose job with fillers is done by injecting the snub nose with special hyaluronic acid in three points of the nose (the front of the nose, the middle of the nose, and the base of the nose), the injection process lasts for 25-30 minutes, it can be done in the clinic There is no need for a hospital, we get quick results, no swelling or severe pain, through which we get the nose raised from the front, and straight, no need to stay in the clinic or hospital, work can be done immediately after the operation, the results of the filler remain for a period of 6-12 months only.
Snub Rhinoplasty with Threads:
A simple operation that the doctor can perform if the patient has minor problems that require a cosmetic modification in the nose only and no internal problems in the nose related to cartilage or bone. In the tissues of the body, it is possible to modify the shape of the nose, reduce the nostrils, and tighten the nose slightly upwards. The results of this operation do not last long and its cost is less than the cost of surgery.

Celebrities Did Snub Rhinoplasty

Angelina Jolie: Perhaps you will be surprised when you learn that the most important international figure who underwent a snub rhinoplasty is the beautiful actress “Angelina Jolie”. She underwent the operation and got a beautiful nose, smaller in size and more consistent with her beautiful features.
Michael Jackson: The world famous artist who passed away several years ago. He was one of the owners of the snub nose, and he underwent many plastic surgeries, and the snub rhinoplasty was among them, and he got a convex and small nose raised from the front.
Star Denzel Washington: He was famous for his roles that talk about racism and others, and the African race was evident in his basic features, the broad nose and dark skin. Get proof that he performed this operation, but it may be correct).


  • How will the result be?
  • Will I get a nice nose?! What is the percentage of getting a smaller nose?
  • How much does a snub rhinoplasty cost?
  • What is the most famous and most successful country in the Snub Rhinoplasty?
  • Is snub rhinoplasty dangerous?
  • Is snub rhinoplasty more expensive compared to other rhinoplasty procedures?

Snub rhinoplasty in Turkey’s Cost

The cost of any surgical procedure depends on several factors, including, the country, the skill of the doctor, the accommodation, the materials used, the costs of medical tourism, the services provided to the patient by the private medical center of his choice.

The cost of a snub rhinoplasty in the Egyptian Arab Republic: 1800 – 2300 US dollars.

The cost of a snub rhinoplasty in Dubai: 3500-6000 US dollars.

The cost of a snub rhinoplasty in America: 5000 – 10000 US dollars.

Turkey remains the leader in the field of plastic surgeries of all kinds, including the least expensive snub rhinoplasty among all and the most successful experiences:

3000-8000 USD, costs may include accommodation and fees, transportation from the airport to the hospital and other tourist services.

Finally, to get any answer to your inquiries about the subject of snub rhinoplasty in Turkey, you can contact via the link or visit YouTube

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