Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey

Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey
Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey

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Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey


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Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey One of the common ways to lose weight is to talk about what the procedure is, the procedure steps, and other important information in this article.

A procedure through which part of the stomach is cut in order to reduce its size is not allowed to eat the same amount of food that the person used to eat before the operation because the size of the stomach became small does not absorb the large amount of food usual i.e. feel satiety by eating only a small amount of food so the person loses a large part of his weight gradually after the procedure

It should be noted that the procedure of muzzling the stomach is a radical and permanent solution to the ghee, so it is not possible to return what has been cut from the stomach

Why does a person lose weight after the operation?

After the procedure, the size of the stomach has been reduced to half or a quarter of the capacity, which, as mentioned, cannot eat the same amount of food as usual.

Also cutting part of the stomach reduces the amount of hormone produced by the stomach responsible for feeling hungry i.e. the person does not feel hungry as before and loses weight over time

Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey – Video

Process steps

  1. Before the Process

    The procedure is used after the failure of traditional weight loss solutions and may be performed for another purpose in cases of gastritis, for example.
    After deciding on the procedure, the patient must adhere to some new habits before performing the operation, the most important of which are:
    Gradually reduce food and take vitamins in order to replace the body with its share of what it will lose.
    Movement and exercise
    You should inform the doctor about the medications he is using in addition to informing him of any health symptom sought if he is found.

  2. During the operation

    It should be noted that the operation can be through surgery or endoscopy and in both cases the total anesthesia of the body is done
    Surgery is a common procedure, but it’s not preferred because it leaves surgical scars that require another facelift.
    The laparoscopic procedure is done through microincisions to insert the endoscope through it and complete the procedure without the need for surgery, bleeding and other complications.
    Only the doctor finally decides how to perform according to the condition of each patient.Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey

  3. Recovery

    A new phase of life with a diet and new habits that begin with some pain that may last for 10 days can be eliminated by painkillers
    Movement and effort should be avoided as this prolongs the recovery, especially if the procedure is surgical and not through the endoscopy.
    The patient may feel some pain after eating, but you have to be patient for a while to get used to the new dietary glasses.
    The amount of food should be reduced, especially the first month, but the first week should be adhered to light food such as soup and vegetables only.

Sleeve gastrectomy tips & Cost

Gastric sleeve is a very sensitive procedure and the field of medical error is great the less experienced the doctor is, so you should not be drawn to the low prices to accomplish this complex type of operation.

The cost of Sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey

The cost varies depending on the type of procedure itself, there are many weight loss processes that fall under the name of gastric sleeve, such as a process of diverting the path or the stomach balloon.

To determine the cost more accurately, you can contact the Turk Aesthetic support team and consult via the link.