Rhinoplasty Operation

Rhinoplasty Operation in Turkey The nose or nose is considered one of the most important organs in the human body in both functional and aesthetic terms. Functionally, the more our nose is healthy and performs the breathing process to the fullest, the better our health will be, due to the importance of breathing and oxygen in all body processes, if We can say that a healthy nose is a healthy body, and from an aesthetic point of view, the nose gives a special aesthetic to each person and is considered one of the most important organs through which the doctor compares the consistency of the rest of the face components such as cheeks, eyes, chin, and others, because all these sections, if they are consistent, give us a beautiful view and a wonderful face.

One of the most important elements of beauty is a harmonious nose with a beautiful appearance, and many do not have this nose, but with the development of medicine, it has become possible to modify the appearance of the nose through thread rhinoplasty, laser rhinoplasty, and surgical rhinoplasty, the last of which was the process of rhinoplasty by slimming.

What is the basic structure of the nose?

The nose consists of three sections:

bone section.
The cartilages are what give the longitudinal and transverse shape of the front of the nose.
Khashem plastic surgery currently available:

Whatever the shape of your nose is annoying and disproportionate to your face, today there are plastic surgeries that correct the shape of the nose and enable you to get a beautiful and harmonious nose.

  • Cosmetic surgery (reducing or increasing its size).
  • The process of reducing the two openings of the nose.
  • Shortening the length of the snout.
  • Minimizing rabbit snout.
  • Reducing the wide nose.

What is Rhinoplasty Operation?

If you have a large and wide nose, or a nose that is not satisfied with its appearance, or you had an accident and had a deformity in the nose, you should visit a specialized beauty clinic to get rid of these nose problems, where the specialist doctor performs the necessary and appropriate operation for your condition and helps you get a beautiful nose And harmonious, you may need surgery, or a simple modification by injecting the filler, or you may treat your condition with threads, and in any of these cases the result will be in your interest, and you will get a beautiful appearance of the nose, also you can through the process of cosmetic surgery treat other respiratory problems If you have a deviated nasal septum, the doctor can correct this deviation and you can breathe better, and also a plastic surgery. The doctor can remove the sinuses, growths and extra corneas that cause you breathing problems, so you will have a beautiful-looking nose and correct the breathing process You have snoring and other problem ended.

What are the benefits of the cosmetic surgery?…..and why do we perform the cosmetic surgery?

Most people resort to the process of cosmetic surgery in order to obtain an integrated and harmonious aesthetic appearance, imitate artists and celebrities and catch up with fashion. This is not the main reason for this process, but there are many reasons why we resort to this procedure, including:

There is a genetic reason. A person may be created and carry genetic traits from the family, including a large or crooked nose with a hump or a shard in the middle.
Because of exposure to a certain accident caused a distortion in the view of the nose.
Getting rid of the sinuses and modifying the external appearance of the nose.
Get rid of broad nose.
Correct the size of the two nostrils to obtain a symmetrical nostril opening.
Correcting the problem of snoring and difficulty breathing, along with the shape of the nose.
Candidates for the procedure of slimming the nose:

Everyone who has a wide or large nose, and there are people who do not have defects in their nose, but they like to follow fashion trends, so they resort to Rhinoplasty Operation according to what is popular in the field of tattoo models.

Before Rhinoplasty Operation

When you make the decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery, you must have comprehensive knowledge about the operation, and you should not have any fear or tension from this operation, and your specialist doctor must inform you about the operation you need and what its results are and answer all questions About this process, the most important things that should be presented to you by the doctor are the following:

He should ask you about the diseases that you suffer from now, and what diseases you suffered from previously, and do you have chronic diseases? The doctor should also ask you if you suffer from snoring or shortness of breath, or do you have a runny nose, or an allergy to a certain type of medication, also if you are a smoker first, do you have a delay in blood clotting? What surgeries have you undergone previously, if the patient is a woman, are you pregnant or not?
The second procedure The doctor will examine the nose from the outside and inside, to check your breathing and check your sinuses if there is a need to remove them or not.
The doctor determines the strength of the cartilage and the straightness of the nasal septum. He also checks the quality of the skin. All of these things are considered an important factor in the success of the nose job.
There are certain measurements that the doctor takes from the patient’s face to determine the appropriate size of the nose, and to determine the shape of the nose to be consistent with the topography of the face in general, to obtain harmony and consistency between the size of the nose and the face.
The doctor asks for four photographs of the nose from all four sides (a frontal picture of the nose – a side picture from the right – a side picture from the left – and a picture from the bottom of the openings of the nose), in order to compare the shape of the nose before and after the surgery, and to explain to the patient the results that he will get after the operation.
There are many things to be inquired about, including the results, the cost, the anesthesia, the hospital stay. Is there a risk to the patient’s health from this operation? You must be strong and courageous and ask the doctor all the questions that come to your mind, results and procedures, and anything related to the operation of the nose job. In some sick cases, the patient may need a second operation in chronic conditions, such as fractures that have completely crushed the nasal bone and caused respiratory problems and others. Or the patient may need a chin augmentation or filler injections for drooping cheeks in order to get a face that is consistent with the cheekbones.

Rhinoplasty Operation Steps in Turkey

Determining the type of anesthesia that the patient needs may be general in the case of surgery or local in cases of threads or fillers.
Sterilize the entire face area.
After making sure that the anesthesia has taken effect, the doctor begins by making a small incision with a sharp, sterile medical scalpel in the area between the nostrils.
Then the doctor pulls the skin of the nose back and begins to correct the straightness of the bone and cartilage. You may need to sculpt the bone or remove it. In some cases, doctors use cartilages from the ear or the cartilage of the chest ribs, to form the cartilage of the nose, and the cartilage is fixed with special cosmetic threads, and if the patient has growths Or excess flesh corneas that the doctor removes, and then returns the skin to its place and stitches the incision site with a cosmetic stitch that does not leave a trace of a scar.
The doctor places stents to stabilize the nose and to obtain consistent results.
A special splint is placed inside the snout to stabilize it.
After completing the process of slimming the buttocks, the doctor gives you tips that must be followed to ensure the results that we performed the operation to obtain, from these instructions:

Sleep on a high pillow and elevate the head.
Putting a special dressing immediately after the operation to fix the nose and ensure its protection.
Avoid facial expressions such as laughing, frowning and crying.
Refrain from exercising for at least a month.
Do not press the nose violently while brushing.
Use cotton buds to clean.
Avoid getting constipated because it requires stress, and stick to a diet rich in fiber and water.
Avoid brushing the teeth vigorously, and it is preferable that the cleaning process not be done for a week after the operation, and rinsing is sufficient.
Keep away from children in order to protect from any unexpected injury or blow that may lead to deformation of the nose and then you will need to repeat the operation of the nose job.
Wear clothes with a wide collar or that have a zipper to avoid rubbing against the nose.
Rhinoplasty Operation results

In the event that you choose a skilled surgeon, the results will definitely be satisfactory, because the modification that will be made to the nose through the plastic surgery process will greatly affect the appearance of the face, and it will show beauty that was hidden by a simple defect in the nose, do not hesitate to choose the appropriate surgeon and the appropriate place for the procedure Buttock augmentation.

The results of the cosmetic surgery of the nose is a beautiful little nose that is consistent with the topography of the face, and you will look younger and more beautiful than before.

Pros of the procedure

Give us a more attractive appearance and natural beauty.
It gives a beautiful feeling and self-confidence, we got rid of the inconvenience and embarrassment caused by the large size of the nose and its inconsistency.
Get proper breathing.
You do not need to stay in the hospital, you can be discharged an hour after the anesthesia has finished.

Rhinoplasty Operation Defects

When choosing the wrong doctor and the location of any surgical procedure, there is a possibility of risks and negatives on the patient’s life, but choosing a successful and skilled doctor avoids these problems, among the most important negatives that can occur:

Swelling and redness disappear after a week to ten days.
In some cases, the patient’s body does not accept the drug, so a reaction to the drug occurs, which is vomiting, fainting, and sometimes inflammation of the pharynx.
There is obvious discomfort from the splint that is placed inside the nose for a whole day, which makes us feel uncomfortable and tight, but this pain and discomfort quickly disappears the next day when it is removed by the doctor.
In the event that the nose is hit immediately after the operation, this will affect the expected result, and the patient will have to undergo a correction process after a full year has passed since the first operation.
In the event that the doctor is incompetent, there is a possibility of respiratory damage that affects the breathing process after the operation.
The period of feeling numbness of the upper lip may extend for a month or more after the operation, due to the cutting of some nerves during the operation, and they return and heal later, so there is no reason to be afraid of that.

Non-surgery options

The process of slimming the nose with fillers: In this procedure, the appearance of the nose is modified in terms of its distortion and better results are obtained in a shorter time and at a lower cost than surgery, but the results do not last more than a year and sometimes do not exceed six months / Note this process does not give us a smaller size but a consistent appearance Just.
Laser slimming of the nose: The laser can be considered an alternative to surgery in many cases, and we can get a thin nose, including cutting, carving, and removing polyps, bony and cartilaginous growths from inside the nose instead of surgery, and the results are good and corrects the airway through it. It has mild swelling and the results are lasting.
Slimming the nose with natural mixtures: Ginger is used to burn fat in some natural mixtures, and the nose is rubbed and massaged with quick movements, and it is said that there are people who have obtained good results from these mixtures, but scientifically this has not yet been proven.

Rhinoplasty Operation Cost in Turkey

The cost of Rhinoplasty Operation to slim the nose depends on several things, the most important of which are: the doctor’s skill, the problems that the nose suffers from, the place where the operation will be performed (hospital, beauty center), the country (European, Arab).

The approximate value of the lax liposuction procedure: it ranges between 3000 – 10000 US dollars.

Also, the amount can be increased if you want to stay in the country for tourism after the operation..

Finally, to get any answer to your inquiries about rhinoplasty operation in Turkey, you can contact via the link or visit YouTube

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