Rhinoplasty near me

Rhinoplasty near me the process is for correcting nasal defects. These defects include (formal defects and functional defects). As for the correction process, it may be surgical, pharmacological, or with threads. Rhinoplasty may be to correct the shape of the nose or to correct its respiratory function…as needed, but respiratory cases are considered The most important thing is that the nose is the gateway to the respiratory system in addition to the mouth… We cannot underestimate the importance of the nose in giving the aesthetic appearance of the face with its consistency, small size and smoothness…. If many people resort to straightening the nose for two needs, either it is beautifying it to obtain a beautiful and harmonious appearance, or repairing it and obtaining a breathing process. It is good, and he can choose a successful doctor to perform rhinoplasty from both a functional and cosmetic point of view…… In our article we will inform you about the most important rhinoplasty surgeries, and what are the cases that require rhinoplasty? How can cosmetic and functional nose surgery be combined? What are the devices for rhinoplasty without surgery? What is the cost of rhinoplasty? The most important centers and countries that succeeded in straightening the nose?

Rhinoplasty near me

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The Surgery

This operation includes a set of surgical procedures in order to correct a respiratory function, or modify the shape of the nose, and reduce the size, which differs in shape and size as a result of a specific accident, or the nose may have defects since the person was born, and it may be satisfactory due to certain skin diseases that may cause these diseases Respiratory problems (the appearance of fleshy masses, moles, or warts on one of the nostrils) that impede breathing and prevent an adequate amount of air from reaching the body.

There are non-surgical procedures that can be resorted to to correct the shape of the nose, and these procedures are cosmetic, aiming at obtaining a harmonious and beautiful nose shape and size in the face, from these procedures (rhinoplasty with filler injections, or rhinoplasty with Botox injections, collagen injections).

Rhinoplasty Types

As we mentioned previously, rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty operations differ according to the problem that the patient suffers from. There are different straightening operations, including:

01- The process of correcting the nasal septum:

We resort to this operation when we suffer from a deviation in the nasal septum, and as a result of this deviation we have a respiratory problem, then the specialist doctor treats this deviation and returns the nasal septum to its place in the middle of the nose to get two equal nostrils and thus obtain a sufficient amount of air to the body.

02- Reconstructive rhinoplasty:

operation is performed when cancerous tumors are removed, or when there is an accident that causes the tissues of the nose to be crushed.

03- Zoom rhinoplasty:

The surgeon corrects the defects that result from the change in the appearance of the tip of the nose due to an accident, or in order to correct a problem resulting from correcting the nasal septum to obtain a beautiful external appearance. Rabbit noses are Asians because their nasal septum is wide in shape.

04- Rhinoplasty

the surgeon corrects the nasal tip and corrects its appearance and size, also reduces the size of the nose by sculpting the nasal bone and cartilage, and getting rid of bony or cartilaginous protrusions that give an undesirable appearance to the nose… The cosmetic rhinoplasty process includes two operations One of them is called the open rhinoplasty, and the other is the closed rhinoplasty, the name refers to the place where the surgeon will make the incision to deal with the components of the nose internally, we will mention all my operations separately..

05- Open rhinoplasty

The doctor makes a small incision with a medical scalpel at the bottom of the separator between the nostrils, which is called (the bunny), then pulls the skin of the nose back and begins to correct the defects in the shape of the nasal bone and cartilage to get a harmonious shape of the nose, then he pulls the skin back to its natural place, and after the completion of re-sculpting Structuring the nose from the inside. Stitching (sutures the wound) is done with a very small pole, by means of a fine needle. The traces of this pole are removed and no visible scars are left. This process is used in cases of a comprehensive correction from the inside of the nose (cartilaginous and bony).

06- Closed rhinoplasty

In this process, the doctor makes a simple incision inside the opening of the nose and corrects the problem, which is simple bony or cartilaginous bumps that can be eliminated in this way without the need to open the entire nose, and this process gives permanent and successful results for the nose.

Rhinoplasty Non-surgery option

Recently entered the world of rhinoplasty, natural treatments, and modern techniques other than surgery, are promoted that their results are comparable to the results of surgical rhinoplasty, but so far, according to the most famous cosmetic experts, nothing has succeeded in rhinoplasty such as surgery and some simple treatments such as injections give great results in If the nose problems are simple and uncomplicated, but they quickly disappear, but the treatments that rely on natural recipes and creams and things that are promoted as working to reduce the nose and beautify it are all propaganda recipes that are not scientifically proven so far, the aim of which is to promote products that are not medically authorized to earn money and laugh at people In the following, we will show you some of the medically authorized and recognized treatments that have proven effective and gave good results in detail:

Rhinoplasty using fillers: This is a purely cosmetic procedure that beautifies the shape of the nose externally, and gives very beautiful results if the doctor who performs it is successful and has good experience in the matter. It is also used in cases where straightening the nose does not require surgery, its principle is that the doctor Inject the substance into three points in the nose, along its straight line, the beginning and middle of the nose, and in the area between the eyes (end of the nose).

This process is characterized by:

You do not need a surgical scalpel, just an injection needle with hyaluronic acid inside.
Its duration is short, not exceeding 15 minutes, and no anesthesia is required.
It can be performed in a cosmetic clinic, not a hospital.
Do not leave a side effect (tumor – scar).
The results are visible immediately after the injection.

Disadvantages of the filler injection process:

It cannot be used in complicated cases that require surgical intervention.
Its results differ from one patient to another.
Temporary, its results are temporary, not permanent. You need to be injected every six months.
Liquid rhinoplasty:

Qualified for the procedure

Those who have a large nose compared to the rest of the features of the face, and it causes them a kind of shame because of its largeness.
Those who have a congenital deviation of the nasal septum or because of a direct blow that broke the nose and changed its appearance.
Anyone who has reached the age of eighteen and is not satisfied with the shape of his nose, can undergo rhinoplasty because the growth of his nose has become complete.
Those who have defects in the shape of the nose and like to change it and get a beautiful nose.
Those who have a fleshy nose and as a result of following a diet, the shape of the nose has become drooping, they can get a tighter, smaller and proportional nose with a plastic surgery.
Those who have a respiratory problem and obvious nasal crookedness.

Rhinoplasty cost

We always want to draw the attention of our valued patients that to get the best results in any surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure, we must choose the specialist doctor very carefully to obtain a satisfactory result, and then pay attention to the cost, although the cost is closely related to the specialist doctor, the country you choose and medical services Introduction, the more reputable and experienced the doctor is in the field of rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty, the higher the cost, but there are beauty centers in some countries that provide great services and deal with specialized doctors and their prices are suitable for everyone, for example Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey, and this is not an advertisement for the center As much as it is advice from a personal experience in dealing with them by performing several plastic surgeries and the results were great and at reasonable prices that suit everyone, and we will mention to you the cost of rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) in several countries as follows:

Rhinoplasty cost in Saudi Arabia: The cost is approximately 3500-5500 US dollars.
The cost of rhinoplasty in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates: The cost of simple procedures starts from 1500-7000 US dollars for comprehensive operations that need external and internal cosmetic surgery, without calculating the cost of sleep and travel fees.
The cost of rhinoplasty in the United States of America: it ranges between 5,500 – 9000 US dollars.
The cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey: The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is characterized by its wonderful and distinctive results compared to other countries, as it is one of the leading countries in the field of cosmetic surgery and contains highly experienced plastic surgeons, and its cost is suitable for everyone, and it is a tourist and cosmetic treatment destination for all visitors in the world, and it includes Its cosmetic operations are all expenses, airport reception, medical advice and accommodation, so its cost is low compared to other countries that only include treatment. For rhinoplasty, the cost ranges between 3500-7000 US dollars and in some cases the cost is lower.

Finally, to get any answer to your inquiries on the topic of correcting nose defects, you can contact via the link or visit YouTube

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