Rhinoplasty Latest Techniques

Rhinoplasty Latest Techniques
Rhinoplasty Latest Techniques

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Rhinoplasty Latest Techniques


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Rhinoplasty Latest Techniques in Turkey. The nose is the most important element of beauty, because it is located in the middle of the face. It may cause a distortion of the beauty of the entire face, even if the person has charming eyes and full lips, meaning that the beauty of the face is completely linked to the shape of the nose, either positively or negatively, and according to statistics, most of what men and women look for specifically It is the different methods of rhinoplasty, whether through surgery or naturally.

Some people may be born with abnormal features, while others may be exposed to an accident that changes the shape of their features. The nose may be exposed to factors and influences that make its shape unnatural as before or distorted due to accidents or tumors and the enlargement of the sebaceous glands or the so-called nose fat. Hence the need for rhinoplasty surgeries and techniques have invaded Rhinoplasty is the world of plastic surgeries, due to the desire of many to modify the shape of the nose, so they get beautiful and harmonious facial features with each other.

In this article, we will present a detailed explanation of the latest rhinoplasty techniques.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a change and modification in the shape of the nose so that its appearance after the operation will be better.

With the development of medicine, rhinoplasty is no longer a procedure that calls for fear or hesitation, especially if it is performed in leading countries in the field of cosmetics, such as Turkey, and the patient chooses the appropriate cosmetic center.

The nose is the most prominent organ in the face, and most of the plastic surgeries that are performed on the nose are the mother of internal or external deformities. The most common problem is the hump in the back of the nose, whose treatment was based on sculpting and straightening the nose, but this method is no longer approved today because you will need treatment The sculpture itself.

The two surgeries are now much easier and the results are more guaranteed than before, and there are many modern techniques that have made it easier, such as the painless rhinoplasty technique using the PCA device, which greatly reduces the pain of the operation. They are also using the piezo device, which in turn does not suffer from the wound and the fuse, but rather the patient is able to return to work the next morning and does not need a two-week rest as in the past, and this is what is considered a breakthrough in the world of cosmetics. It is nice that rhinoplasty operations are no longer performed only in order to improve the shape and size of the nose, but modern science has been able to add functions-specific operations such as breathing and smelling. .

The latest rhinoplasty techniques

01- Laser rhinoplasty

First of all, it is necessary to know the types of nasal diseases that can be treated with laser, because the laser is a tool for cutting and vaporizing tissues.

By means of a laser, adenoids can be removed.
Nasal allergies caused by the presence of large cartilage on the nasal septum can also be treated.
It can be used to make small incisions down the nose in open surgery.
Treatment of rhinitis, which is an enlargement of the sebaceous glands, which leads to an abnormally large nose, in which the operation is in the nose from the outside, so it is possible to reduce the nose without surgery by laser.
The laser is used with a tool, the endoscope, to facilitate the process of rhinoplasty in the body of surgery. The laser is characterized as:

Save time as the laser rhinoplasty does not exceed about 30 minutes
Reducing the possibility of contamination resulting from the use of medical equipment
The patient does not need general anesthesia
No bleeding occurs as much as surgical operations.
The laser beam is characterized by precision shooting at the place to be cut.
How do I know if laser rhinoplasty is suitable for me or not??

Laser rhinoplasty is not feasible for all cases. Therefore, laser rhinoplasty is limited to certain cases and under certain conditions:

The laser technique for rhinoplasty should not be used for adolescents due to the incomplete growth of the facial bone in them. Therefore, it must be ensured that they have completed the age of five or sixteen for girls and the age of seventeen for boys.
The most candidates for laser rhinoplasty without surgery are those who suffer from ear disease, which makes the nose very large and helps to reduce the nose.
This technique is suitable for those who suffer from nasal allergies as a result of the large cartilage and protrusions that are located on the nasal septum.
Also candidates to use this procedure are those who have a nasal polyp that they want to remove.
The laser can be used to incise the lower end of the nose in open surgery.
Before laser rhinoplasty, how is the inspection done? What are the tips followed?

First, the doctor will take several steps before the operation:

The study of the nose from the inside and outside
Assessment of bone, respiratory and cartilage status
Inquire about the deformation you want to treat and precisely define it
What will the final nose look like after the operation
Simulate the desired shape on the computer.
Before the operation, you should pay attention to the following:

Stop eating for a sufficient period to be determined according to the situation
Do some required tests
Quit Smoking
Do not use blood-thinning medications

The cost of laser rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Laser rhinoplasty without surgery is considered expensive compared to other rhinoplasty techniques, as its cost in Turkey ranges between 2000 and 6000 US dollars, and this disparity is due to the competence of the surgeon supervising the operation and the intended center in Turkey for the operation.

What is rhinoplasty with threads:

Surgical operations have become relatively expensive and expensive, and with medical progress in the field of cosmetics, scientists have developed other non-surgical techniques for rhinoplasty, and it has become more prevalent, namely rhinoplasty with threads, because of its simplicity as a procedure and because of its wonderful satisfactory results as well.

Fortunately, this technique treats and suits various problems of deformation of the shape of the nose, such as large nasal openings, roundness, low front of the nose, and also, including the wide nose.

02- Reducing the nostrils with threads

It has become possible to solve the problem of large nostrils by means of threads without surgery and there is no need to worry.

In this technique, threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) are used, which are natural threads that dissolve within 6 months. One of the advantages of these threads is that they stimulate collagen production, which works to tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

What are the steps?

At first, the nose is sterilized and disinfected well to avoid any infection
The doctor puts a local anesthetic on the nose in specific places
After confirming the effect of the anesthesia, the doctor inserts the threads using a metal needle in the area where the nose meets the face directly under the outer layers of the skin and tightens the thread to narrow the opening so that it becomes less wide
Do not use the technique if the problem is an enlarged nasal cartilage
Reducing the bun nose with threads:
To obtain a perfect introduction to the nose and solve the problem of its rotation, it is not necessary to undergo a surgical cosmetic surgery. Threading treatment is sufficient and is an effective alternative. This process is widely spread in East Asia, especially in Turkey, which is known as a leading country in the field of cosmetic surgery.

How is it

The operation does not require general anesthesia, as it is performed under local anesthesia after cleansing and sterilizing the nose.
The doctor inserts into a specific area of ​​the front of the nose a metal needle with the threads used vertically to raise the front of the nose and leave the threads inside the nose and pull the metal needle so that the front of the nose rises and its rotation decreases
A specific number of threads is used according to each case, and it is often between 6 to 8 threads, but you may need a larger number of threads according to the situation.

03- Reducing the wide nose with threads (the latest rhinoplasty techniques)

Cosmetic threads are also used to correct and reshape the wide nose, and more than one problem is corrected in one session, as the problem of the wide nose lies in the low front, widening of the nasal openings and the large nose bunny.

The defects are treated in several steps, the first of which is to raise and correct the bridge of the nose by inserting the threads from a point in the front of the nose in a horizontal way, and the threads are tightened to a specific degree, working to raise and define the bridge of the nose, the front of the nose is reduced and its openings are also narrowed, as we explained previously, so the nose becomes sculpted and prominent.

Advantages of reducing the nose with threads

  • Get quick results after the procedure
  • Do not bear the risks of total anesthesia as in surgical operations
  • You can leave the hospital on the same day
  • The recovery period is only one week
  • The results are satisfactory and close to those of surgical procedures
  • The threads stimulate the skin to produce collagen, which works to tighten the skin and get results for a longer period
  • Do not bear serious complications
  • More than one defect can be corrected in the same session

Complications of nose correction with threads

  • Some swelling and pain occurs, but does not last more than a few days
  • The possibility of infection
  • Its results are not permanent
  • It is not suitable for all cases of nasal problems
  • The threads come out of their place if they are injected in the wrong place.
  • The cost of rhinoplasty with threads
  • The price is determined according to several factors such as the reputation of the doctor, the efficiency of the center and the type of threads used, and the cost of the operation in Turkey ranges between 800 and 2000 US dollars and may increase slightly in some countries

04- Rhinoplasty with fillers (the latest rhinoplasty techniques)

It is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure whose purpose is to improve the appearance of the nose or make temporary changes in the shape of the nose through the use of filler injections. It is known in the cosmetic world by several different names:

  • Liquid nose job
  • Nonsurgical rhinoplasty
  • 15 minute nose jop
  • Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, which may take a long recovery period and may cause some complications, the filler is a procedure with temporary results and is less dangerous than traditional rhinoplasty.

What materials are used in nasal fillers?

There are different types of fillers used for rhinoplasty:

Hyaluronic acid filler
botox substance
Calcium hydroxyapatite

What is the method of nose filler procedure?

Before starting a certain period, the doctor applies a local anesthetic to the nose to make the procedure less uncomfortable for the patient, and after making sure that the effect of the anesthetic takes effect, the doctor begins injecting the filler into certain areas of the nose that are determined according to the patient’s purpose of the operation.

The full nose filler session may take a period not exceeding 30 minutes and after its completion there is no need for any surgical stitches or bandages as the patient can return to resume his daily activities as usual.

What are the possible complications of nasal fillers?

A defect in the symmetry and coordination of the nose
Stimulating infection or skin necrosis
The appearance of problems in the blood vessels in the nose and face area
Finally, for additional details about the latest rhinoplasty techniques from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube