Penile Enlargement Cost in Turkey

Penile Enlargement Cost in Turkey is considered as one of the surgical options for men who complain a problem of short penis length or poor erection.

Here’s everything the reader will need about this process.

Quick Info. About the Surgery:

The time to complete the operation3 Hours
Stay in the hospital after the operationOne night, must stay in the hospital after the operation
Return to daily activityAfter One week
Sexual intercourseAfter One month
Cost per leave static (approx)About $ 3,500
The amount of the increase in length3cm
Quick Facts about the Operation

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Penile Enlargement Cost in Turkey

The cost of Penile Enlargement surgery has become known around the world, starting from four thousand dollars to nine thousand.

The cost varies from country to country and from city to city within one country, according to the health center, the doctor, and other factors.

The following are the costs of enlarging the male in Turkey and in some countries around the world:

  • Penile enlargement surgery in the UAE, where it is considered a leap compared to the prices of other countries, because the cost in it starts from 6000 to 12 thousand US dollars.
  • In Kuwait and Qatar, the cost is also considered high, starting from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 in some centers.
  • In Morocco, the cost decreases compared to the Gulf countries, and ranges from 4000 to 6000 dollars.
  • The cost of penis enlargement in Jordan is also similar to the cost of Morocco, about 5000 dollars.
  • In Europe, prices generally rise to between 6000 and 10,000 dollars
  • As for Turkey and Egypt, the cost is close, but the options and service provided in Turkey are wider and more qualitative, so that the cost is within a reasonable limit from 2500 to 4500 dollars.

FAQ – Penile Enlargement Cost in Turkey

What about the traditional solutions for Penile Enlargement?

Home solutions are not considered effective, but only give a positive psychological impulse and increase satisfaction, no more.

Is Penile Enlargement surgery safe?

The chances of success increase more directly with the skill of the doctor who will perform the operation. Be careful of the competency criterion and avoid the financial criterion before deciding to complete the operation.

Any complications or common symptoms after surgery?

Yes, men may feel some pain during erection because the penis is in a new phase that is different from before the operation, and this is normal and there is no need to worry because it gradually disappears and disappears permanently after a period of 10 days.

What is the estimated increase in height?

The operation cannot be accomplished based on ambition and imagination, but rather logic and rationality, so the operation can achieve an increment of 3 cm.

Penile Enlargement Surgery Procedure

01- Releasing the ligament is one of the basic steps that affect the length of the penis. This is done by loosening the inner hanging end of the penis to add additional length to the male.

02- Fat injection adds a measure of width to the penis by extracting the autologous fat from the pubis or other areas of the body and injecting it into the penis to make it look wider in shape.

03- Pubic sculpting is the third basic option in the operation that the doctor uses, because part of the penis disappears in the pubis, thus when sculpting the pubis and extracting the excess fat from it adds an extra length that was hidden within the pubis.

The operation takes place within the three steps mentioned above, in a safe manner and without any risks or complications.

Anesthesia is complete for the body and the duration of the operation is approximately three hours.

Operation Conditions

  • Exceeding the age of puberty, i.e. there is no longer any possibility of further growth of the member (preferably age 25)
  • Antiseptic is one of the prerequisites
  • Not to complain of any chronic disease such as heart or blood pressure (or irregular diabetes)
  • Safety from infectious diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis
  • Not to take blood-thinning medications because they affect the proper course of the process.
  • Finally, the doctor must be informed of any additional detail, although he thinks it is not important, as a previous operation, for example.
Penile Enlargement Cost in Turkey
Penile Enlargement Cost in Turkey

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