Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey

Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey is one of the most important surgical procedures. Many people have large ears or their shapes are not beautiful, and this negatively affects the face completely, and this leads to resorting to cosmetic operations through surgery or without surgery or using laser through skilled and expert doctors. in plastic surgery in Turkey.

Usually the natural ear is neither big nor small, and there are people who have a slightly different ear shape

Although ear plastic surgery is not widespread in relation to other common types of plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and liposuction, ear plastic surgery is performed when many people need ear plastic surgery to correct some apparent deformities affecting their appearance.

In our next article, we will review the most important information that we may need to know before performing Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey

First of all Here below some quick information about Otoplasty surgery:

AnesthesiaFull or Local
Procedure duration1-2 Hours
Results AppearanceImmediate
Procedure aimRe-shaping ear to increase harmony
Continuity of resultsLife Time
ConvalescenceNo need
Turk Aesthetic CostDepending on Anesthesia 1500 – 2000 USD

Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey – Video

Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey – Before and After

Otoplasty Surgery Reasons

There are many reasons why a person may apply for an ear surgery in Turkey and it is suitable for all ages, whether they are old or young, but children who are four years old must wait until the completion of the age of seven until the cartilage and ear growth is completed, and before the child enters The school so as not to affect his psychology in front of his friends, and among these reasons are the following:

  1. To get rid of the ear of large sizes.
  2. To increase the size of the small ears.
  3. Improving the shape of the prominent ear.
  4. To fold the ears from the top and bottom shape.
  5. Because of the occurrence of large cracks and wrinkles in the ear.
  6. To get rid of skin tags between the sides of the ear or in front of its opening.
  7. Otoplasty to improve the shape of the ear that is not suitable for the face.
  8. To repair any problem in the ear resulting from a defect or congenital malformations such as the bat ear.
  9. A person’s desire that his ears be closer to the head.
  10. Everyone is a good candidate for plastic surgery of the ears if they are not satisfied with the size or shape of the ears.
  11. The presence of a deformity in the ear due to injury or congenital malformation.

Candidates for Otoplasty

Otoplasty in Turkey is available to everyone alike and in the case of all types of ear, whether it is a bat or a bat on adults or children, as for children over the age of four, they must wait until the completion of seven years of age until the cartilage and ear growth is completed, and before the child enters school until It does not affect the child’s psyche in front of his friends. Otoplasty is performed in the following cases:

  1. To improve the shape of the ear through its position and size. Otoplasty is a good idea if a person wants his ears to be closer to the head.
  2. The treatment of large ears with large exophthalmos. This extrusion may be in one ear or in both, but to varying degrees.
  3. To correct the size, shape, or often the position of the ears.
  4. It is the most common cosmetic procedure and can be performed on both children and adults. Although sometimes completed for health reasons.
  5. To improve hearing problems, as plastic ear surgery is mostly done for aesthetic reasons.
  6. The presence of deformity in the ear due to injury or congenital deformity.
  7. Immature ears in early childhood

Before Otoplasty surgery

  1. To stop smoking, especially if the patient is a smoker, so it must be done before the surgery if the smoking was stopped for three weeks before the operation.
  2. The patient stops taking any medicines, especially aspirin, antibiotics and herbal medicines that cause the patient to bleed during the operation.
  3. The patient keeps his face and body wet for the success of the operation.
  4. Follow the doctors’ instructions regarding proper nutrition, and abstain from citrus fruits and other harmful foods.

Otoplasty steps

The outer ear consists of a group of elastic cartilages intertwined with each other, in addition to the fatty substance in the earlobe, so deformations can be repaired in it relatively more easily than other organs in the face such as the nose.

Otoplasty is a relatively simple and straightforward operation, although the actual surgery is largely dependent on the type of correction that will be done in order to correct the position of the ears, where the surgeon will make an incision behind the ears, cut the excess of skin and cartilage, and install it in a way Close to the head, using stitches.

Otoplasty also corrects the shape and position of the ear by reshaping the cartilage.

Many techniques and methods can be used to reduce the size of the ears, and the most common methods include reducing the earlobe or cartilage.

Results are usually noticed once the swelling subsides, and this can sometimes take several weeks until permanent results are seen.

Where the incision leaves a scar that is hidden behind the ear, and eventually the incision fades and we can notice the results afterwards.

Here below the surgery steps:

  1. The first step is to give the patient anesthesia, whether it is total or local, and then the type of anesthesia is determined, according to the condition of the patient who is being approached by the doctor.
  2. In the second step, the surgeon will make an incision in the place where he will perform the ear modification process, whether the ear folds are hidden or prominent or other modifications.
  3. In the third step, the required modification is done by cutting a part of the cartilage if the size of the ears is large. If the goal of the operation is to increase the size of the ear, the doctors add cartilage or change the location of the corners of the ears.
  4. In the last step, after the doctors perform the operation, the incision is closed using the best techniques.

Types of Otoplasty surgery in Turkey

Currently, plastic surgeries solve all kinds of ear defects, as there are surgeries that repair the protrusion of the ear and its inconsistency with the shape of the face, and there are surgeries that reduce the large ear, and there are surgeries that enlarge the ear, in addition to the surgeries that treat the problem of earlobe adhesion easily, where it can be obtained On a realistic evaluation of what we can fix and what we cannot fix from ear problems, by visiting a plastic surgeon who specializes in these plastic ear surgeries.

  1. Big ear plastic surgery: It is a cosmetic surgery for the big ear until it becomes small, and this is one of the most prominent and famous ear cosmetic operations. It is performed for the big ear to reduce its size and make it more harmonious and aesthetic with the human face, and it is one of the delicate operations that will be carried out according to the steps he applies The specialist doctor.
  2. Bat ear plastic surgery: The bat ear plastic surgery or the so-called prominent ear is one of the problems that many face and the reason for this name is in relation to the bat ear, which is as if it is pushed forward, this cosmetic operation aims to return the ear to its right place, and the bat ear comes either due to an accident Either or genetically, and with the development of science, it became easy to treat it and make the ear more elegant and return it to its natural shape.
  3. Cut ear plastic surgery: It is also to reshape the cut ear, as there are some people who have ears that appear as cut or tightened, and it greatly affects the handsomeness of the face, so it is required by many, especially those who care about the beauty and elegance of their appearance, and this The operation is for women more than men.
  4. Ear reduction plastic surgery: A lot of people or members of their family have long ears in some way, and he may be called (O long eared) and most consider it a joke, but for some, this is more than a joke, so some consider it influential and with development Means, techniques and medical sciences have solved this problem so that it is possible to perform ear plastic surgery, reduce it, return it to its natural size and restore the beauty of the face.

Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey (Techniques)

  1. Otoplasty with golden threads: where golden threads are used, and this type of ear surgery with golden lines is the latest and most popular at all, and for many reasons, as it does not require surgery or complex operations, and these lines consisting of gold and The thickness of the threads is only 0.1 mm and they are inserted into the ear and perform cosmetic surgery for a period not exceeding an hour or less, so this type is considered the best for many.
  2. Surgical otoplasty: These operations of otoplasty, which are performed using surgical work, are very well-known operations in the world, as this type is considered one of the oldest methods and is performed through ear surgery to restore the ear to its natural shape.
  3. Rhinoplasty with metal strips This type of cosmetic surgery for the ear is done through metal strips, where it is performed especially for the prominent ear by taking steps aimed at bringing the ear back and reducing its prominence until it returns to normal.
  4. Otoplasty without surgery: It is one of the lesser-known types and causes harm if it is not performed by a specialist in this plastic surgery of the ear. Many people are looking for this type, especially that it is inexpensive and without operations, where this type of cosmetic surgery is performed in several simple ways Using wound dressings, pressure and other extremity and special techniques.
  5. Laser : It is one of the techniques that has taken great success globally, especially this technique, as it does not need surgery, and this method is avoided by many, as most people resort to laser ear surgery due to several reasons, including not performing surgery and not leaving Scars and other things that are on the side of the patient.

Otoplasty surgery pros VS cons

Turkey is the ideal country to perform ear surgeries, as the Turkish surgeons have great experience and skill in this field, and they use in beauty centers and medical clinics the latest devices, technologies and equipment available, in addition to the fact that the health sector in Turkey is characterized by effective government control that prevents many practices Non-professional and unlicensed in hospitals and cosmetic medical centers with the aim that the cosmetic surgery of the ears is the correction of protruding ears, and ears that are very large, strange or affect the patient’s appearance.

Rhinoplasty is a very safe procedure and complications are not common.

The “problems” do not affect hearing and ear health in general, but may cause severe psychological distress.

Some of them may cause an unwanted appearance, so many people with prominent ears have annoyance, ridicule, or bullying at school or work, which may further exacerbate their problem and sometimes lead to depression.

After the surgery, the patient may feel some pain and discomfort and this is very normal.

As the ears begin to heal, many patients will experience itching.

The dressings will be removed after several days. The stitches are removed a few weeks after the procedure unless dissolvable stitches are used and eventually they will dissolve on their own and therefore the patient will not need to remove them.

As for the occurrence of complications, such as infection, bleeding and severe reactions to anesthesia.

Other complications, which are less serious, can be very uncomfortable and include scarring, irritation from stitches, and unsatisfactory results.

Recovery period

After ear surgery in Turkey, the patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day after the operation, where he can rest for the first few days at home, and then continue his daily life.

The patient can shower 3 days after the operation, preferring to wear a headband after prominent Otoplasty Surgery in Turkeyto protect the stitches and repair the new shape of the ears. These bands will protect the ears during the healing process to reduce edema and swelling resulting from the surgery, starting from the seventh day, where the patient can see the shape The final ear for his ears after the first week, and the doctor recommends waiting 4 weeks after the operation to start exercising, while adhering to the instructions that must be adhered to during the recovery period, which are:

  1. The patient’s head may spin or feel dizzy due to the anesthesia, but it goes away quickly after a few days and gradually.
  2. Keep the wound from contamination and not expose it to hot sunlight.
  3. Pain may occur after the operation, but it goes away by taking the analgesics and antibiotics prescribed by the treating doctor.
  4. The stitches are removed only one week after the surgery, and the patient is followed up at intervals.
  5. The patient should not touch the ear or pull it to maintain its position.
  6. The patient is able to practice his daily life an hour after the operation, and sometimes there are cases that take at least five days

Where Turkish cosmetic clinics provide a mixture of experience, competence and skill, Turkish surgeons are known for their great fame and reputation in the recent period in terms of plastic surgeries, and as for the material cost of carrying out procedures for plastic surgeries in Turkey, there are comprehensive centers for the costs of travel and accommodation, where we find that they are often It is less than that of many countries in the region, so Turkey has become one of the most preferred cities for many people who want to have plastic surgery in addition to the tourism that Turkey is famous for.

If a person wants to have an ear surgery in Turkey, he will be surprised by the large number of cosmetic clinics in the country, as Turkey includes a large number of Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey clinics and one of the most famous cities for cosmetic centers in Turkey is Istanbul, and then major cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Adana, This diversity and the large number of clinics plays in the interest of the client, who can prefer and choose the best center that he likes in terms of skill, efficiency, quality, experience of the medical staff and price as well.

Cost of Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey

As for the cost of the operation, it is expensive, but it is considered a skilled and efficient surgical operation, and due to the multiplicity of centers specialized in the field of Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey, one of the most important attractions for conducting ear plastic surgery in Turkey is the competitive price in addition to the offers and discounts provided by the well-known beauty center Turk Aesthetic Center that offers

Otoplasty prices range from $1,500, and average between $2,000 and $2,500, and the cost is rarely more than $3,000, depending on the patient’s condition and the technique that will be used through surgery or laser technology that can be used in cases of removing excess bone in the ear. The patient has a distinctive appearance after getting rid of the obvious ear problem, which may make him completely satisfied with his old appearance.

As for these prices, they are much lower than the prices of ear surgeries in most Arab countries, and low in the cost of performing them in many European countries.

Finally, to obtain the cost of Otoplasty Surgery in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for additional information.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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