Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty procedure in Turkey in this article, we will explain the most important information and details about it, we will also answer the important questions regarding ear surgery.

Otoplasty is the surgical operation that aims to correct and reshape the birth defects in the ear. The good candidates for ear surgery are children above four years old, elderly people and most people who have birth defects in their ears and looking forward to getting a beautiful normal sized ear.

Otoplasty procedure success rate Ear plastic surgery is considered one of the successful surgeries, which by undergoing it the patient can have the desired results with a 90% rate, and luckily the surgery’s side effects are very rare.

Here below some quick information about Otoplasty surgery:

AnesthesiaFull or Local
Procedure duration1-2 Hours
Results AppearanceImmediate
Procedure aimRe-shaping ear to increase harmony
Continuity of resultsLife Time
ConvalescenceNo need
Turk Aesthetic CostDepending on Anesthesia 1500 – 2000 USD

Otoplasty Procedure Video

Before and After

Cases require Otoplasty Procedure

  • Prominent/Protruding ears (bat ear).
  • Lop or folded ear: In this case, the ear has a shape of a cup and its upper and lower parts are folded towards its middle part.
  • Microtia (small ear): an advanced case of the folded ear.
  • Preauricular cysts (ear pits): holes in the helix of the ear.
  • Cryptotia: the ear attached to the head.
  • Anotia: the ear and the canal are completely absent.
  • Stahl’s ear: the case when there are extra folds on the helix.
  • Ear tag: skin tags in front of the ear.
  • Too big ears.

Otoplasty Procedure steps

  • Ear plastic surgery steps, first local or general anesthesia is applied, which is done according to the doctor’s decision and what is suitable for the patient’s case, in the cases of children it is preferable to apply general anesthesia, while in the case of elderly people local anesthesia with a sedative is preferred, it keeps the patient awake but relaxed.
  • The surgery starts by making an incision behind the ear, where the ear is attached to the scalp, then the surgeon starts to remove the required amount of the cartilage and skin to achieve the desired shape.
  • In some cases the surgeon reshapes the cartilage by using permanent stitches to attach the cartilage in the desired place until the incision heals, which ensures that the ear stays in the required place, the surgery takes (1-3) hours according to the malformation case.

When do the actual results start to appear?

Especially In the case of the prominent ear (bat ears), the results of an ear plastic surgery appear in a short time, where it can be noticed immediately after removing the bandages that were placed after the operation to sustain the ear shape during the incision recovery period. This surgery corrects the ear shape permanently and makes the ear appear in balance with the head shape, while in the other cases, the patient gets the final results between 3-6 months after the surgery.

Aftercare Otoplasty Instructions

  • The patient must commit completely to the doctor’s instructions to be able to get the desired results, the most important of which:
  • Do not remove the headband to ensure getting the right position of the ear after it is has been corrected,
  • The patient should wear the headband while sleeping to keep the ears in the right position and to not be folded,
  • Avoid folding or pulling the air during the recovery period, in most of ear surgery cases the patient can get discharged from hospital after a few hours of the operation,
  • The pain after the surgery is slight and endurable, it can be treated with a painkiller and the patient can return to his normal life in a week, the surgery’s results are permanent and it lasts a lifetime.
  • As a Recommendations The surgeons recommend otoplasty for children above 4 years old who suffer from one of the previous ear malformations, it improves the psychological state of the child and on the other hand, it aims to get the best results possible where at this age the cartilage is more flexible and can be reshaped easily

Side effects

  • Blood clots may appear under the skin, which is removed when you visit your doctor.
  • Incision inflammation that can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Scares may appear and fade away over time, in most of the cases the scares are not visible because it is located behind the ear.

Otoplasty VS Tympanoplasty

We have to know the difference between ear plastic surgery and Tympanoplasty, which means ear reconstruction, while ear plastic surgery is for reshaping the ear that has an injury or has birth deformities to get a better appearance of the ear, this surgery is done in one session, as for the ear reconstruction surgery (Tympanoplasty), it is done for babies that were born without a helix or for those who had lost their ear in an accident, this surgery is done in three sessions in a period of 3-6 months.

Otoplasty procedure cost in turkey

Ear Plastic surgery prices, as we always remind you, the high prices are not always a sign of a professional surgeon, we may find a lot of private hospitals that care about the cost more than the operation results, and we see them spending a lot of money on the commercials, therefore their prices become so high compared to the desired results. With regard to the spread of aesthetic centers and some non-specialized doctors getting into aesthetics the patient should read and know information about aesthetics and the plastic surgery that he wants to undergo and to choose the successful doctor who cares mainly about the patient, the patient should not rate a doctor or a center according to its price, he should rather learn about the surgeon’s experience years and his work.

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