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Nose Fat Removal
Nose Fat Removal

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Nose Fat Removal


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Nose Fat Removal As we know that the secretion of fat cells in the skin has an important role in the body, because fat forms a layer of protection for the cells that follow internally, while externally it is responsible for giving the skin luster, softness, flexibility, and a smoother appearance, but the amount of fat that is secreted should be There is a proportional amount in the skin and not to exceed a certain limit because the increase in the amount of fat in the skin causes many skin problems, including grains, and black tares, and its increase in the nose area causes annoying problems that cause embarrassment, especially for young people, adolescents and people in general…and we will show you through this article a fat problem Nose and how to get rid of it.

Who are the people most prone to nose fat?

Most of the people who suffer from the problem of nasal fat are those with oily and mixed skin, so we find them constantly looking for a treatment for this problem, because of the shame and frustration it causes among people and because of the problems caused by the large number of fat, especially in the area of ​​​​the nose, its size and the formation of black tares and grains in it.

Nose Fat Removal Reasons

Owners of a greasy nose resort to any means that enables them to solve the problems that affect them as a result of their oily skin, which gives the size of a larger nose, inflamed grains and ziwan, and they use chemical and natural prescriptions, lotions and other products to get rid of the problems of a greasy nose. The oily nose can be resorted to surgical or simple cosmetic operations to reduce the size of the nose and obtain a beautiful and proportional nose.

Nose Fat Removal methods

There are some natural methods that we can use personally without visiting a medical clinic, and quick ways that we can resort to the dermatologist to perform for us, including laser liposuction, or a special device for liposuction.

But there are several steps for personal hygiene, which must be adhered to on a daily basis, to get rid of nose fat:

Use a medical lotion for oily skin to reduce the percentage of fat and maintain clean healthy skin, to avoid the formation of pimples and grains.
Washing with hot water and then applying ice packs to reduce the size of the facial pores after cleaning.
Use special creams that suit the nature of oily skin.

Fat Removal Device

Nasal liposuction devices have entered the world of cosmetic medicine and skin care, and are now available in most cosmetic clinics and skin specialists. These devices are small in size, easy to use and do not cause pain. Oily skin owners can buy them and use them at home. The principle of its work is to pull the fat in the skin strongly by Several heads pass over the skin in a circular motion to obtain satisfactory results.

Before session

  • Washing the face with soap for oily skin, to ensure the cleanliness of the skin.
  • The skin should be soft and warm, we get this by steaming the face with warm water.
  • We operate the nose liposuction device and move it over the fatty area where the fat is to be removed (nose – forehead – chin). The process is repeated several times in succession.
  • After using the device, we put cold water compresses over the skin to reduce the redness of the skin, tighten the pores that were cleaned, and liposuction through it.

Nose Fat Removal with needles

The best option for those who do not have the time to take care of their oily skin is to go to plastic surgery doctors and get a quick and permanent solution. On a small and beautiful nose, including nasal liposuction with needles, the doctor withdraws this fat professionally, and this procedure saves us from the problem of nose fat, but does not give a small size to the nose as surgery gives him, the better the doctor is with experience, the better the result and the less unwanted side effects .

The cost of nasal liposuction with needles in some Mediterranean countries is: 300-350 dollars as an approximate value.

As for the cost of rhinoplasty in Europe and America: 1500 – 2500 dollars.

As for the cost of nasal liposuction with needles, it ranges between 1000-2500 dollars, with additional services provided to patients free of charge.

Laser Nose Fat Removal

Laser uses have become widespread and abundant in the world of cosmetics today and in many medical fields, and the procedure had a share in the use of laser technology in it. Medically successful.

What are the advantages and steps of laser nose liposuction?

A quick operation, which can be performed in the clinic by a specialist doctor.
The area to be liposuction is cleaned.
Laser nose liposuction is performed without anesthetic.
The duration of the procedure ranges between 15-30 minutes.
Cold compresses are placed to soothe the skin and reduce redness after the procedure.
You can return to normal life immediately after the operation.
The results of the operation appear within hours after the operation.
No scars and swellings appear after the operation, unlike other cosmetic operations.
Choosing the right country, doctor and location is an important element for the success of the operation
Pros of nose liposuction:

  • Feeling confident, getting rid of annoying pimples and pimples.
  • Simple easy give us lasting results.
  • Fat Free NoseAny nose free from annoying shine.

Natural ways

Many women are interested in the beauty of their skin and maintaining it using natural recipes available to them at home. These recipes may give very beautiful results if they continue to use them, especially for those who have oily skin, and the most important components of these recipes are the presence of an acid substance that works to tighten the skin and get rid of annoying fats in it, There are many of these substances, including: lemon juice, and vinegar of all kinds, apples or grapes (must be diluted with water), and starch with milk and lemon juice works to clean the skin of fat, and the mixtures that contain honey were highly effective and gave amazing results in Obtaining fresh, fat-free skin, and there is a special lotion for oily skin available in pharmacies, which can be requested when needed without visiting a doctor’s office, and the most important step in all that is commitment and follow-up on a daily basis because neglecting oily skin and the accumulation of fat causes many problems, including the black tarantula And grains and clogged pores.

Nose Fat Removal Cost

The cost depends on the factor of your choice of the doctor, the country and the appropriate center, so it is not possible to put an accurate value for the cost, but as an approximate value, the cost ranges between 1000-3000 US dollars, and this cost varies according to the factors we mentioned..

We advise you to choose Turkey for the procedure, given that these surgeries have been performed in abundance recently and achieved great results.

The most important advice given by dermatologists and beauticians to those who suffer from oily skin problems, is to take care of it and always keep it clean.

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