Lips Reduction in Turkey

Lips Reduction in Turkey
Lips Reduction in Turkey

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Lips Reduction in Turkey


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Lips Reduction in Turkey do you want to have attractive, symmetrical and eye-catching facial features?

We have all seen the proliferation of lip augmentation to get plump lips as Hollywood actresses, stars in Turkish soap operas, and a gorgeous sexy smile. But there are those who want to reduce the mouth and have a small, soft mouth, and this is what we will touch on here, and you may ask whether or not the process of reducing the mouth will be expensive?

Let us learn about the reduction process to know whether we can perform such surgery or not.

Lip reduction surgery

It is a large and wide mouth reduction procedure in which excess tissue is removed from the lower and upper lips

to reduce the size of the lips and make the mouth small in proportion to our faces.

Usually, surgery is done by measuring the size of the lips, knowing how well the size of the face fits,

and determining the most appropriate size, which gives a natural aesthetic appearance.

In the operation, local or general anesthesia is used

The appendages that cause enlarging the size of the mouth are removed, and the skin is tightened

so that the lips are symmetrical.

The duration of the operation is approximately half an hour or an hour, after which the person can go home and continue his normal life, while preserving the doctor’s instructions and adhering to them in terms of smoking, drinking hot and iced drinks, and avoiding the use of lipsticks and moisturizers for a period of two weeks.

Cost of Lips Reduction in Turkey

As for the price of the operation, the cost is calculated according to several criteria:

  • The doctor who performs the operation, his experience, the extent of his presence in the profession, and his certificates
  • The hospital or medical place in which the operation was performed.
  • Lips and the proportion of appendages and volume that have been modified.
  • The procedures that were used, equipment and modern technologies such as lasers.
  • The necessary procedures before the operation, such as analyzes and x-rays.

And the cost of the operation varies from place to another, but this process has become one of the basics in the world of beauty and cosmetology.

Turkey is the first in this field. If we notice that the Turkish stars, their beauty appears natural despite their plastic surgeries.

Finally, if you have any inquiries about the procedure, please visit the first cosmetic center. in Turkey – Turk Aesthetic so that you can be the focus of everyone’s attention with your attractive and distinctive features, or contact us via the link.