Gynecomastia In Turkey

Gynecomastia in Turkey (male breast reduction) has been recently famous for medical tourism with foreigners and Arabs flocking from all over the world to be treated and have plastic surgeries.

In this article, we are going to help you to get the best options for hospitals in Turkey and the recommendations that a man needs before undergoing male breast reduction surgery in Turkey.

Gynecomastia surgery become a corrective surgery for those who suffer from enlargement in the shape and size of the breasts, this problem is common among some men.

It happens because of a disease or as a result of using some medication that causes a disorder in the hormones or it is due to genetic factors.

Here below some Quick Information about Gynecomastia surgery

AnesthesiaLocal / general (according to the nature of the procedure)
Procedure Duration3 Hours
Stay in the hospitalOne night after procedure
Results appearanceGradually after the effects of the process disappear
Continuity of resultsForever
Return to daily activity2 weeks
Procedure methodRemoval of excess tissue with suction of the fat accumulated around the breast
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Gynecomastia in Turkey – Video

Does a man feel socially embarrassed about his visible breasts?

In this case, a man feels psychological pressure, his self-esteem decreases as a result of his visible breasts shape,

what makes him stop going to the gym and avoid having sexual intercourse to not be ashamed,

you can find many men who have a male breast problem always wear loose clothes to hide the male breast look.

Gynecomastia in Turkey (surgery details)

The method of operation varies according to the degree of gynecomastia for each man. If the level of fat is high, the excess fat should be suctioned out

But if the degree of fat is normal, the doctor resorts to removing the excess tissue.

The two things can be done together in the event that the two problems arise.

The operation is performed under general or local anesthesia, according to the type of procedure.

Gynecomastia Surgery with laser

  • Laser is one of the treatment options available to get rid of excess fat in the chest area.
  • And it is not possible to rely on the laser to get rid of the excess tissue, which is confined to the surgical excision.

You can see the process in the video

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

Compared with the countries of the Middle East or Europe, the cost of gynecomastia surgery in Turkey is acceptable,

especially if we take into account the issue of tourism as an additional advantage for choosing Turkey as a treatment destination.

Below you can find surgery cost of Gynecomastia in Turkey and in some countries around the world:

  • gynecomastia surgery cost in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah – Dammam – Riyadh) is about $ 5,000
  • Morocco around 4000 dollars
  • UK 4,500 dollars
  • USA 5,000 dollars
  • Turkey, the cost ranges from 1500 to 3000 dollars

Get rid of gyno no surgery

  • A common question that arises for everyone is that deciding to perform the operation is a difficult thing and causes everyone to hesitate.
  • And the answer is definitely no.
  • The traditional methods is not substitute for a radical surgical solution to the problem of the emergence of gynecomastia for several considerations …
  • One of the most important considerations is individual differences:
  • Some men have a clear problem of gynecomastia, meaning that the size of the problem interferes with the possibility of relying on the traditional solution.
  • If the problem is limited, you can exercise and swim to tighten the body.
  • But if the problem of gynecomastia is obvious to the point of inconvenience, exercise is not sufficient to get rid of gynecomastia.
  • The second consideration is the cause of the problem. The disorder of male and female hormones in the body is considered one of the causes of gynecomastia for men,
  • but the problem becomes a result that is difficult to solve after the increase in inflation.
  • In other words, it is possible to consult a doctor and take some drugs that suppress the female hormone, but after it is too late,
  • the medicine regulates hormones, that is, to stop the disturbed growth of the breast, but it does not treat what resulted from it.

Gynecomastia Surgery Candidates

Male breast reduction surgery is considered as an optional surgery, it is done to meet the patient’s desires and not for someone else’s

where like other plastic surgeries it is done to make the patient content with his appearance but a candidate should have the below requirements:

  • men in shape to help them undergo this surgery.
  • They must have a normal weight and not suffering from obesity.
  • Should be aware that this surgery is not the magical solution to make male breasts disappear.
  • breasts growth has to be stopped and not still increasing.
  • He should first consult a doctor then treat Gynecomastia with the recommended medications.
  • The patient should be in good health, not suffering from any disease that can be an obstacle in the healing prosses after male breast reduction in Turkey.
  • Should not be a smoker or a drug addict.
  • Has never used drugs before.
  • Optimistic and has a positive look ahead regarding the future results after male breast reduction surgery.
Gynecomastia before after
Gynecomastia before after

Gynecomastia side effects

As mentioned previously, undergoing male breast reduction surgery is a personal and private choice for a man to regain and improve his self-esteem

and body image that is why the patient should have already learned the procedure’s advantages and disadvantages,

he should also be patient during the recovery period waiting for the final results,

we should understand that a plastic surgeon does not have a magical wand,

most of the plastic surgeries need time until we can see the difference after it,

we should mention that there are some expected side effects:

  • Unexpected scars may appear in the breasts.
  • The procedure’s incision may slightly bleed.
  • Some blood clots.
  • The incision healing may be very slow.

We should note that when the patient commits to all of the doctor’s recommendations we guarantee that no complications will happen.

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