Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey

Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey
Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey

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Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey


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Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey A lot of obese and overweight individuals are looking for multiple solutions to get rid of obesity quickly. Gastric banding operations have recently spread, which has been very successful in the world, especially in Turkey, which is one of the best and most famous countries in the field of plastic surgery. And tourism plastic surgery, so we will tell you in this article about the details of the gastric banding operation in Turkey. Is it a successful surgery and does it help to get rid of obesity, excess weight and fat concentrated in the abdominal area.

Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey

It is a procedure by which the stomach is restricted in order to lose weight.

Where the amount that a person eats before reaching a feeling of satiety is restricted.

This process is done by dividing the stomach into two parts by means of a tape that can be adjusted, the first part is called the pocket, which is a small part before the stomach and can accommodate 20-30 ml, and the second part is the largest and is what remains of the stomach. Great food.

With this procedure, food moves very slowly because it will pass through the smaller opening, and this leads to a person feeling full quickly, and this works to bind the stomach and reduce food intake.

Where the amount of food becomes one cup of solid food, and the person feels full for long periods after meals.

When do we resort to a gastric banding operation?

When we exhaust the natural methods of treating obesity and losing weight, we resort to surgery.

Gastric banding constitutes 10% of all surgeries performed to treat obesity and overweight, compared to other sleeve gastrectomy and gastric sleeve surgeries.

Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey
Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey

Gastric Banding Surgery Conditions

There are a number of conditions in the gastric banding procedure, which are the following:

  1. Your body mass index (BMI) should be 40 units or more, or about 35-40 units with a health condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  2. Lack of response and failure in treatments for weight loss, such as exercise, diet and diet.
  3. Full readiness for surgery and acceptance of the new situation.
  4. Follow-up and commitment to the long term and maintain periodic check-ups, work on changes in a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Follow up on attending appointments on a regular basis.

Before Lap Band

Before performing any operation, the patient discusses, consults and talks to the surgeon before making a decision, and the doctor explains all the details of the operation and the patient’s health conditions and suggests other sections of obesity treatments.

The patient must perform full examinations and present the results to the doctor, to choose the best method among the methods to perform the operation.

There are other procedures that the patient must take before the operation, which are:

  1. Stay away from high-calorie foods and limit yourself to low-calorie foods two weeks before the procedure.
  2. Perform an endoscopic examination of the stomach.
  3. Inform and inform the doctor of an allergy to special medicines.
  4. Attention not to eat and drink liquids the night before the operation.
  5. Preventing the use of any medications without the doctor’s permission such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements.
  6. The patient should follow a special diet and a special diet prescribed by the doctor, and be careful to stay away from eating certain foods and drinks.
  7. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol a whole month before the scientific.
  8. If the doctor describes some physical and physical activities and exercises before the surgery, pay attention to the need to do them on a regular basis.
  9. The patient should have a clear knowledge of the conditions and risks of the operation, and ask the doctor about anything that is not clear.

During Lap Band

The doctor places the band under the place of transition from the esophagus to the stomach around the stomach.

After that, he divides the stomach into two parts, one for the pre-stomach (bag) of 20-30 ml, and the second part includes the rest of the remaining stomach, which is the section for the largest.

Usually, the gastric band is made of silicone and is filled from the inside with a solution of table salt. During the operation, we put the gastric band not closed and it is filled later as needed.

As for the ligament, it is filled from the outside.

Underneath the abdominal wall is a tank of about 5 centimeters that penetrates through the skin.

As for the amount of fluid in the ligament, it changes with the increase in the size of the band, and it is fixed with greater pressure around the stomach and relatively increased weight loss.

Externally, changes in the amount of fluid are possible.

After Lap Band

The following things are taken into consideration after the gastric banding operation:

  1. A loss of operation success occurs if the patient eats a lot of snacks or eats foods with high calories and rich in sugar. High-energy liquid foods (such as high-calorie drinks) do not lead to weight loss. Therefore, it is obligatory and important for each patient to consider whether they can follow the recommended diet and the appropriate course of action for them.
  2. With gastric banding, weight loss is less than other gastric bypass operations.
  3. It is important to assist the patient in the pursuit of effective weight loss.
  4. It is important to change the diet of the overweight person and to realize that those who performed the operation are new body signals, and this indicates an urgent need for clear education about the procedure and good nutritional advice.
  5. For the long-term, there are possible complications: such as the expansion of the small part before the stomach, or the change in the motility of the stomach, or the sliding (dislocation) of the gastric band.
  6. For weight reduction in the intestinal range, it is between 50 to 60% of excess weight during the first two years
  7. For nutritional therapy, it is recommended after the gastric band is implanted. So follow a diet low in fat and rich in fiber and vitamins and stick to it.

Gastric banding techniques in Turkey

Laparoscopic surgery or what is known (“keyhole technique”). The laparoscopic procedure requires a few small incisions and the patient recovers quickly.

This surgery is under general anesthesia and with the use of an endoscope.

Where the surgeon makes several small cuts in the patient’s abdomen and inserts the endoscope and other equipment for surgery. Through the endoscope, the physician can see and see the operation well.

During surgery, the surgeon will attach an adjustable silicone ring to the upper part of the stomach to make the stomach smaller.

Also, this process is connected to a small tube under the skin to fit the tube and make it smoother and closer to the stomach, saline fluid, sea salt and water, and the tie is cooler and the size of the stomach to become smaller.

At the end of the operation, the surgeon removes the surgical instruments from the body and sews the wounds together.

As for the side effects, stomach pain and nausea may occur, and this is normal, as it continues for a few days after the gastric banding operation.

After the operation, the patient must stay overnight in the hospital. Where the equipment is X-rayed to ensure that the band is in its exact location.

And pay attention to the need for the patient to follow a special diet prescribed by the doctor. The system includes only fluids for about two weeks. After two weeks, the patient can eat soft foods.

There are other recommendations after gastric banding, as follows:

  1. Chew food well when eating it.
  2. Do not eat a lot of food at once.
  3. Take the medications prescribed by the doctor when feeling pain.
  4. Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol two weeks after the operation.
  5. Consult your doctor with a nutritionist about taking certain vitamins, which are usually prescribed calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12 or iron.
  6. Doing blood tests to ensure that there is no anemia after the operation.
  7. It is important to follow exercises and follow a healthy diet and diet on an ongoing basis.

Gastric band alternatives in Turkey

Of course, there is an alternative for every operation, the most important of which are:

gastric balloon operation

It is also a process that is done through the endoscope without making a surgical incision, in which a balloon is inserted into the stomach and filled with saline solution, so the stomach area becomes small, and the amount of food is small, making the person feel full.

gastric bypass surgery

It is an operation in which a large part of the stomach is removed, and the remaining part forms a small pocket or a thin tube, and in both cases the amount of food eaten by the person decreases and he loses excess weight.

Gastric bypass (gastric bypass)

It is done in two ways. The first is stapling or sleeving the largest part of the stomach, where the remaining smaller part of the stomach is connected to a small part of the intestine.

Or by removing the largest part of the stomach by cutting it without tying or gagging and connecting the stomach with a compass in the small intestine, and this leads to completely changing the course and shape of the stomach.

Qualified for gastric banding

Gastric banding for weight loss seems like a quick idea to some, instead of following boring diets and diets and exercising until fatigue and exhaustion to try to get a slim body and light weight, but after the technological development in the field of cosmetic treatment, there are available solutions and solutions.

Where doctors initially dealt with obese and overweight people began to adjust the lifestyle, in addition to the gastric banding operation, which was successful for many of the people who performed it. In addition to these operations, there is a need to submit to a disciplined diet that provides the body with basic nutritional needs and helps to lose excess weight.

This surgery does not constitute a danger in the treatment or a solution to obesity and overweight except in certain cases, such as the presence of health threats and risks due to obesity, such as people who have cardiovascular problems, blood pressure, diabetes, back and joint problems, and other problems that worsen with age as well.

We can also move to this solution immediately and quickly with overweight and obese people who suffer from a BMI ranging between 35 and 40. Other solutions often will not make a difference with them, as they need a quick radical solution to help them move towards a lean, beautiful and healthy body more.

Side Effects

As for complications, they are very rare.

Gastric banding is the simplest method and the least risky of complications in the treatment of surgical obesity. Gastric banding.

Infections may occur in the wound about 1.4% of operations

But the most common complications of gastric banding are gastric band slippage (5.5%), gastric band leakage (3.6%) and gastric perforation (0.5%). These complications require further surgery and ligament removal.

Can the gastric band be removed again?

One of the advantages of gastric banding is that the gastric band is reversible and adjustable, and there is no need to make permanent or similar incisions in the stomach. By this method, the natural structure of the stomach is preserved, and this in turn, the process is reversible. And, of course, gastroscopy is still easily possible

Advantages of gastric banding

The advantage of the gastric band is that we can eat normal food, the digestion process is very regular. There is no deficiency of vitamins and minerals due to the natural process of using food.

The gastric band is one of the most effective ways to lose weight than traditional diets.

The gastric band is the best method that has clearly outperformed the other methods of maintaining weight in terms of weight loss, reduction in diseases caused by obesity (diabetes and high blood pressure), and reducing mortality caused by obesity. Whereas, 76.8% of those with diabetes were cured, and they were proven to have gastric banding, which is caused by weight gain.

Those who had the surgery, on average, lost 62.5% of their excess weight compared to conservative diets that reduced 4.3% of their excess weight.

As for other obesity surgeries, such as gastric bypass and biliary-pancreatic diversion, the anti-diabetic effect may occur early.

Cost of gastric banding in Turkey

Among the various obesity treatment procedures and operations related to the stomach and intestines, the gastric banding operation is also among the options offered, as it helps to restrict the stomach with a belt or a dedicated belt, thus reducing its size and reducing the food you eat. Do you know what the cost of the gastric banding operation is

There are many factors on which the cost of gastric banding depends, such as the patient’s obesity status, the extent to which anesthesia is included in the cost, and other factors, but the average cost of gastric banding in Turkey may range between 4000 to 8000 dollars.

, and ranges between 10 thousand and 15 thousand dollars in the United States of America

Finally, to request the cost of the Gastric Banding Surgery in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for more information.