Forehead Reduction in Turkey

Forehead Reduction in Turkey
Forehead Reduction in Turkey

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Forehead Reduction in Turkey


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Forehead Reduction in Turkey since childhood we always hear that having a large front indicates that the owner of a wide front possesses intelligence, wisdom and cunning, but in our time this view has faded and men and women who have a high front have become ashamed of their external appearance and want a solution to the broad front .

And a person may feel distrusted and satisfied with his appearance and lack of attractiveness, so some try to hide their foreheads by wearing a head covering or buying hair wigs for the front of the head.

Hair transplant surgery is not limited to genetic baldness cases only, but also for those who have a big forehead.

Most research has determined the proportions of the face that the forehead should consist of a third of the face.

The forehead reduction surgery is the best solution if you have lost the feeling of insecurity, lack of self-confidence, and boredom and boredom in making ugly hairstyles to hide the forehead reduction surgery is the solution in a plastic surgery that helps in this problem, which is the process of reducing the forehead.

In this article, we will talk in detail about ways to reduce the forehead and all its details.

What is Forehead Reduction Surgery in Turkey

It is a forehead reduction surgery, which is called the front and forehead hairline lowering process, which works to reduce the size of the wide forehead by removing part of the forehead skin to create a lower hairline and reduce the distance between the eyebrow hair and depends on the progression of the hair line on the variables of the length of the hairline and laxity Scalp and patient preferences.

Typically, a female’s hairline should start between 4 and 6 cm above the eyebrows, at the transition point between the vertical forehead and when the forehead slopes backward toward the scalp.

Forehead reduction surgery in Turkey helps patients to place the hairline in a position that is more satisfactory, and this helps to restore the harmony and symmetry of the face.

The forehead bears a variety of benefits, like:

  • To restore balance to the face, the space between the eyebrows and the hair is shortened.
  • To remove wrinkles in the forehead can be performed in conjunction with an eyebrow lift.
  • Work to improve the general appearance of the face and work to restore good symmetry between the forehead and the rest of the face.
  • It gives a more youthful look to the face in general.
  • Work to reduce temporal hair loss.
  • Reducing wrinkles in the upper front.
  • Change the hairline for a better position.

Causes of the prominent front

The front has not expanded for several reasons, the most important of which are:

  • The forehead is raised significantly due to genetics, hair loss, or because of a surgery such as a brow lift.
  • One of the main problems that accompany aging is the return of the hair and the forehead becomes wide.
  • Due to genetic factors, more than 70% of men have the so-called “genetic baldness” that extends to the sides of the forehead, while women complain of little hair density and weakness.
  • The excessive use of chemical preparations in the care of hair causes premature baldness.
  • Doing wrong practices in caring for hair, tightening and combing it violently, wearing a veil for too long, and not ventilating the hair.
  • Because of the incidence of chronic diseases such as cancer and taking medication and drugs, this leads to hair loss and later enlargement of the forehead area.
  • Back hair due to thyroid disorders.

Forehead Reduction surgery reasons

Many people resort to forehead reduction surgery for several reasons, such as:

  • Individuals who do not like the size of their forehead and have a high hair line and a large forehead.
  • Those who have low or heavy eyebrows, where the forehead reduction process can help raise the eyebrows for a more attractive position.
  • His skin is smooth, their forehead is smooth, and their scalp is lax.
  • Those who have recently had a hair transplant
  • Baldness in men.
  • Individuals who notice hairline receding and receding from the front of the head.
  • The owners of thin hair, especially women, and this contributes to showing the size of the broad forehead.

Forehead Reduction methods

01- Simple treatment

It is done by the doctor treating the causes of hair loss through:

  • Avoid taking medications that contain chemicals harmful to hair health.
  • Minimizing and avoiding the use of hairspray, gel, and wearing hats for long periods.
  • Doctors resort to using cosmetic treatments to stimulate hair growth by injecting the scalp locally with mesotherapy and plasma.
  • Reducing the forehead by surgery, hair transplantation, and hairline lowering.

02- the Surgery

  • Reducing the forehead by surgery, where the wide forehead is reduced from 1 inch – 2 inch or 2 – 5 cm, according to the doctor’s knowledge and the patient’s desire to reduce it.
  • After that, the doctor determines a new line of hair on the border of the forehead, and then cut the distance between the hairline and the new line, and connect these two areas with each other with cosmetic sutures or the adhesive process, which is most preferred by plastic surgeons to hide the effects that arise after sewing.

The doctor cuts a part of the forehead bone, followed by suturing the wound in a cosmetic way. This method helps to get the best results in the forehead reduction process.

03- Hair transplantation

It is considered the appropriate solution where hair is transplanted to reduce the forehead.

This operation is one of the most common operations, especially for people who are afraid of plastic surgery, and this operation does not have side effects, rather it is very safe.

Where it is based on hair transplantation with the technique of extraction, the follicles are extracted and planted directly in the area to be treated. There is no period for preparing the follicles in this technique. The follicles are not preserved until the extraction is completed. The doctor uses a special pen called a “Choi pen” that enables him to extract The follicles from the donor area, and then directly implant them without delay in the future area.

Before the forehead reduction surgery

Of course, for the success of the surgery, and for it to be one of the most ways to ensure the best possible results in the forehead reduction surgery, there are some tips to help prepare for the surgery before the forehead reduction surgery:

  • Knowing the complete medical history, it is important for the surgeon to know if the person has certain diseases such as eye diseases (glaucoma, dry eye, or detached retina) and the presence of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, circulatory disorders.
  • If there was any previous plastic surgery that was performed, such as an eyebrow lift, this is not suitable for a forehead reduction surgery.
  • Knowing if the person is taking medication, he will be instructed to stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs before surgery to reduce swelling.
  • Provide a list of over-the-counter medications or health supplements to avoid as some natural medications and vitamins exacerbate bleeding.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and salty foods for the week before surgery in order to reduce swelling and fluid retention.
  • Avoid smoking a month before the operation, because smoking has a harmful effect on healing from surgery and causes tissue death.

During surgery

The forehead reduction surgery takes from two to three hours according to the following steps:

  • The patient is given local or general anesthesia, and it is given orally or intravenously, and local anesthesia is preferred to keep the patient in a state of alert.
  • Postoperative hairline positioning with a typical incision. The cut is often wavy or curly to mimic a natural hairline.
  • The skin is then raised above the marked line to remove the excess forehead and advanced hairline.
  • Suturing the wound using two layers of stitches or surgical clips to achieve a clean healing with minimal scars, and then through the incisions, hair will grow and this makes the scar undetectable.
  • To reduce the hair line up to 5 cm, a skin removal method must be followed. In cases where the hairline is lowered by more than 6 cm, the procedure is more complicated and invasive, and a temporary tissue expander is used under the scalp.

After surgery

There are some minor side effects that follow the completion of the surgery, which disappear with time and take the painkillers recommended by the doctor

As for the complications that may occur, we mention:

  • Some bleeding that lasts for two days after the operation.
  • Feeling of numbness at the incision site and in front of the scalp until the nerves grow.
  • Accumulation of the wound site occurs.
  • Feeling of asymmetry in the face, which usually corrects as healing progresses.
  • In cases where visible scars are present, hair grafts can mask these scars.
  • The extended eye bruising will disappear within two days.
  • Hair loss around the scar occurs, which is temporary and lasts for a short time.

the Results Forehead Reduction (in Turkey)

As for the emergence of results, after the rapid recovery period and after the forehead reduction surgery, the person will not need to wait for a long time and enjoy the results.

Any bruising or swelling is resolved quickly and after several days of operation, patients can hide that they have undergone surgery and return to work, daily life, and comfort towards the new appearance.

However, there are realistic expectations of the desired outcome after surgery in order to enjoy the outcome after surgery.

Remember that the change is minor and to obtain permanent results, you must contact your surgeon.

The individual can do hair styling after a period of time, after recovery and the emergence of results, and there is someone who performs hair transplantation at the time of surgery, but to ensure the best results, the two procedures are separated.


This operation does not require a long recovery period. Where most patients feel healthy enough to return to the daily routine and work, however, there may be some bruising and swelling that remains for a few weeks around the head, forehead and eye area.

The first week after forehead reduction surgery and forehead lift

  • After the surgery is completed, the surgeon wraps the patient’s head with bandages to reduce pain and swelling. And leave the bandages until the surgeon agrees that they can be removed. Bandages should remain on the incision site until stitches are not necessary.
  • To reduce swelling and pain, use ice packs, and the prescribed pain medication will work for a long time of discomfort.
  • When you feel severe pain, contact the doctor to a surgeon.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed to reduce the occurrence of infection and your head must be placed elevated when sleeping after surgery.
  • A little numbness may occur at the front of the scalp, behind the incision. This numbness lasts for a few days or for several months while the nerves grow again.
  • Itching also occurs around the incision line as the nerve endings grow, which is a good sign that the scalp is healing.
  • And the stitches will be removed after a week of the operation if they are not of the dissolvable type.
  • The litter can wash his hair after two days of the operation.

Other criteria before Forehead Reduction (in Turkey)

The patient must take into consideration some criteria before performing the surgery, such as:

  • The competence of the surgeon and the specialist in this type of plastic surgery, his previous skills, and his experience in previous operations that he performed in his clinics.
  • The center’s reputation, competence, experience and reliable reputation does not bring in doctors without adequate qualifications, and in addition, in the search for a doctor’s educational background.
  • Precision and care used in the center

Cost of Forehead Reduction in Turkey

Cost of Forehead Reduction in Turkey ranges between 2500 and 4000 dollars, and of course there are variables that affect the cost of the operation, which are:

  • Plastic surgery site, equipment and techniques used in aesthetic procedures for forehead reduction.
  • The experience and skill of the surgeon who will be the supervisor of the small front operation in Turkey.
  • The individual case and its complexity play an important matter in the process of reducing the forehead, such as cases in which the forehead needs to be lowered a large distance and when the skin is very tight, this leads to a long time consuming in its completion
  • If the operation needs a tissue expander to stretch the skin.

Of course, you can contact us via the link to request a free consultation, as it is the best way to know the amount that will be spent in the process of reducing the front. Or visit YouTube for visual information.