Fat Transfer in Turkey

Fat Transfer in Turkey always gives us an unpleasant feeling, and it immediately comes to our minds when we hear the word obesity fat and overweight, but with the progress of the scientific revolution in the medical field and after many studies, doctors have found that it is possible to benefit from the annoying fats accumulated in the body beautifully in the field of Beautifying the body and sculpting it, so there is no need to worry and be disturbed by fat anymore, the fat injection technique has entered hospitals and cosmetic clinics in Turkey greatly and has become popular with many different countries in the world from beauty lovers and those who like to preserve their views more attractive, today we find an injection Fat is almost in the first ranks of the procedures performed by plastic surgeons in Turkey.

Fat Transfer in Turkey

In our conversation with one of the plastic surgeons in Turkey, he explained to us that autologous fat injection is a modern procedure in the cosmetic field, and it gives very beautiful positive results. Other, in order to give it a more beautiful look and improve its overall shape, as these fat cells continue to function normally in the place where they were injected and fill the voids and give the desired result a fuller area more attractive.

He added that the fat injection process is admired by many, and there is a great demand for it in our cosmetic centers in Turkey, and its prices are acceptable compared to the prices of other surgical and laser cosmetic operations and others, and that fat injection in Turkey today works to coordinate the body and fill the body to give it a more youthful look than it is.

Is the process available and successful in Turkey?

The most important thing that distinguishes Turkey from other countries that are famous for plastic surgery is that it has medical facilities and medical cadres specializing in the field of plastic surgery, and is also rich in medical cadres accompanying patients from the first moments of their arrival to Turkey, whether they are from Turkey or from outside, and as Turkey Long-term experience in the field of plastic surgery and it is one of the countries that accompanies everything related to plastic surgery in the world, and Turkey was the first to perform fat injection operations, so on average there are ten fat injection procedures that take place in Turkey out of every hundred plastic surgeries approximately, and this procedure has gained the plastic doctors in Turkey the experience And excellence and gave successful and beautiful results in the field of fat injection, with the testimony of many patients who underwent the fat injection process, there are numbers and studies that confirm Turkey’s excellence in the field of fat injection. If you want to go through this experience, we recommend that you go to the country of beauty Turkey.

Fat Transfer Source

The source of the fats used in fat injection is the human body itself, meaning that the fat is extracted from the patient’s body from a fat-dense area, and re-injected into another area for the same person so that the volume of fat in it is small and does not give the desired aesthetic appearance.

That is, fats can never be taken from a person’s body and injected into another person’s body.

Fat Transfer steps

The self-fat injection process goes through three basic stages:

  • Liposuction
  • Fat purification
  • Re-injection of fat in the place to be treated

After the examination session by the specialist doctor, the patient is explained in it about the fat injection process, and matters related to the process are agreed between them, including the results that can be obtained from the operation. After that, the stages of the fat injection process begin as follows:

  • The specialist doctor determines the area from which the fat cells will be taken, and it is usually the abdominal area.
  • It determines the amount of fat cells needed in the fat injection process.
  • The specialist doctor begins suctioning the fat cells with special equipment for this procedure from the patient’s body while keeping these cells alive, and then,
  • Treat it (filter any impurities), then,
  • It works to re-inject it into the area whose appearance is to be improved, and these procedures are done with extreme precision to preserve the integrity of the fat cells from damage.

Fat body area injections

  • Draw a terrain of the face.
  • Neck to hide age lines.
  • Around the chest muscles in men.
  • Draw the waist line for women.
  • The backside to give it a semicircular look.
  • Thighs to give them a beautiful and harmonious view.
  • Hands to give it a youthful look and hide the veins that appear with age.
  • In the area of ​​the legs to hide the problem of varicose veins and to give them a tight and harmonious view.
  • To enlarge the breast and give it a youthful, tight fit.
  • Fat is also injected into the areas that were previously liposuctioned and had depressions.
  • Fat is injected into the blanks caused by bone loss in the face area to redraw its contour.

First – Fat Transfer to Face

The fat injection process is done in the face in the cheeks to look full and tight, and the fat injection process is done to increase the size of the lower jaw and give it a wider shape than it is, also fat is injected around the eyes and mouth to get rid of age lines, so the skin looks more youthful, in addition to injecting fat into Lips to give a full and attractive look.

Second – Fat Transfer to hands

The injection of fat into the hands works to give the hands a full appearance, as this fat hides the veins that appear as a result of aging and restores the vitality of the hands and their youth.

Third – Fat Transfer breast augmentation

In cases where the sagging of the breast is simple, the injection of fat is very suitable to restore the shape of the breast to its normal tightness. Also, fat injection can be used in women who have undergone the removal of cancerous or fibrous masses from the breast, which causes a clear reduction in the area, the fatty injection girl and these fill Decreases and the appearance of the breast returns to normal, and also the woman who has completely removed the breast can make fat injection in the area of ​​the breast that was removed, so the area appears full as if the breast is present, but it is possible that the fat injection process in this case more than once to obtain the desired result .

It is possible to obtain full breasts for those who want a larger breast size by injecting fat into the breast whose size is to be enlarged.

In cases of sagging breasts, it is not possible to benefit from fat injection in this case, and it is preferable to follow other cosmetic methods, as determined by the specialist doctor.

Fourth – Fat Transfer and BBL

Getting the Brazilian butt has become the obsession of girls today. Fat injection in the butt achieves what they aspire to without resorting to surgery, as the results of fat injection in the butt give it a taut and more prominent look to the back.

Side effects

  • Simple swelling that disappears after a few days.
  • Rustle blue disappears after days
  • When a larger amount of fat is injected than the target area needs, it can be disposed of and re-melted with special massage movements, and then we get the desired appearance.
  • Sometimes, and very, very little, the injected fat can melt due to movement, but as we said, it is very rare, and fat can be re-injected into this area again after 30 days.
  • Simple infections are treated by giving the patient antibiotics.
  • Simple pain goes away by taking painkillers.

Fat Transfer Advantages

  • Fat injection is a simple procedure compared to other plastic surgeries.
  • Fat injection is a procedure that requires local anesthesia in most cases, and if the target area is large, doctors resort to general anesthesia.
  • There is no need to stay in the hospital for a long time, you can be discharged on the same day or one day after the operation, as a maximum.
  • Light exercise can be practiced 7 days after fat injection.
  • The results of fat injection appear within a short time ranging from 7-10 days.
  • The fat injection site does not need stitches, unlike other plastic surgeries.
  • Work can be practiced two or three days after the fat injection, depending on the size of the area.
  • The operation time ranges from approximately 1-3 hours, depending on the area of ​​the injected area.
  • The cost of fat injection in Turkey is low compared to other plastic surgeries.

The duration of the results of the fat injection in the body varies according to the region and according to its movement and muscle content. Re-injection more than once.

Instructions before Fat Transfer in Turkey

  • Choose a medical center or hospital with a good reputation, which provides the best technical services in the medical field, and good care.
  • Choosing a plastic surgeon who is well experienced in this field and has a commendable surgical record.
  • Full adherence to the doctor’s instructions after the fat injection procedure to obtain the required results.
  • Ask the specialized medical team all that is in your mind, to form a comprehensive picture for you about the fat injection process.
  • The psychological factor and acceptance of the results makes you more self-confident, and not comparing your results with the results of another person, as the specialist doctor will choose a judgment that suits you and work on its procedure.
  • Taking pictures before the operation and after noticing the changes that take place, many people frustrate us after the operation and hear so-and-so that his operation succeeded and looks more beautiful, or if you did not look different before and after when you see the pictures, you will notice the difference and the results will delight you.

Results we get after Fat Transfer in Turkey

  • Symmetrical face.
  • Beautiful date.
  • Erect breasts.
  • Supple complexion.
  • Beautiful hands.
  • Goodbye to varicose veins and its annoying appearance.
  • Hips are consistent.
  • Shayef full and attractive.

FAQ – Fat Transfer in Turkey

Does fat injection cause pain?

You will not feel pain when the fat is injected due to the anesthesia, and you may feel slight pain that can be eliminated with mild painkillers.

Are injected fats affected by the diet?

You need a diet rich in carbohydrates after fat injection.

Is it possible to perform fat injection for men?

Yes, fat injection can be used for men and women.

How effective is fat injection in the body?

The effectiveness of fat injection lasts for a period ranging between 6 months to 2 years

Cost of Fat Transfer in Turkey

The cost of fat injection in Turkey depends on the type of device used in the process of withdrawing fat from the body, and according to the size of the area to be injected into, also according to the amount to be withdrawn from the body and re-injection, and the role of the doctor, medical team and hospital’s reputation plays in the cost,

And Turkey remains less expensive compared to other countries, which start from 1500 dollars.

The following is the cost of autologous fat injection in some countries:

Iran: ranges between 1500-2500 dollars per region.

France: ranges between 6000-8000 EUR.

America: ranges between 6000 – 9000 dollars per region.

As for celebrities who underwent fat injection in the body, we mention:

Famous model “Kim Kardashian” got a fat injection to get a gorgeous Brazilian butt.

And modern supermodel “Virginia Gallardo”: also underwent a fat injection and got a Brazilian butt.

To answer your inquiries about fat injection in Turkey: Please contact Turk Aesthetic via the link or visit youtube for more info.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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