Failed Plastic Surgery

failed plastic surgery
Failed Plastic Surgery

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Failed Plastic Surgery


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Failed plastic surgery The more medicine develops, the increasing demand for plastic surgeries becomes part of people’s habits that are performed periodically annually.

However, a group of people remain against the idea of ​​cosmetic surgery, fearing the negative consequences that may result from the failure of the procedure.
What are the causes of plastic surgery failure?
In the following lines, we will talk about this topic to help people make the appropriate decision to complete the cosmetic surgery or avoid its procedure.

Failed plastic surgery reasons

  1. Cosmetic doctor

    The doctor’s lack of experience is the most important factor in the failure of a plastic surgery.
    The doctor is the starting point from which the cosmetic procedure starts.
    In the event that the doctor is not aware of what he is doing or is planning to accomplish, he starts from a wrong start, which works like a domino effect later on.

  2. Failure to complete the required tests before cosmetic surgery

    This negligence may arise from the indulgence of the doctor himself first as a result of his lack of experience.
    Then the patient, secondly, by not telling him about what diseases or problems he might suffer from, such as skin sensitivity, which is the most important problem if the laser was part of the treatment, for example.
    Or diabetes, which is the main problem, especially when getting rid of excess fats.

  3. Poor materials used in cosmetic achievement

    This is when cosmetic surgery takes place in an obscure or commercial center whose aim is to obtain the largest number of clients for a low fee, so that the profession of cosmetic medicine becomes a mere commercial auction away from craftsmanship and experience. In return, when the patient himself searches for prices before the results, he may meet centers similar to what we mentioned.

  4. Applying a complex cosmetic plan to one place

    When fillers, botox, and threads are used in order to lift the face, for example, because the patient believes that better results will be obtained, far from reality on the one hand, and with the approval of the badly experienced doctor on the other hand, to give a catastrophic result in the end.

Common failed operations

As we mentioned, the field of medical error that results in a failed operation has many causes, and due to the large demand for some types of plastic surgery, the error rate is steadily increasing.

The following are the most important unsuccessful operations:

  • Filling operations with silicone, which are usually used to accomplish breast or buttock fillers, and there are many areas of error due to the use of unknown commercial medical materials.
  • Injections of all kinds, fillers or botox are used to inject the face in multiple fields, there is no objection to that, but as a result of using commercial materials for injection, Botox or filler needles may give bad results, such as inconsistency at the injection site, for example.
  • Rhinoplasty is one of the most unsuccessful operations that result from an incompetent doctor.
  • The bad results are not limited to the shape of the nose after the operation, but rather to the functional issues of the nose such as bad breath after the operation.

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