Eyebrows Lift Procedure

Eyebrows lift procedure in Turkey, generally in men, straight and the closer to the eye eyebrows shape appears more natural and familiar, while it is different in women, where the bigger the space between the eyebrows and the eyes there is, the more attractive the shape is, in addition to this, a simple lifting of the eyebrow tail compared to the beginning of it gives the face more beauty.

  • And by aging, eyebrows muscules slack downwards the eyes, so this is considered one of the most important reasons for women to undergo eyebrow lift surgery. What is this surgery and is there other reasons for women to resort to that kind of operations, what are the techniques of eyebrow lift surgery and what are the costs?
  • In this article, all these inquiries will be answered by Turk Aesthetic.
  • Eyebrow lift or forehead lift surgery is a plastic procedure that is used to improve the forehead shape, remove wrinkles and vertical lines that appear with time and aging, it expands the space between the eyebrows and eyes to add more beauty and attractive shape to the face.
  • This procedure is often done with a facelift, and there are many techniques and methods used to lift the eyebrows, including surgical methods and injection.

Eyebrows lift techniques

The results vary according to the eyebrows lift technique, as well as the recovery time and surgery cost.

What are the techniques and details of eyebrow lift operations?


  • Despite this method’s high cost, it is considered one of the most popular techniques.
  • The surgery is performed under full anesthesia, the results are accurate compared to other techniques, where there is no need to repeat the procedure to have a lifted shape for good, but as we mentioned, one of its disadvantages is the high cost.
  • After applying anesthesia, the doctor makes 2 cm incisions above the forehead in the hairline, and then he performs liposuction to remove the excess fat and tighten the skin.
  • After that, it is sewen with permanent medical stitches to lift eyebrows in a more natural look.
  • The surgeon removes the skin polyps and then sew it. At first, the stitches may appear obvious and clear, but as soon as they disappear because they were done in the hairline area.
  • After the operation, the patient may need to stay in the hospital to follow up on his condition and monitor the incisions healing process, recovery needs two weeks to be completed. As for the result, it appears immediately during the first few weeks after the operation.
  • The final results may take several months to appear and it lasts a relatively longer period compared to other techniques.

Eyebrows lift procedure with BTX in Turkey

  • BTX is used in many fields, one of which is an eyebrow lift.
  • The doctor draws the areas above the eyes that will be injected and after applying local anesthesia, he injects it. This step is repeated as much as needed.
  • Botox relaxes the nerves and cause the eyebrow to rise to give it a natural look.
  • This method is preferred because of its low cost and fast results, also, the patient can leave the hospital immediately after the operation.
  • The results last for about a year, or approximately 18 months.
  • As for post-operative care is: avoiding sunlight and rubbing the injected areas. Use ice packs when any swelling occurs, and do not use makeup.

Eyebrows lift procedure using filler in Turkey

  • It is generally used in lip augmentation and for getting rid of wrinkles, so it is not always suitable for forehead lift unless the doctor decides to use it according to the patient’s case.
  • According to the person’s condition and after an allergy test, the doctor determines the most suitable substance.
  • Filler method is similar to BTX method steps, anesthesia, results, durability, as well as the cost.


  • Laser method is used to make an incision in the hairline instead of the surgical method.
  • After that, the doctor will perform liposuction and tighten the skin until it reaches the required result.
  • Then the incisions are closed using the laser as well, so local anesthesia can be used during the operation.
  • The patient may need to stay in the hospital for one night.
  • Laser technique is not suitable in the advanced cases of sagging eyebrows, and it is preferable to follow the surgical procedure as a substitute for it.
  • As for laser cost, it is more expensive than the injection and cheaper compared to the surgical method.

Thread eyebrow lift

  • The procedure is done by making stitches at the beginning of the hairline using needles that lifts the eyebrows, then it is fixed passing through the forehead.
  • The procedure takes about half an hour and does not require staying in the hospital.
  • As for its results, it appears immediately after the operation and lasts for about three years.
  • The cost of this technique is similar to the laser technique cost.
  • It should be noted that it does not pose any risks or complications because the medical thread automatically dissolves into the skin.

Eyebrows lift procedure cost in Turkey

The cost of eyebrows lift varies depending on the medical center and the used technique. The surgical method cost is the highest one, followed by laser and thread cost, While the cheapest technique is the injection, either Botox or Filler.
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