Eye Color Change Surgery in Turkey

Eye Color Change Surgery
Eye Color Change Surgery in Turkey

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Eye Color Change Surgery in Turkey


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Eye Color Change Surgery in Turkey All of us are born with brown, black, green, blue, honey-brown eyes, and most of us hear him say I like my eyes to be colored, and some of them like the color of strange eyes.

With the development of science and the development of plastic surgery, the dream did not become a reality, as a person became able to change the color of the eyes in the color he wanted

Women and men alike are seeking to change eye color because they are more striking and more attractive. The language of the eyes is a language that only a few can understand, and the eyes have been and still are an inspiration to poets and writers of all ages.

With the development of the concept of beauty for women with the development of time, cosmetic doctors took care of everything related to cosmetology and beauty, especially eye beautification, starting with simple cosmetic procedures such as eye collagen injections, eyelid surgery and eyelash transplantation, and even they had a process to change the color of the eye.

So what is the process of changing eye color, and is it safe? Is the cost of lens implantation high? Does it have the advantages and disadvantages of changing eye color? Does it have side effects and risks?

We will answer all of these questions in our article

Eye Color Change Surgery in Turkey

It is a process that aims to permanently change the color of the iris of the eye for cosmetic purposes. Instead of using colored contact lenses and installing them on a daily basis since the morning and removing them in the evening, it is possible to permanently change the color of the eye thanks to this process, and stay away from contact lenses and their problems at last.

Lately, gossip and marketing news have spread about the existence of a drop placed under the eye that will be absorbed by the eye and lead to a change in its color, and of course these allegations were false as more than one professional ophthalmologist confirmed that these drops or products are in fact not medical and cosmetic and from unknown sources as well. Not approved for use in the eye.

Eye Color Change Surgery
Eye Color Change Surgery

Method and steps of the procedure

Each technique has different steps, there is a method of lens implantation and another method which is by laser, the following are the details of the two steps:

01- Implanting colored lenses in Turkey

It is a surgical technique, by which the smallest incision is made in the cornea, after which thin and flexible colored lenses are implanted inside the eye, and of course since it is a surgery that is performed under the influence of local anesthesia.

In the beginning it was used for medicinal purposes, later its uses evolved to be used for cosmetic purposes.

Where this process is characterized by the person can choose the color he wants, whether it is light or dark, and this is in contrast to other techniques that are used only to change the eye color for light colors only, especially green and blue.

Steps in the process of implantation of colored lenses

  • Anesthesia: At the beginning of the operation, anesthetic drops are placed in the eye, and the doctor waits for a while until the effect of the anesthetic begins, and the doctor can give a sedative to the person before surgery so that he is in a state of complete relaxation and rest.
  • Eyelid fixation: The doctor places a tool to stabilize the eyelids, so that the eye remains open during the operation period.
  • Making a surgical incision: The doctor makes a very small incision in the cornea of ​​the eye, and there is no room for concern in this step, so there will be no possibility of bleeding or suturing after this procedure.
  • Colored lens implantation: where the doctor brings the colored lens and puts it inside one of the eyes, and this is a simple step and this technique needs accuracy and professionalism to complete this step successfully, after which the doctor performs the same steps in the other eye.
  • Termination of the operation: At the end of the operation, the doctor works to remove the tool fixed to the eyelids, and to examine the person’s eyes, to ensure the success of the implantation.

02- Laser eye color change in Turkey

The laser has entered all fields, whether it is industrial, commercial, or medical. Even the world of cosmetology, the laser has been used in it very much and the laser has proven its effectiveness and success, and recently the use of lasers has been developed in the field of changing and changing eye color, and laser technology has become one of the most popular methods used for this purpose and So that we can understand how the laser works to alter and change eye color.

In the beginning, we have to know who is responsible for determining eye color, which is a pigment present in the iris of the eye, the more intense the pigment, the darker the eye color, and of course the people with blue eyes are the people who carry the least possible proportion of this pigment. Where the laser works to break down this pigment to a certain degree to reach a lighter color and be lighter than the original color of the eye. But despite its success, but in this technique there is an unseen, as it is not recommended to use it for people with light eyes and who want dark and dark eyes.

Steps in the process of changing eye color by laser

  • Anesthesia: Just like the first technique, surgery, where the doctor puts a few drops of the anesthetic inside the eye, and also gives the person a sedative and waits a little while the anesthetic takes effect.
  • Eyelid Fixation: Of course, this step is similar to the previous technique as well.
  • Eye scanning: He uses a computer and makes a complete scan of the iris, and the places where the laser light will be shed are chosen.
  • Using the laser: where the doctor sheds a laser beam on the pigment in front of the iris for a period of no more than 20 seconds for each eye, and the laser works to burn this dye.
  • Termination of the operation: where the doctor removes the eyelid fixer and the person’s eyes are examined to ensure that the operation has been successful.

Candidates for Eye Color Change Surgery

As for conducting the operation, it must meet several conditions for the people who accept the operation with its different techniques, the most important of which are:

  1. The person’s age: he must be over eighteen years old.
  2. No vision problems, eye sensitivity and high eye pressure, and this technique is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women and those who suffer from some diseases such as: diabetes and high blood pressure, and also this technique is not suitable for those who have hepatitis viruses and immune diseases.
  3. In addition, the person who wants to perform such an operation must have a dark color of his eyes and wants to turn their color into a lighter color, such as the blue color.

Before Eye Color Change Surgery

  1. The necessity to choose an ophthalmologist with experience and competence and a specialist in eye surgery and plastic surgery.
  2. Search and choose a clinic or a medical cosmetic center that specializes in eyes and has an appropriate reputation and experience.
  3. Conducting the examinations and tests that the doctor requests before performing the operation, such as: checking eye pressure, doing an ophthalmometer, measuring the diameter of the cornea, and others.
  4. Before performing any procedure, the doctor must be discussed with all the details of the operation and what technique is appropriate for the situation, and you can also request that your image be displayed in several different colors for the eye so that you can know the selection of the right color for you and ask about the duration and cost of the operation, side effects, risks and damages.
  5. Attention should be paid to remembering information about you and your medical history, even if it is not related to eye diseases.
  6. Inform your doctor that you have performed any eye operations before now.

The results of Eye Color Change Surgery

As for the results of changing eye color, where a person can return home immediately after the operation, but he must not be exposed to intense light, so it is preferable to use good sunglasses to protect from light.

And the person’s commitment to using eye drops or ointments that the doctor prescribes for the person after the operation and during the recovery period, usually extending a period of two weeks, in addition to the daily care and cleaning of the eye.

As for the results of color lens implantation immediately, and the new color of the iris appears upon completion of the operation. While the process of changing eye color by laser, the eye color becomes dark in the week following the operation, after which the eye color changes gradually with lighter shades, and for reaching the blue color at the end of the week following the operation.

Advantages of Eye Color Change Surgery

  1. Of course, the technique of color lens implantation is a new technique and one of its most important advantages is that it is possible to implant a lens in any color that a person chooses, whether it is dark or light.
  2. The new eye color also looks very natural.
  3. Of course, the operation does not require only local anesthesia, and it does not need a large surgical incision or medical suture.
  4. As for the duration of the operation, it is so short that it does not exceed a few minutes.
  5. Also, one of its advantages is that a person can return to his home as soon as the operation is over.
  6. The results of this technique are remarkable, and the recovery period is not long but short.
  7. For the case of colored lenses implantation, and if you are not completely satisfied with the results, you can remove them and return to your original eye color, or you can replace them with another color lens.

Side Effects

Among the most important damages we find are:

  1. The technique of changing eye color by laser is not suitable for people with light-colored eyes. Eye color can only be changed to blue and sometimes green.
  2. We cannot restore the natural eye color as it was in the case of using laser technology, but in this case we can perform the implantation of colored lenses in the color that a person needs.

Side effects of eye change surgery in Turkey

As for the side effects, they are:

  1. The feeling of itching inside the eye, and therefore avoid this occurrence so as not to damage the eye.
  2. Redness and dryness of the eye may occur, and it is often treated by prescribing eye drops by the doctor

Complications of changing eye color

Due to the precise composition of the eye and its distinctive properties, it is actually considered very sensitive, so care must be taken when dealing with it and there are several possible complications such as:

  • Inflammation inside the eye.
  • An increase in intraocular pressure.
  • Visual impairment.
  • Damage to the nerve of the eye.
  • Visual disturbances.
  • Blockage of blood vessels in the eye, which may lead to blindness.

Eye Color Change Surgery cost

This type of operations with its techniques is very expensive, it is known that eye operations, whether operations for a medical or cosmetic purpose, are very expensive because they are performed in a very sensitive area, and they need extreme precision in their procedure. Prices vary in different cities and countries, and the doctor who will perform the operation determines the costs depending on the hospital or medical center in which the operation will be performed.

The cost of a lens implantation operation ranges between 2000 and 5000 dollars for one eye, and for a laser eye color change operation, it costs about 10,000 dollars.

Finally, to get the cost of Eye Color Change Surgery in Turkey, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for additional information.