Conditions for Sleeve Gastrectomy

Conditions for Sleeve Gastrectomy
Conditions for Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Conditions for Sleeve Gastrectomy


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Conditions for sleeve gastrectomy for each medical procedure are conditions that precede this procedure in order to achieve and give the desired results that the person seeks.

And sleeve gastrectomy is one of the sensitive procedures that require many conditions for its completion.

What are the conditions for the process of sleeve gastrectomy?

  • The gastric sleeve procedure is a radical solution to the problem of obesity, which is considered the root and basis of health problems.
  • The procedure of sleeve gastrectomy is a complex matter based on surgically reducing the size of the stomach in order to reduce its capacity and capacity for absorption.
  • Consequently, a person feels full in a short time and a small amount of food to lose weight gradually until the goal is reached as a final result.

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Conditions for sleeve gastrectomy

Or in other words, can everyone suffering from excess weight perform a gastric sleeve?

Of course, there are some conditions before the procedure, so what are these conditions?

  • Before the procedure, the person must have fulfilled all the traditional methods of losing weight, but without benefit, such as having practiced sports, for example, or followed a balanced diet.
  • Diabetics and blood pressure patients should consult a doctor before deciding to have a procedure.
  • Full commitment to a new healthy lifestyle, such as reducing the amount of food in the meal, increasing the number of meals, diversifying the forms of food, not neglecting nutritional supplements or vitamins that the body loses after the operation, and adopting simple-to-digest foods and soups, especially in the first weeks after the operation.
  • Cessation of smoking and alcoholic beverages whose harm to healthy people is indispensable, so how will they be harmful after surgery?
  • Commitment to realism, the procedure is a radical solution to obesity, but it is not a panacea. Once you exit the process, the results will be ready.
  • Movement by exercising or walking is the least appreciation for maintaining physical fitness.
  • Medical tests must be good and within normal rates as a precondition before the procedure.
  • Choosing a qualified and highly experienced doctor is a prerequisite for the success of any simple procedure, but the gastric sleeve procedure is a complex procedure, so caution in choosing a doctor should be doubly.

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