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Breast Reduction in Turkey How to reduce breast with the presence of modern technologies and technology, health problems no longer exist and can be solved through plastic surgeries easily, which can reduce the size of the breast that is in excess of the normal range.

In this article, we will talk about how to reduce breasts in detail.

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A surgery that aims to reduce the size of the breast from its normal size, which due to the extra size causes problems in the shape of the breast, pain and pressure on the spine, back and neck, shortness of breath, and the excess size also causes a curvature in the back.

Of course, breast tissue, size and shape are important for the aesthetic appearance of a woman’s body, as the female’s breasts are a guide to beauty. Many women complain of small or formless breasts.

And in the Turk Esthetic Center in Turkey, which is the first center in plastic surgery because of the best means and methods used to reduce and beautify breasts, in order to provide you my lady with comfort due to the suffering that you feel in order to enjoy a beautiful chest with the importance of feeling comfortable and comfortable in our center, which provides the best experts, therapists and specialists in plastic surgery .

But in the beginning, we must know what are the causes of breast enlargement, when it needs surgery, and how this type of surgery is done.

Causes of breast Magnitude

Of course, there are cases and causes that lead to problems that call for the need to undergo a breast reduction operation. Among the most important reasons that lead to the enlargement of the breast size in women and need a breast reduction surgery are:

Increased secretion of estrogen

The hormone estrogen is secreted at normal rates during puberty. This hormone is responsible for the appearance of sexual characteristics in women and is excreted in males, but in smaller quantities. When the secretion of estrogen increases beyond its normal rate, it causes health problems such as an increase in breast size.

And the occurrence of pain in the breast, which leads to the occurrence of breast cancer.

The increased secretion of the hormone is treated with the administration of appropriate progesterone drugs, and when the drug is not used, the breast reduction surgery is resorted to.

The relationship of weight gain to the breast

Weight gain above the normal range due to excess weight and obesity leads to accumulation of fats and fats in the breast area, especially in the fatty area surrounding the breast. It leads to sagging and sagging breasts, affecting both health and aesthetics.

Resorting to breast reduction reasons

Many women have psychological problems due to large breasts, but what requires surgical intervention and a breast reduction surgery are the health problems caused by breast enlargement, and the most important of these damages are:

  • Neck and neck pain due to the increase in breast size beyond the normal range and the accumulation of fat and grease in it may cause burden and extra weight on the body. It is difficult to bear and leads to frequent pain in the neck and neck, especially with the wearing of smaller bras than necessary. This, of course, is a result of the lack of appropriate sizes of bras, and the problem exacerbates.
  • The presence of pain in the back and its effect on the muscles of the neck and neck.
  • Breast enlargement leads to bends of the back, shoulders, and spine, and affects the shape of the body in general and the back in particular, so it leads to a curvature in the back due to the overload on the back and body.
  • The psychological problems that happen to women and men alike, and the deformities cause feelings of embarrassment, depression and the desire not to appear in front of others, and this affects the conduct of daily life, especially men, as it may cause more psychological problems for them.
  • Infections of the skin under the breast.
  • Difficulty breathing and marks left by bras on the shoulder.
  • Feeling of numbness in parts of the breast and upper chest due to the extra weight of the breast.
  • In addition to the difficulty in purchasing dresses and blouses, and the difficulty in finding tops and bras that fit the size of the chest.

As for the problems that breast reduction surgery solves, they are:

  • Removing sagging, lifting the breast, and tightening the sagging
  • In addition to reducing the size of the breast by removing loose skin and lifting the breast
  • The results of breast reduction surgery appear at a remarkable speed, and this is due to the actual cosmetic surgical intervention and removing the problem, and this saves a lot of time for people while taking a recovery period after the operation.

Before breast reduction

It is necessary before deciding to perform a breast reduction surgery to resort to a specialized and experienced doctor, and this is available in our center in Turkey, which includes the best doctors and expert surgical staff. The doctor and the unreliable and cheap beauty centers may have caused the person to be exposed to health risks and problems, so they resort to the patient’s request to conduct the operation without requiring analyzes, pictures and health documents, but dealing with specialized doctors and medical centers such as ours in Turkey, which is one of the most famous and best centers in Turkey. It will ensure you the correct and safe choice while deciding to perform this operation and during it.

Before starting the operation, the doctor will ask you to know your medical history, the diseases that you suffer from, and the medications you are taking, and therefore to avoid any problems during the breast reduction surgery, as some medicines may affect the patient. The patient must stop it for some time before performing the surgeries, and therefore it is necessary that the doctor knows all matters related to the health condition clearly and honestly in order to be able to take the appropriate precautions.

The doctor performs a careful examination of the breast before the operation in order to determine the amount of tissue to be removed in order to obtain the appropriate size and request some x-rays on the breast to see the matter more clearly.

Breast Reduction Steps

Large breast size is due to fat tissue and excess skin, and liposuction alone can be used in breast reduction procedure.

Breast reduction surgery is performed through the incision of breasts, by removing excess fat, tissue, and skin:

01 – Anesthesia

The doctor determines the type of anesthetic based on the type of analysis and the nature of the patient’s body.

02 – notch

  • Circular pattern around the areola: streaks that remain are visible and permanent scars and are hidden under clothing and bras.
  • Racket style with incision around areola and perpendicular to breast crease.
  • Slit the anchor, or what is known as the upside-down T-shape.

03 – Tissue Removal and Repositioning

After the incision, the doctor reposition the nipple and reduces the areola by removing the skin around the periphery, if necessary.

The basic breast tissue is reduced, lifted and reshaped.

04 – Closing the cracks

Collecting the incisions to reshape the smaller breast. Stitches are placed deep in the breast tissue to support the newly shaped breasts. Skin adhesives and surgical tape are used to close the skin. The incision lines are permanent, but in some they will fade and improve over time.

05 – Results

The results of breast reduction surgery are noticed immediately, and over time the swelling after surgery will disappear and the incision lines will disappear.

Instructions after surgery

After the breast reduction surgery, the doctor’s instructions must be strictly followed and implemented:

  • Recovery period after the operation, it is necessary for the patient to have an appropriate recovery period after breast reduction surgery.
  • Purchase and wear of appropriate bras: The patient must wear bras that are free of metal wire after the operation.
  • Avoid strenuous activities and physical sports, refrain from carrying heavy objects after the operation, and adhere to the instructions to avoid any complications.
  • With regard to painkillers, the doctor prescribes some types of analgesics to reduce pain after the operation. Be careful not to take any medications without referring to or consulting the specialist doctor.

Do men need a breast reduction surgery?

Large breast size in men is an existing and abnormal problem that has a number of causes and factors. It occurs due to an enlargement of the tissue forming the glands in the breast. Breast size exceeds 0.5 cm in diameter, which is called gynecomastia.

As for the causes of gynecomastia in men, we mention:

  • An imbalance in the hormones and their secretion, which is testosterone and estrogen in both males and females, and an imbalance or imbalance in the rate of secretion of these hormones, especially with the high level of the estrogen hormone in men.
  • The use of some medical drugs that cause this problem as one of its side effects. Among the most famous of these drugs are some drugs that treat cancer, some antidepressants, and AIDS drugs. In addition to drugs, alcohol and heroin.
  • There are types of cancers that may cause this problem in men.
  • Weight gain is a cause of this problem in men as well, and weight gain in men may lead to larger breasts than normal.

Cost of Breast Reduction in Turkey

The cost of breast reduction in Turkey starts from approximately $ 2000, and it may sometimes exceed $ 3000, depending on how the breast is reduced.

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