Breast Augmentation 3 Perfect Steps

Breast augmentation 3 steps There are many causes that affect breast size in women, including hereditary and hormonal and in rare cases they are in congenital or similar malformations, they meet as causes and the appearance of embarrassing small breast in a group of women causes profound psychological effects

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Small breast effects

Most girls who complain about the small breast feel that their femininity is incomplete, which is why they are exposed to psychological disorders that make them cling to the slightest voice or product that supports creams or similar commercial products that provide no connection with reality and goals to achieve and get complete femininity and therefore we lost a huge amount of money without collecting a result

Temporary solutions for a larger breast

The majority of women resort to changing the small shape of the breast by using cosmetic fillings such  as  bras with thick layers of sponge in order to appear attractive throughout the day. Or special-style campaigns supported by layers of silicon that support the distinctive shape of the chest

But all these solutions are temporary and can be negatively reflected with the presence of a partner and especially during cohabitation, then all the tricks used do not work and do not raise the high female feeling ceiling so that the woman is ashamed and frustrated  that the opposite party has no compatibilities essentially during cohabitation.

Breast Augmentation 3 Steps

As we have already said from the beginning, 3 steps to get a larger breast shape.

The first is to consult a highly qualified beautician  in this field regarding the possibility of carrying out the operation without introduction and without wasting money on creams and commercial preparations.

Second, we recommend American silicon (a good sign and guaranteed by the manufacturer  for 15 years, which estimator)

Prices for this process are often high and range from $3,000 to $4000 for the cost of silicon in the first and the rest of the doctor’s experience at the second end all prices that are not in this box either silicon is not good or the doctor does not have a long experience on this subject

Breast Augmentation my Experience

About a year and a half after the completion of the breast augmentation operation for a 34-year-old woman from Morocco named Rahaf.
She visited Istanbul again for the purpose of tourism and contacted us to thank us for the results of the process that you accomplished in Turk Aesthetic.
Ms Rahaf says about her breast augmentation experience:
I was embarrassed about my small chest size, so I tried all the traditional temporary methods to show some projection in the chest area
In order to feel some femininity, but these solutions were simple and did not give a part of the satisfaction that I seek by using circumferential fillings.
And the use of bras with French and international brands, in addition to visiting many Arab and foreign forums on the Internet
In order to get the name of a medicinal product or cream that helps me get rid of (my feeling of inferiority)
Unfortunately, without any tangible results, and to say that I spent huge sums of money for not daring to make the decision to surgery from the beginning, and the sums that I spent over the years were almost equal to the amount of the operation.

The Decision

Yes, it was a bold and radical decision to perform the operation after running out of all solutions, especially after I met many girls and women who completed the operation successfully and without any problems.
After making the decision, the next step was to search for a suitable and reliable place, according to what the women recommended to me, from whom I took the advice to go to the operation.
I caught my attention, and most of the women went to Turkey, and the destination I went to search for a hospital for breast augmentation was Turkey (after I first searched for options in my country, Morocco)
Indeed, the results of my internet search on the topic of breast implants and breast augmentation in Turkey exceeded expectations
And also the prices that were set at the sites are very stimulating, especially if you take into account the topic of recreation in Turkey as an additional advantage.
On the other hand, there was something negative, which was the large number of options available, which increased my confusion in choosing.
I had no choice but to return and rely on the previous experiences of women who contacted them by nominating one of the names for me in Turkey, and my choice was to leave static as the choice of women.
I contacted the aforementioned hospital and took adequate and full answers about all my inquiries and took the decision to set the date of the operation!

Summer 2018

After the end of Eid al-Fitr in the summer of 2018, I headed to Istanbul to complete the operation in coordination with the Turkish medical team.
The options available to me were many, as if I start with tourism first and then complete the operation,
Or that the hotel accommodation is arranged and the process, accommodation and transportation costs are calculated as a single price package, and that was the easiest option for me, relying on the Turk static center in arranging these details.

On the day of the operation

Sorry for prolongation. As for my experience on the day of the operation, I was told that I had to stop eating beforehand, and I was asked about the medicines that I take regularly.
Or if I was suffering from any health problem, I did not suffer from any problem, I just wanted to see the results with great and strange enthusiasm!
I was told about the surgery and anesthesia plan and full details
Of course, I had to stay in the hospital for one night because the anesthesia was for the whole body and I relied on God and started the operation.

After the operation

I woke up after the operation from the effect of anesthesia, I did not feel anything!

but with the advent of the evening I began to feel some slight tingling after the surgery to remove the effect of the anesthesia from the body.
In the morning, I took my bag of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs after surgery
I had to adhere to it during the recovery period to avoid any pain or inflammation.

Leave Istanbul

I visited the hospital 24 hours after I was discharged from the hospital to check on wounds.
Two days after the operation was completed, my travel period expired and I had to return to Morocco.
The pain after the operation was slight, and it will go away after taking painkillers.
I was in direct contact and response with all thanks to the medical support team in leaving a static when I felt any symptom that I feared
With the passage of time, all I felt normal was the feeling of tingling and numbness only after the surgery.

A month after the operation

The effects of the surgery gradually disappeared, and the results seemed to appear gradually with the disappearance of the surgical bruises, and my confidence was returning to me in return.
The days passed and the results appeared wonderfully, and my breasts were close to normal and without any problems I feared at the beginning as failure, pain, inconsistency and other illusions that occur to anyone who might accept a new step in his life.
Yes, I feel satisfied and more confident with all thanks for Turk Aesthetic.

Finally … to get Breast Augmentation 3 Perfect Steps
You can contact us. We leave static in order to get free medical advice.
Or contact us via social media and get a free consultation.
Experts listen to you, provide you with details, and turn your perceptions and goals into reality.

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