Body Sculpting in Turkey

Body Sculpting in Turkey
Body Sculpting in Turkey

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Body Sculpting in Turkey


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Body Sculpting in Turkey many resort to the procedure when it fails to get rid of fat with traditional procedures such as diet, severe sports, long walks, etc.

But is body sculpture in general and in Turkey in particular done in one style or are there several methods?

We will talk about this detail in the following lines.

Before talking about methods, it is necessary to define the term body sculpture briefly.

One of the most common procedures recently in the field of aesthetic medicine is to coordinate the body by eliminating excess fat and fat, which gives an inconsistent and undesirable form.

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Methods & Technique

  1. Sound waves

    an old style of fat melting by throwing high-frequency waves at a place where body fat is concentrated and melted
    The method is characterized by the possibility of applying it to all categories, be it those with dark or light skin and without any complications
    The results begin to appear after three months, which is a traditional method that cannot be dispensed despite the development of medicine.

  2. Cooling technology

    does not require surgery, but requires anesthesia and technology removes fat by inducing cells to swallow fat bodies or damaged tissues to get rid of skin bumps
    It is considered a safety method because it does not depend on surgery in the first place and is suitable for all skin types, but its results are delayed by appearance compared to other methods (about four months)

  3. Laser

    laser dissolves fat and prompted it  outside the body in a short period of time and is characterized by safety and  efficiency, but not a single session is enough to remove fat, but it must be repeated the session

  4. Infrared radiation

    is similar to the laser procedure and is performed through two stages of first fatty tweed and prompting the lymphatic system to release cellulite and foreign bodies in the second place.

  5. Radio waves

    An old technique that reverses the  cooling technique, i.e. heating as a method of getting rid of fat at a temperature of  42 degrees so that the cells responsible for obesity and subsidence die.
    Previously, the most important complications of radio wave technology was the burning feeling of the skin after the completion of the session, but with the development of medicine the fat removal devices became equipped with sensors to avoid this feeling so that the heating is stopped depending on the sensitivity of the place and the skin

  6. Mesotherapy

    is also used to treat skin and skin problems and many complications that were necessary for surgery, it has become possible to inject mesotherapy into areas of fat accumulation to dissolve it without needing  surgery,  but a session is not considered sufficient and can also treat fat in a limited place in the body as its use to treat the double  chin

  7. Surgery

    a common option for body sculpture.
    It is not necessary to repeat the process like the other options we mentioned such as mesotherapy and refrigeration, but it is considered a sufficient option to get rid of the problem of excess fat

Cost of Body Sculpting in Turkey

The cost varies depending on the procedure, the problem, the amount of fat and the areas to be treated.

it’s starts at $500 per session at $6,000.

The figures mentioned are not accurate for a more precise cost, please contact our support team via the link.