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Body contouring Everybody dreams of perfect body curves and my appearance with high grace and flexibility like world famous people and this is always difficult to obtain with traditional methods or almost impossible in light of working conditions that consume long hours. An added advantage is obtaining the final shape according to each person’s desire.

The body is dealt with as a whole, so the sculpture is in several areas jointly to reshape and draw the body, and the cause of the deterioration of the body’s shape for the worse may be a genetic factor or a large sagging of the body after surgery to reduce the stomach or connect the stomach, so we resort to sculpting here to get rid of these sagging and excess skin.

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Body sculpting methods

01- Body Contouring with mesotherapy

Mesotherapy technology is a French innovation by Dr. Michael Pistor, and it is also called the local injection technique

It first appeared in Europe and is currently available in Turkey in many leading centers in this field, such as a turk aesthetic center, which provides mesotherapy injections with needles, as it showed impressive rapid results, especially with stubborn belly fat.

This technique works to break up and dissolve the fat in the inner layer by injecting a wide mixture of enzymes, vitamins, hormones and extracts of natural herbal materials, and the injection is done sequentially with leaving fixed distances at a depth of 1-4 mm and at a fixed angle.

As for the cost of these sessions, it is on average between $ 250 and $ 600, and it may increase or decrease depending on the quality of the clinic and the tools used in the injection.

And about what is going on in the head of any person who takes this step with regard to the damages resulting from it

It is auspicious to say that the mesotherapy technique does not cause anything but slight damage that does not bear an inevitable character, and it is mentioned (slight sensitivity to injection materials and this can be avoided by conducting an allergy test – traces of bruises, scars or sores – pigmentation at the injection site)

02- Body Contouring with cryopreservation

Cryopreservation is a modern, non-invasive technique through the use of a cooling system controlled on the fat accumulated under the skin, which entails freezing and melting these fats completely. As for the cells of these fats, the body takes over them naturally gradually and the number of sessions varies according to the amount of fat and the nature of the area of ​​the body and the area needs. On average, about 3 sessions.

The Turkish Health Department has adopted the cryopreservation technique after it has been proven effective without surgery and with immediate results after performing the first session, and then the fat loss continues during the following three weeks.

The adipocytes are removed from the area, so you can get permanent results in addition
The possibility of treating more than five different areas on the same day.
Getting the same results as liposuction without resorting to surgery
The cryoprecision process is 100% safe.
This technique can be applied to anyone with different amounts of fats, even those with large amounts
Used for all ages
Effective for both genders despite the difference in fat distribution between men and women
As for the cost of cryo-sculpting sessions, the cost of one session ranges from approximately $ 1,000 to $ 2000

03- Body sculpting with Vaser

Do not hesitate to give your body a wonderful and graceful posture within hours, sculpt your waist now, and say goodbye to the rumen, appendages and wide sizes, to reach an impeccable body

This technique targets the abdomen and thighs, where the fat accumulated in unwanted places is taken and transferred to other areas in order to highlight it through the process of re-injection of autologous fat as in the buttocks and chest.

The operation lasts about 4 hours using a vaser using ultrasound, which is in the true sense of 3D liposuction, and it is important to wear special girdles for a month after this operation.

Some side effects may occur, such as simple tumors or bruises, but they disappear within days, and you can return to normal life within a week, and it is preferable to exercise to become more prominent, but these muscles are naturally present.

The cost of carving with a vaser ranges from 1000 to 3000 USD

04- Laser body sculpting

Thanks to the laser sculpture technology, you can now get the grace of the Kardashian bodies in a few hours and without the need to wait for a recovery period or suffer from the side effects of surgical procedures that may pose great concerns to many, most cosmetic centers in the world and in Turkey in particular have a body sculpting device or intend to buy This is because spending on plastic surgeries has become very burdensome.

It is done through a device that emits laser beams at specific frequencies that can melt local fats, either to adjust measurements or highlight muscles, and the devices used in laser treatment differ:

Cool lipo
soft lipo
Smart lipo. These technologies differ in the frequency of the laser used.

As for the price of the laser in Turkey, it is about 2400 USD, while in the USA it is about 5000 USD.
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