Body Contouring in Turkey

Body Contouring in Turkey
Body Contouring in Turkey

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Body Contouring in Turkey


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Body Contouring in Turkey we always see movie stars and we hope to become beautiful and slim and sculpted, but we do not know that once a process is performed I can be my body like theirs and I do not need to go to sports clubs and spend a lot of time in lowering my weight and the emergence of sagging weight loss later.

So our dream is to have the perfect waist shape, get rid of the large sizes, full bodies and a sporty graceful body, these dreams increase our self-confidence.

Body Contouring in Turkey Video

One of the girls says in her experience with “Body Contouring in Turkey”

I am a girl who has a full body and fat in some areas of my body and I always hear words from others such as you are not fat, but your waist area and because of the nature of my body where fat accumulates and this is why I searched for plastic surgery that solves my problem, so I drew my attention to the body sculpting process in a center in Turkey center Leaving a static that explains how the body is sculpted, even if the fat is concentrated in the chest and the back, of course, I am not very fat, but the body sculpting process enables me to get the perfect body,

so this process “helps you” This was the answer of the cosmetic specialist during the inspection. I thought about the topic for a week Before making any decision, because the topic is more than one operation, but the opportunity was a great temptation for me, especially as I was on a trip to Turkey, after which I decided to do the operation and went to the center and prepared for the operation and took pictures of me so that I know how my body shape will be, and after the operation two weeks I was Very happy because my body has become graceful and eye-catching like Hollywood stars, and I strongly advise everyone, men and women, to do this process because it guarantees you the beauty and grace you dream of.

the process

Passion for losing weight and having a slim body is not easy, but it takes great effort to achieve the desired result, and the extra weight leads to the emergence of unwanted excess and fat in certain areas of our bodies that cannot be pulled by sports

And here in the Turk Aesthetic Center in Turkey, we know this and are fully prepared to help you achieve your dream to become a reality, the process of body sculpting is not a difficult or frightening process, but rather a comprehensive solution that will help you say goodbye to areas full of fat and it is important to understand how body sculpting works with a pattern Your life and your diet.

Where body sculpting in Turkey refers to procedures that must reflect a better picture of the body.

Body sculpting is also called body contouring because it allows you to sculpt your body by removing excess fat and skin.

There are many procedures for body contouring, including both surgery and non-surgery. And for whom the surgery will achieve the most effective results.

But when surgical body sculpting, liposuction is performed to reduce fat in the abdomen, hips, thighs and arms, and liposuction is also used to define the contour of the buttocks through tummy tucks, and its benefit is to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove excess skin.

Candidates for body sculpting

There are a number of factors that are important in both surgical and nonsurgical body contouring options. The body sculpting process may benefit different types of people, and some of them may not accept this process in their bodies.

The body sculpting process helps get rid of stubborn oily areas in a period of weeks.

In general, the candidates for body sculpting surgery in Turkey are:

Men and women are alike. It is a mistake to think that only women require more body sculpting procedures than men. On the contrary, especially in our present time, men who are singing about difficult oily areas that they cannot get rid of by exercising and dieting helps body sculpting to deal with these fats in the area, regardless of whether the patient is male or female.

  • All skin types for people: There is no need to worry about laser damage to the skin, as body sculpting methods are safe and effective for all skin types and do not cause any harm.
  • People with ideal bodies: Body sculpting is done to lose fat, not to lose weight. The ideal person would be someone close to their target weight.
    For those looking for quick and comfortable solutions: Body sculpting includes non-surgical procedures that do not require a long time to heal Non-invasive body contouring is a great option for people who suffer from permanent stress in their lives and who hate prolonged treatment time. The body contouring procedure takes 25-45 minutes.
    So, dear men and dear women, if you are one of the people who do not like to exercise and follow diets, then you do not have a better option than the body sculpting process that will make your dream come true.

Steps of Body Contouring in Turkey

After losing weight, we notice the development of flabby skin from the trunk and extremities and the emergence of flabby abdominal muscles after pregnancy and their concentration in an area of ​​fat and their failure to disappear, especially after diet and exercise, and the inability to control fat and weight, this is forced to undergo the body sculpting process in Turkey and this process contains many Procedures The number of procedures varies from patient to patient.

Among the most important procedures in the body sculpting process, which are among the surgical procedures, are the following:

01- Tighten the abdomen

One of the attractive and desired features of a fit young body is a flat abdomen, a narrow waist, and pregnancy changes the body and the weight gain dramatically due to the stretching that occurs to the skin and internal tissues in the muscles and the abdominal area and the increase in skin and fat often leaves the abdomen and waist flabby, thick and prominent in appearance.

Exercise, diet, and diets can provide some improvement, but they are not able to correct the lump that occurred due to the weakness of the connective tissue underlying the abdomen and the muscle structure.

This can only repaired surgically to make the abdomen flat.

In a tummy tuck, the flat and smooth abdominal area reshaped for this area and a narrow contour line up to the waist, after which the doctor makes a horizontal drainage directly below the bikini line and through this incision, muscle and skin weakness repaired by stretching stitches.

After removing the excess skin, the navel re-positioned, and we use sutures and adhesive skin to close the incisions.

The tummy tuck takes two to five hours, after which the patient stays for one night in the center in Turkey to carefully monitor the patient and care by the medical staff in our center in Turkey.

A small and thin tube temporarily placed under the skin to drain the excess fluid with light clothing to prevent pressure on the body and abdomen.

Then the patient can walk short distances to enhance blood circulation. After a week to two weeks, the patient can return to normal activities and resume exercises after a period of 6-8 weeks.

As for the swellings, they decrease after two months to three months, as for the scar, they fade within 7-12 months.

02- Liposuction

It is a surgical procedure aim to improving the shape of the body by getting rid of excess fat.

This procedure determines the exact location and percentage of fat that must remove in order to form the required beauty lines.

Where the plastic surgeon removes these fats in an elaborate and planned manner in order to obtain the required body texture.

This method is most appropriate in cases where the person cannot control his weight and does not benefit from diets and exercise.

For most people, liposuction may be the way an individual wants to get the desired body. But if the loose skin is with unwanted fat, then the surgeon performs an operation to remove the excess skin, liposuction alone in most cases, the loose skin will have a bad appearance. For this reason, doctors perform liposuction with body sculpting procedures in Turkey that include removing flabby skin, tightening the abdomen, tightening the thigh and tightening the lower body to achieve what we want.

03- Tightening the buttocks

Buttock lift surgery has become one of the most common and highly popular operations in recent years, this is due to a number of celebrities who have caused tighter buttocks, such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and many European rock and pop singers, so the Brazilian butt lift procedure is very common.

The Brazilian butt lift has many benefits during the body sculpting process in Turkey.

Where the doctor performs liposuction of excess fat from the area that the woman wants to improve, such as the abdomen, waist, hips or thighs, and injects this fat into the buttocks to get a more beautiful contour.

Buttock implants used to give the buttocks a more complete shape, but this operation is not a safe option due to the high rate of infection and it is possible to expel the implant.

In recent times, doctors and plastic surgeons have developed a process that allows them to inject the largest amount of fat within a short period of time with other methods of fat grafting into the buttocks.

This technique has advanced the results achieved in buttock enhancement surgery. In the past, the main focus of buttock lift surgery was a buttock lift. But this technique has developed, and they are filling the buttocks to give a lifted appearance.

04- Arm lift

We all dream about harmonious arms, especially when wearing sleeveless tops and dresses, and many people combine diet with exercise in order to maintain proportionate and attractive arms, but there are people who have huge and flabby arms due to stubborn fat and sagging weight loss and aging, so they resort to wearing long sleeves For hiding arms, arm liposuction was the solution for thinner arms.

In the process of liposuction in the arms, the specialist doctor makes small incisions in the armpits and elbow and then uses a thin tube to suction fat from the specific areas and then carves the contour required in this process, the quality of the skin does not change. 5 weeks.

05- Breast lift

The most common thing we notice with age is a loss of elasticity in the skin and sagging in the breasts.

A breast lift is a procedure to lift the sagging breasts through a body sculpting process in Turkey.

The excess skin removed and the nipple raised to a higher position.

In order to create more youthful breasts, we detail and reshape the skin, and some plastic surgeons tighten the breasts with saline breast implants laterally and fix the breast.

Of course, this operation does not affect pregnancy and lactation, and the breast lift surgery takes 2 to 3 hours to complete, and the person can return to his normal life 4-5 days after surgery.

Non-surgical methods for contouring body

Of course, there are other methods of body sculpting other than the ones we discussed, which are a variety of non-surgical options for body contouring and fat reduction, using a range of techniques.

These techniques destroy the fat cells that are located just under the skin (subcutaneous fat) without damaging the surface of the skin and include:

01- Body sculpting using sound waves

It is one of the oldest methods used in the body sculpting process in Turkey

this method based on the breakdown of fats inside the body through a number of local sessions, where the device placed on the area to be broken up, and high-frequency sound waves reach the deep fat masses and break them up.

And its results begin to appear after 12 weeks, and therefore it is one of the best and indispensable methods used in the body sculpting process in Turkey.

02- Body sculpting using cooling technology

It is one of the processes use in body sculpting in Turkey, and this technique requires local anesthesia and does not need needles or incisions.

This technique based on the response of fat cells to cooling and freezing from other cells, so they removed by phlegm cells inside the body that are responsible for getting rid of foreign bodies by swallowing them.

It rarely has side effects, and if it is, we find some bruises and infections, and it treated immediately and analgesia and cooling technology is suitable for all types of skin and skin and its results begin to appear after 4 months.

03- Low level laser body sculpting

This technique considered one of the most popular body sculpting procedures in Turkey, and it is one of the non-surgical procedures call cold lasers, which is a process low laser use to break down fat inside the body.

This process takes a period to remove the fat that we have broken out from the body, in addition to it being more than one treatment session to get the desired result.

04- Body sculpting using infrared rays

Infrared is one of the procedures use in body contouring in Turkey and it has two methods:

The first method: similar to high-frequency sound waves, but it done by shining an infrared laser to break up fat.

The second method: working to enhance and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, in turn based on removing fatty masses from the body, eliminating toxins and excreting them from the body to the outside, and reducing the proportion of cellulite, and the results appear after the completion of the process gradually.

05- Body sculpting using radio waves

It is one of the oldest methods use in many operations throughout the years.

The body sculpting process in Turkey used this technique as radio waves heat up the deep tissues and expand the vessels, and then we heat the fat cells based in them to reach a temperature of 43 – 45 degrees Celsius, which is based on killing and dying fat cells and avoiding surrounding cells.

This technique needs 3-8 weeks relative to the fat mass that we want to get rid of, and in the past this technique use to cause burns, and recently thanks to the development of science and devices, these devices have equipped with sensors in order to prevent the interaction of high temperature with the skin and this prevents burns.

06- Body sculpting using mesotherapy

Mesotherapy techniques are among the best procedures use in body contouring in Turkey.

And it is based on injecting some substances under the skin until we get the results we want.

Mesotherapy has multiple uses, such as lifting flabby face, wrinkles, slimming and removing fat, and each type has specific materials that achieve the goal we aim to achieve.

Its advantages are that some vitamins that the body needs during the operation injected, and their results appear from the first session, and to get the desired body, we need more than one session.

Thanks to its results, the Mesotherapy method considered one of the best methods used in body contouring in Turkey …

Body Contouring in Turkey Results

Of course, there are effective results in body sculpting procedures in Turkey, but there are some limitations with non-surgical weight loss methods that make them ideal.

They are useful for cases where the amount of fat is very low, such as tightening the arms, thighs, abdomen or chin, so the non-invasive procedures work in good.

the results for the individual determined by the machine used in the cosmetic treatment procedures for the diet side and the exercises practiced by the individual.

If we want to benefit from non-surgical fat disposal procedures in the body sculpting process in Turkey, we must follow the following:

  • Changing the diet: The diet can make or break everything, especially when obtaining the desired results, and if we want to preserve things in this way, we must reduce the calories in the foods you eat, try diets and diets, focus on whole foods and stay away from carbohydrates and sugars. The form that a person gets must remain the same because of these changes.
  • Focusing on aerobic exercises like intense cardio to burn fat when combined with targeted toning exercises, and making sure that the areas we have formed by removing the non-surgical fat stay for a long time in their appeal and beauty.
  • Back for extra sessions: Don’t worry about going back to liposuction surgery or concentrating for body contouring and making simple adjustments.

Cost of Body Contouring in Turkey

One of the best options that has become in recent times is body sculpting in Turkey, so many people want to have slim bodies and restore self-confidence that their appearance is beautiful. As for the cost of the body sculpting process, it is very expensive, but the cost is worth achieving the body of your dreams, we are at the Turkish Esthetic Center in Turkey.

Turkey is considered one of the most famous countries in the body sculpting process thanks to experts and surgeons skilled in surgical procedures and achieves results at reasonable prices. Body sculpting prices in Turkey depend on a number of factors such as the experience of the medical staff, the technique adopted in sculpting, the number of procedures that the patient needs, and a number of personal factors a person has.

  • The cost of body sculpting in Turkey and a tummy tuck ranges between 1500 and 2000 dollars and a lower body lift between 2000 and. 3000 Dollars
  • While the upper body lift between 2000 and 3000 dollars
  • A buttock lift between $ 1500 and $ 2000
  • A breast lift is between $ 1,200 and $ 1,800
  • And lift the arms between 1000 and 1500 dollars
  • And liposuction between 2000 and 3000 dollars.
  • Of course, in our center, and if a person chooses a number of procedures in the body sculpting process at Turk Aesthetic Center, he will receive a discount compared to the individual procedures.

For example, if the operation requires a breast lift, lower body, arms and buttocks, he will get a much lower price when performing each operation separately.

Finally, if you have any question about Body Contouring in Turkey please get in touch via link or visit YouTube for more information.