Body Contouring Cost in Turkey

Body Contouring Cost in Turkey
Body Contouring Cost in Turkey

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Body Contouring Cost in Turkey


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Body Contouring Cost in Turkey One of the cosmetic options available that aims to refine the body and harmonize the body and not to lose weight, as some think. Here are the details that everyone interested in this topic is looking for.

here below some quick information about Body Contouring:

AnesthesiaFull body
Procedure durationVaries depending on how many body area (around 2-5 hours)
Staying at hospital after Operation1 Night
ResultsStart to appear after a month
Return to daily activitiesAfter a week
Procedure’s aimHarmonize the body
Procedure effectivenessPermanent (Conditional on dieting)
Turk Aesthetic procedure’s cost2000 USD per body area
Body Contouring procedure details

Body Contouring Cost in Turkey

The cost of the body sculpting process in Turkey ranges between 1500 and 2500 dollars per area of the body, according to the medical center and the doctor’s competence.

As for the cost in Turk Aesthetic, it is approximately $ 2000 per area.

We strive to do our utmost to provide the highest quality of service and to deal with the most efficient doctors and specialists at reasonable prices.

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Body Contouring Video

Body Contouring before & after

Before and After Body Sculpting
Before and After Body Sculpting

FAQ – Body Contouring Cost in Turkey

Is it possible to lose weight through the body sculpting process?

The procedure does not aim to lose weight, but as a result of losing excess fat during the procedure, some of the extra weight may be lost, but only slightly.

Is it possible to sculpt the body without surgery?

Body sculpting can be done through exercise, especially swimming, but in the long term, in addition to commitment and follow-up. As for surgery, it is a quick and radical solution.

Is it possible to sculpt the body with mesotherapy technique?

No, the use of this substance is for treating small areas only, such as the lower jaws or the face, to remove excess fat in them, and it is not considered effective for sculpting the entire body.

What is Cool Body Sculpting?

The idea of ​​the technique is simply to disrupt the division of fat cells that cause lipids by cooling, so the cells die and the body maintains the consistency of its body.

What is the 4D vaser for body sculpting?

4D-Vaser is one of the new popular brand names that share content with vaser and lasers.