Before and After Body Sculpting

Before and After Body Sculpting
Before and After Body Sculpting

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Before and After Body Sculpting


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Before and after body sculpting it’s one of the most important procedures that are recently requested by both sexes,

whether to get rid of the annoying shape the buttocks , thighs , chest , sagging abdomen

We will talk about the topic in addition to showing some pictures before and after in this article.

Before and After Body Sculpting

Body sculpting operations are not intended to get rid of obesity, but rather to get rid of asymmetry in the shape, that is, to get rid of excess fat only

As for the most common methods used , they are:

01- Laser is used in the fragmentation of the accumulated fatty masses that cause inconsistency in the external appearance

  • but it requires several sessions in order for the patient to reach the desired degree.
  • The session cannot be completed if the percentage of fat accumulation is large,
  • tilted to the appearance of obesity, then the session does not give any positive difference.
  • The duration of the laser session ranges from one hour to 3 hours according to the places that will be treated.
Before and After Body Sculpting
Before and After Body Sculpting

02- Vaser is a more effective technique and shortens several sessions that are required to be performed by laser

  • It is more widely used and completely safe and is performed under local anesthesia
  • After that, the doctor makes some tiny incisions through which he enters tubes that directly break up fat
  • Then other tubes are inserted to remove the melted fat
  • The results appear faster compared to the laser, whose results appear gradually

Body contouring

Best information to get is to know if any advance conditions for completing the procedure?

The procedure is common, and everyone can perform it under certain conditions, which are:

  • Excess weight is a hindrance to the sculpting process, that is, obese people must undergo a surgery in order to lose obesity.
  • Usually, weight loss procedures are gastric balloon and sleeve gastrectomy for heavy weights and stomach botox as a non-surgical procedure that helps reduce weight relatively.
  • Sagging skin that occurs as a result of weight loss, which is an additional problem that stands in the way of body sculpting, and the most appropriate solution to this problem is body lift.
  • After solving the problems, the carving process can be performed, taking into account the good health condition and the absence of any chronic disease.
  • Exceeding the age of twenty because the body before this age is considered a growth phase, meaning that the results are subject to change.

Cool Body Sculpting

We can understand the technique by the name.

the procedure is done by cooling (freezing) the excess fat layer in the body through the Applicator device to a temperature ranging between half a degree to five degrees,

so the cells die under the influence of this temperature and the body excretes them. Gradually over time through the liver, urine, or sweating.

Cool Body Sculpting device
Cool Body Sculpting device

Mesotherapy for Fat

Mesotherapy use for fat, but for specific and simple areas, (to get rid of only a small amount of fat),

such as that which collects under the lower chin or face, i.e. in a very limited and unreliable manner to eliminate grease in the abdomen or buttocks area, which requires an exclusively surgical solution as mentioned In the previous lines.

4D body contouring

Or it’s called vaser 4d body sculpting, which is recently started to appear in beauty centers.
4D body sculpting shares the content with the rest of the procedures used so that the operation is performed under the influence of complete anesthesia.
Then the doctor makes tiny incisions in the liposuction areas and begins the process, which takes from 2 to 4 hours according to the number of areas to be completed.

You can read more via the link

Body Sculpting at home

Is it possible to do body sculpting without surgery?

A question that comes to everyone’s mind and the answer is yes and no at the same time, howcome?! …
Contouring without surgery at home is a traditional solution that requires a high will, an organized program and a long time to obtain the desired results.
This is done by following a specific diet that increases the number of meals during the day and reduces the amount consumed in each meal.
The focus in the meals is on vegetables, fruits and nutritional supplements to replace lost vitamins by following the diet.

Body Sculpting at home
  • Exercising frequently and daily, especially swimming, which moves all the muscles of the body and refines it accurately.
    Following a specific healthy behavior such as sleeping and waking up early, and avoiding smoking and alcohol

  • Therefore, many resort to a radical solution, which is a surgical intervention that reduces these matters
  • and, of course, on the condition that they maintain proper health habits.

Body Sculpting Results

the doctor determines the number of sessions to be completed to obtain the desired results

As for Vaser, it is considered a one-time process of liposuction and liposuction

The laser results appear after at least 3 months, because self-elimination of fat takes a period of time

Before and After Body Sculpting
Before and After Body Sculpting

As for the results of the vaser, they begin to appear after the lapse of two weeks and the results are completed after four months have passed.

A decision made by the patient to change the body by following new life habits, practically and medically, by performing the operation.

Body Sculpting Cost

the price is varies depending on many factors like the hospital, location, body areas, doctor’s expert

As for countries absolutely the cost is different here below some country’s cost:

UAE 7000 USD per area, UK 11000 USD, Egypt 1500 USD, Turkey 2500 USD. France 9000 USD.

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