BBL Cost in Turkey

BBL Cost in Turkey The secret of a woman’s beauty can be in the beauty of her body, as the first impression that people take about a woman is about her shape and body, and that is why she searches for various ways to obtain an example body, as women who go to sports clubs often want to enlarge their buttocks, and this is due to the fact that most men think that The ideal body of a woman has many large and rounded terrain, and it is worth noting that the genetic factor may play an important role in the shape and size of the butt.

The bottom or the buttocks is one of the places that most women suffer from sagging and drooping with age, or when following a certain diet and losing a lot of weight, it works to sag the skin in this area and therefore I found the buttock or buttock augmentation process to treat this problem.

Since the buttocks concern many women and its role in giving it beauty and femininity, most of the women went to a backoplasty in Turkey to get a lifted, rounder and more attractive back.

Over the past 20 years, buttock augmentation surgery, also referred to as a buttock fat transfer or “Brazilian buttock,” has become so popular that it has gone from being a relatively obscure procedure to one of the most popular cosmetic options. In fact, this operation was so rare before the year 2000 that the American Society of Plastic Surgery did not track it well.

Then began the transformation in the procedures for augmentation of the organs in general and the beginning of the process of breast augmentation, although the idea of ​​augmentation of the breasts had been in existence since the nineties of the nineteenth century, but the use of the same technique to augment and strengthen the buttocks was not explored in the medical fields until 1969. Surprisingly, the results left much to be desired.

Soon thereafter, surgeons recognized this part of human anatomy as a complexity greater than a single layer of muscle. And here, the pioneering Argentine surgeon, Jose Robles, was the first to try to place the implant between two layers of muscle instead of directly under the skin. Surgeons then continued to experiment with better techniques until they came to the idea of ​​muscle transplantation, similar to muscle coagulation. In the early 1990s, with the continued improvement of liposuction methods, the Brazilian surgeon, Evo Pitangui, devised a new approach to improve the buttocks by using fat taken from another part, a procedure known as fat transfer. Self-success in the shape and tightening of the buttocks.

Butt beautification has spread widely in recent times, and it is ranked first in the increase in demand in Turkey for it, not to mention that it restores women’s confidence in themselves and their sense of femininity.

In this article, my lady, here is the latest methods and techniques for butt augmentation, and let’s start with the title of our article the cost of butt augmentation in Turkey

BBL cost in Turkey

The cost of a buttock augmentation in Turkey varies according to several criteria, including:

The method by which the buttocks will be enlarged (fat injection, silicone, …)
The medical center and the technologies used in it
Doctor’s competence and skill
Also, the cost of butt augmentation in Turkey varies from one city to another
The cost of butt augmentation in Turkey generally starts from 3000 dollars, and in some centers it reaches 5000 dollars.

Surgery Candidates

Women who suffer from sagging and excess skin in the buttocks, which becomes inappropriately shaped
Women who suffer from atrophy in the muscles of the buttocks, which led to their smallness and an inappropriate appearance
Women who suffer from the small size of the buttocks compared to the rest of the body as a whole
Women who suffer from disproportionate buttocks and buttocks due to the emergence of aging factors or weight loss, which led to fat loss in this area.

When is buttock augmentation surgery suitable:

The following are required for the buttock augmentation surgery to be correct:

  • That the lady enjoys good health and does not suffer from chronic diseases such as heart and high blood pressure.
  • That the lady suffers from increased flabbiness in this area, so that the results of the tightening process are noticeable.
  • Young age, the younger the woman, the more it helps to achieve impressive results.
  • That the woman has an abundant amount of fat in different areas of the body to be transferred and re-injected in the buttocks.

Methods and BBL Cost in Turkey

The following are the cosmetic methods used to augment the buttocks, and their estimated cost:

BBL by fat transfer (BBL Cost in Turkey)

This type is considered the most famous in this field, especially in Turkey. It should be known that autologous fats are live cells and when suctioned, they lose the capillaries feeding them. Life As for the other part, it fails steadily and melts, so the auto-fat is not completely guaranteed, and usually only half of the injected fat survives, but this amount is sufficient and causes psychological satisfaction in most patients, but if the patient requests more, we inject her frozen fats a month or two after the first injection .

It should be known that autologous fat is dynamic and vital, as it grows if the weight increases and becomes smaller when it falls, but it is the best common way to enlarge the buttocks, and it automatically enlarges more with the passage of time because the suctioned areas do not return to the fat, so part of it goes to the rear.

Fat Transfer to BBL

The Brazilian butt lift and augmentation are detailed as follows:

The first stage: liposuction

During the first part of the operation, fat is extracted through liposuction, due to the targeting of unwanted areas of excess fat, and the buttock augmentation surgery has the added bonus of improving the overall look and feel of the body.

The most common donor sites are the stomach, inner thighs, and lower back, where there are annoying love handles or the fat on both sides of the abdomen and are evenly removed from both sides to ensure the body remains the same.

Once enough fat has been removed, it is treated and cleaned to remove impurities, tissues and fluids.

The second stage: fat transfer

The second part of the operation entails a number of injections of your pure fat into the buttocks. They trust your surgeons to soak the entire area, making the buttocks area bigger and more rounded. Usually this whole procedure takes at least two hours, but it can take several hours if you are looking for a radical change in the buttocks area.

In summary, this process follows several steps that follow briefly as follows:

  • Placing the patient under the influence of general anesthesia
  • Small incisions are made to suck and inject the fat
  • Liposuction is done from fat accumulations that are located in different areas of the body, such as fat in the lower back or belly fat
  • The fat is extracted and purified before injection to the patient to ensure that the patient is not exposed to pollution.
  • Fat is injected into the buttocks through small incisions
  • Small incisions are closed.

The results of fat transfer to BBL

The results of butt enlargement with self-fat appear immediately, but they are not final results, as it takes 3 months to settle in the body and become a normal part of it, and we produce 20% of the 60% of the injected fat.

Some people may need other sessions to reach the required size, as the body may absorb the fat in one part more than the other part and the results appear uneven, but the frequency of the injection addresses this and the more public health is taken care of, and the doctor followed the instructions in terms of taking the food, drink and other instructions, the more fat lived.

BBL with silicone “silicone implants” (BBL Cost in Turkey)

The process of buttock augmentation is done with silicone under general anesthesia and goes through several steps, as follows:

  • After anesthesia and drawing lines on the places that must be enlarged, the incision areas are determined by the doctor’s experience and preference to obtain the best results.
  • The doctor makes an incision in the buttocks to place the silicone filler
  • The implant is placed under or above the buttock muscle, and in a safe place to protect it from tearing
  • The incisions are closed after the silicone implant is placed.
  • Tubes to drain the fluids are placed on the surgical incision below the skin, and covered with bandages, gauze and medical tape.

The results of BBL with silicone

The results of silicone butt augmentation are immediately visible and the size does not change. But the results improve and finally appear after 3 months, as the surgical scar has been completely healed and healed and has become smooth like skin tissue. Most of the side effects of swelling and redness will disappear, and the skin takes the final natural shape, and the results are permanent, but it is preferable to replace silicone every seven years.

Instructions that you must abide by before the operation

Refrain from smoking for at least two weeks before and after the operation.
Stop consuming alcoholic beverages before and after the operation for at least two weeks, because it interferes with the effect of drugs and anesthesia.
Stop taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen, and anti-inflammatory drugs because they increase the risk of bleeding.
You should abstain from food and drink on the night of surgery until the time of surgery to prevent nausea, or any complications.
You should go in loose and comfortable clothes at the time of surgery, and dispose of accessories, cosmetics, nail polish and perfumes to prevent any allergic reactions.
Before the surgery, you should attend sufficient time to undergo tests for anesthesia and measure blood pressure.

BBL Cost in Turkey with silicone

The cost of silicone butt augmentation in Turkey starts from 3000 dollars to 5000 dollars in some centers

BBL with fillers (BBL Cost in Turkey)

To enlarge the butt, there are two types of fillers, the first is the permanent filler and it is manufactured from types of oil derivatives or from oils similar to Vaseline and it is not recommended at all due to the complications it causes. It is safe, but it is very expensive, its cost reaches 100,000 riyals to fill the butt, and therefore it is of little use due to its high cost and rapid dissolution.

What are the materials used for back filler injection?

Autologous fat: It is one of the substances that are widely used in butt injections, as its effect reaches several years
Hyaluronic acid: It is one of the injection materials that lasts until one year after the injection
Bovine collagen: Doctors advise to do an allergy test and wait a month to show its effect
Industrial polymer: This type is considered to be effective up to about two years
Calcium Hydroxybate: It is considered one of the types of filler injections that last until 12 months

How to use filler needles for BBL

  • The doctor uses filler injections on a regular basis to fill all the small areas of the buttocks.
  • The doctor makes sure to fill the butt perfectly so that no problems appear after that, and repeat the injection again.
  • The filler also helps to tighten the skin and remove sagging in this area, which leads to a tight and lifted back.
  • The doctor needs a period of time ranging from half an hour to an hour, depending on the case.
  • This process takes place in stages, and it is determined by the doctor, according to the diagnosis of the case.

Benefits of filler injection

The great effectiveness and the emergence of results quickly
Filler injection does not cause as much damage as similar plastic surgeries to enlarge the same area
Filler injection cost is relatively low compared to silicone injection prices and other procedures

Side effects of filler injection

The emergence of some bruising after using the injection of filler
Suffering from some infections after the injection for a period of time and lasts for a week and then disappear completely
The possibility of some clusters of filler material in one area and its emptying in other areas due to the lack of experience of the injecting doctor
The possibility of infection with some blood clusters in one of the areas as a result of a doctor’s error during the injection
Some of the symptoms of granuloma are the result of the immune system working to fight foreign bodies

My experience with BBL Filler

One of the women says that she was feeling the smallness of the buttocks in a way that made her feel ashamed about her husband and her friends and accepted many natural prescriptions continuously and without any difference that can be noticed until she went to a beauty center in Turkey and did some tests for a filler injection and the doctor used collagen in the injection and needed It takes up to 4 sessions to get an ideal result and a great backside.

BBL Other methodes (BBL Cost in Turkey)

BBL with aqueous capsules

It is considered the latest method to enlarge the buttocks, where small capsules are placed through a small surgical incision inside the muscles and then the capsules absorb water from inside the body and gradually enlarge within 8 weeks to reach the previously specified size, and this technique is considered a revolution in plastic surgery and will lead to more spread of this process .

BBL lift with strings

One of the cosmetic methods is also to enlarge the buttocks, using strings to lift the buttocks and tighten its sagging, as these strings contain a group of nodes covered with special cones that allow the strings to be placed easily on the buttocks with a feeling of comfort. The cones produce a response from the body, resulting in small fibers that act as ligaments.

Instructions after BBL surgery

Avoid sitting for 2 to 6 weeks
The more you can avoid sitting after the operation during the healing period, the better, as you will need to protect the newly transferred fat so that it can establish a connection to the blood supply and it can take root in its new site.

Exercising too much pressure on the new fats can kill some cells and lead to bad results. So try to sleep on your stomach or your side with a pillow between your thighs

Avoid driving for a long time
You will not actually be able to sit for more than a few minutes at a time and driving is actually much worse than sitting, so you must stay out of the driver’s seat for at least a few weeks after the operation.

Stop smoking
In general, you should not smoke at all before any medical procedure, but this can be particularly harmful in the process of augmentation of the buttocks, smoking has a negative effect on the way in which blood transfers oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body, smoking effectively deprives fats from high-quality blood flow. To her, which leads to her death

Avoid squatting or stretching
These movements may cause a strain on the butt muscles and a tear in the tissues of the thighs and buttocks, and special medical clothing can help maintain your comfort and reduce swelling.

Walk as soon as possible after surgery
Even if you feel stiff, a small movement in your circulation can help reduce swelling. Avoid excessive movement though. Gentle walking ensures that you do not burn any of the transferred fat before it has had a chance to establish itself.

Maintain a nutrient-rich diet the same as the one you started before the operation
Your body will need extra calories and nutrients to ensure that the transferred fat connects successfully with your bloodstream and recover from the trauma of surgery. Adequate hydration with water should also be required to help your body get rid of waste products.

Maintain a constant weight
Weight change after a fat transfer procedure can have a negative impact on the results.

Be patient while waiting for the results
There will be a noticeable difference immediately after the surgery, but you should know that these are not the final results and you have to wait.

To get BBL cost in Turkey, inTurk Aesthetic center, you can contact us via the link to determine the method and cost and to get the details accurately, and you can also visit YouTube for more information.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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