BBL (Buttock Enlargement) in Turkey

BBL (buttock enlargement) in Turkey what is this process, what is the motive for conducting it  and how it is done…

All these details we’ll talk about in the next lines.

What is BBL (Buttock Enlargement) process?

  • A cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the buttock to look more full and clear if its appearance is flat and not visible
  • The buttock is surgically enlarged by pumping the self-fat into the buttocks area or stuffing silicone in case of self-fatdeficiency.

BBL goals

  • Sculpting the side sides to look more elevated.
  • Amplifythe buttocks
  • Increased self-confidence

BBL (Buttock Enlargement) in Turkey – Video

BBL options

There are two options for amplifying the buttock:  

  • The implantation of buttock fillings or silicone gels is selected in case of lack of fatty tissue or its presence in a small amount in the body.
  • Extracting fat from the patient’s own body from sagging places and injecting it back into the back and this procedure is completely safe because there is no foreign body that may cause a reaction such as allergies and other.

BBL Process steps

The process goes through three stages, starting with the preparation ofthe operation and finally the recovery period.

  1. Before the operation

    The doctor should be informed of all medications that are usually taken by the patient and the drug that may cause dilution of blood, such as aspirin or vitamins, should be stopped.
    Stop drinking alcohol or reduce smoking because both delay the operation of anesthesia in the body.
    Fasting 8 hours before the operation.
    You should tell your doctor about any health symptom, such as allergies, diabetes, etc., no matter how simple.BBL (Buttock Enlargement) in Turkey

  2. During the operation

    The process begins with the precise location of the treatment by drawing lines with a medical pen.
    After that, the patient is generally sedated.
    The process takes about three hours depending on the complexity of the procedure, which is longer or shorter, respectively.
    The patient stays in the hospital for one or two nights.
    The patient should reduce the movement as much as possible during the first period and then gradually.

  3. After the operation.

    The so-called recovery period, which ranges from 30 to 45days.
    During this period, some bruises may appear and the patient will feel some pain that goes away with thepainkillers.
    In the event of an emergency, you can consult a doctor directly, but you should not worry because the operation is secure and the results areguaranteed.
    The results begin to appear after 3months.
    During convalescence, the patient can work without any problems if sitting is not a significant part of the type of work such as office work.

BBL Process complications

  • The more you comply with the doctor’s instructions after the operation, the better the results and the fewercomplications.
  • The most likely complications are postoperative bruising on the skin with some feeling of buttock numbness and some pain.

BBL Cost (Buttock Enlargement) in Turkey

The cost ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 US dollars depending on the procedure and thesituation.

You can provide the Support Team at Turk Aesthetic with information to determine the situation and its cost more accurately.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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