Arm Lift in Turkey

Arm Lift in Turkey most of us suffer from excess weight and when losing weight, but after getting rid of excess fat, the problem of sagging in the arms appears, which makes us resort to doing some plastic surgery for slimming and tightening, especially the arm lift

The pursuit of achieving the ideal figure needs to lose your weight without fear of sagging arms after the technology has become modern and the devices are developed.

And the treatment of sagging has become easy and safe through operations in Turkey, with prices that suit everyone, are inexpensive and safely.

In this article, we will talk about the details of an arm lift in Turkey.

Arm lift in Turkey

Recently, we noticed the spread of arm lift surgery in Turkey from the year 2000 until now, and it is done through or without surgery, and there are several different ways to perform an arm lift in Turkey, which are available at the Turkish Aesthetic Center, and these methods include:

First – lift the arms without surgery

This operation is done in the case of slight sagging in the arms when there is a group of little fat, then the excess fat is suctioned from the arm easily, quickly and without surgical intervention that protects it and is very safe and is done through:

Lasers are considered one of the most recent devices that are used in operations, where the rays reach the places where fat is located, completely break it up and suction it out through a tube, and the laser is no longer widespread, especially after the spread of Vaser technology.

Vaser technology: It is a modern device through which sonic technology is used, which is safety, through which fat is broken down, and through it, fat is eliminated through injection and a saline solution works to get rid of and break down fats.

Wave energy: relying on the energy of waves known as ultrasound to eliminate and melt the fat area.

Second – the surgical way to lift the arms

It is performed by performing cosmetic operations for the arms when there is a large sag that can only be removed with a surgical intervention, and the excess skin is removed from the arms, where an incision is made in the arm from the bottom and works from under the armpit to the elbow, and there will be no complete trace of the wound after the operation.

Fish incision: the incision is in the form of a fish by making various mathematical signs of the anatomy. The fat in the arms is eliminated and the excess skin is removed from them, then they are tightened. It is used in the case of medium fat in the person in the arms area.

Extended incision: If there is excess fat, then this procedure is used in Turkey, and it is the appropriate solution. The top of the rib cage is determined and the excess fat is removed in the area, with an incision made along the bottom of the arm up to the elbow, and then the arms are tightened, which is a safe process.

Causes of sagging arms

Of course, what makes surgical intervention to solve the problem of sagging skin is a group of reasons:

  1. Sudden and dramatically losing weight when following a weight-loss diet in areas such as the abdomen and buttocks, which leads to the appearance of sagging and leads to an unpleasant general outlook.
  2. The large discrepancy in the weight of a person due to a significant loss or increase in weight leads to the accumulation of fat in the arms area and the expansion of the human skin leads to its emergence, as this area contains elastic fibers a little.
  3. The reasons that lead to the emergence of these sagging are advancing age. The more a person ages, the more elastic the skin becomes, and the sagging appears in the neck and arms area.

Excessive obesity forms excessive amounts of fat, especially in the arms area, so surgeries are resorted to and tighten the sagging arms, especially for women, where obesity gives an inappropriate appearance to the arms

Armlifting Side Effects

Of course, like other plastic surgeries, it is not without disadvantages that result when performing an arm lift in Turkey, if it is a surgical operation or without it, and the Turk Esthetic Center offers you the most important negatives that occur about the procedure:

  • Severe pain in the arms may arise after the operation, and the doctor prescribes painkillers for the patient to take to get rid of the pain.
  • Simple swelling goes away by taking antibiotics.
  • The appearance of scars, which may be prominent and clear, and disappear with medical creams
  • In some cases, a feeling of numbness may occur, and it will disappear with time

Instructions after an arm lift

  • The patient should rest at least 15 days, so that there are no complications.
  • Commitment to wearing compression girdles for 3 months to get an excellent result.
  • Stay away from carrying heavy objects for a period of two months to avoid any damage.
  • Avoid excessive heat to avoid arm infections for about two weeks.
  • Lack of exercise and physical exertion in order to avoid adverse results.

One of the most important ways to reduce arm fatigue in Turkey:

  1. It is important to drink water on a daily basis and drink two liters of water throughout the day, as water gets rid of fat and tightens the skin.
  2. Exercise, as it has a great role in getting rid of and tightening sagging.
  3. Eat healthy foods and stay away from unhealthy foods that contain large amounts of saturated fats and increase weight gain and lead to the presence of excess fats in the body and arms.
  4. Follow a structured diet so that flabbiness does not appear.

Arm lift cost in Turkey

The cost varies from place to place, but it is usually around 3000 USD, and the price varies according to the type of operation, surgical intervention, and the type of operation itself, such as a large and small incision and the excised skin.

You can contact us via the link to get a more accurate cost, or visit YouTube for more information about an arm lift.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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